Trace Mobile Number To Know Owner Name, Location & Other Details

Phone pranks are funny when done by friends or relatives but when any anonymous caller start calling and teasing us, it’s frustrating. Phone stalking is a punishable offense. But, most of the time we don’t want to go to police and register complain about any unknown number thinking that it might be any known person.

Also, if we go to register a F.I.R, we only have a number without any extra details like name or location of unknown caller and police have more important cases to deal first so they will not consider your problem seriously.

So, if any unknown phone caller is stalking you by calling again and again or teasing by doing miss calls, text messages you first need to trace mobile number to know owner name, location and other required important details.

Here in this article, I am telling you working method to find out name, location, address, operator name, alternate number even social profiles of unknown mobile number. So, if you or any of your friend is being teased by any unknown caller, using this tricks to track mobile number, you’ll be able to know every possible details about the phone stalkers and deal with them.

Trace International Mobile Number

For international numbers, until or unless the phone stalking is very extreme, police will not take any action. So, if you are getting phone calls from an international number very frequently, the first and foremost advice is to not pick the number and try to find more details about it.

To track any international phone number, you can visit this website and enter the number in the text box provided below. Click “Analyse” button and this international phone database directory will tell important details like number type, country, city, network providers and even geographic location of the unknown international number within seconds.

The website offers easy on-line analysis tools for you to find out all there is to know about worldwide phone numbers, network IMSI numbers, handset IMEI codes, SIM card numbers, as well as international signalling point codes. Download phone number, area codes database, etc.

There are other cool websites which allow you to track phone number with name, location and network details. Some of them are:

  • PhoneTrace – The mobile phone tracer use both GPS Satellite & Triangulation methods to find even the GPS location of the number
  • MobileNumberTracker – The site not only helps you find details about international phone number but you can also trace vehicle number, landline number, STD codes, Bulk SMS Sender, etc.

Trace Any Mobile Phone Number using TrueCaller

TrueCaller is world’s largest phone number community which keeps database of every number with Name, GPS Location, Exact Address, Alternative Number, Social Profiles and other details like Occupation, Email ID, etc. It collects phone numbers details from various sources like over 200 millions people who have installed TrueCaller. The app fetches contact data from these people, cross check and store them in its database.

So, if that unknown phone stalker has Truecaller app or even any other TrueCaller user have his contact number stored with important details like name, location, email, etc. TrueCaller can provide it to you. And, even in India, lots of people use TrueCaller to block spam numbers, and know details about unknown numbers.

TrueCaller have details about 3 billion phone numbers worldwide. So, there is a very high chance to find details about unknown phone number in Truecaller phone directory.

If you need to check details about unknown number for just once, you can simply visit, login with Facebook and search unknown phone number inside its provided search box to get details about unknown mobile number with name, location, address, etc. but if you face this situation too frequently, it is highly recommended to install TrueCaller app in your phone.

TrueCaller free app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and many other mobile platform. Once you have installed this app in your phone, it will always tell you details about unknown incoming call at the moment and help you identify and block calls, advertisement/spam calls & messages, and much more.

If you want to unlist your phone number from TrueCaller phone directory, you can submit a request here.

The above two methods are enough to trace any mobile number and track unknown number’s name & location but these services are international and global. You can expect important details about unknown caller using above methods but if you are Indian, you can get more accurate details about unknown number using these Indian websites:

  • BharatiyaMobile – Mobile Operator, Location, Pin Code, STD Code, etc. Locator
  • – Mobile Operator, Owner Name, Area Code Locator
  • IndiaTrace – Mobile Location Finder, Pin Code, STD Code, Vehicle Number Locator

If everything fail…

All above mentioned methods are very powerful to trace mobile number with name, location, address details and more. In 90% of cases, using all these methods resolve user’s problem. But if you are in those 10% of people who are not able for find details about unknown phone number may be due to the number is new, it is not frequently used or it was inactive, etc. the last option left is to go to the mobile operator’s service centre and ask to provide all possible details about that number.

However, in order to disclose identity about their number, telecom company would require you to have legal permission for this. For this, you might need to show the complaint letter or copy of F.I.R that you’ve submitted to the police.

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