Top Craigslist Alternatives: 20+ Sites Like Craigslist To Buy or Sell

Started in 1995, Craigslist was the first classified advertisement network which allow people to buy or sell in friendly, social and trusting communal way. Users who want to sell, can create a listing of the items they want to sell and buyers can contact by sending them email through the listing page. The site has become very popular but it is not properly managed, scams happen, dispute submitted but no serious action is taken by Craigslist staff.

So, if you’re new to classified ads, you might not want to use craigslist until or unless you are in contact with an experienced craigslist user. For safer transaction of money or goods or service, it is recommended to look for craigslist alternatives. Through this article, I am showcasing 20+ craigslist alternative classified ads sites which are better than craigslist.

These sites provide better service, buyer/seller protection, more options and reach. So, using these popular alternatives to craigslist and you’ll have better buying/selling experience with less headache.

1. Close5

Close5 (formally known eBayClassifieds) is a very user-friendly website which allows you to post items you want to sell in a variety of different categories or if you’re looking to buy an item for cheap, check listed items here and you’ll get it in good condition from the website.

2. Free Ads Time

Free Ads Time is another great local classifieds ads website where you can post free classifieds ads for listings like house for rent, apartments for rent, roommates, local jobs, pets, vehicles and many other category available in the website. The site properly categorize and list items, so even if you’re a buyer, you can select your area to see what type of listing people of your area are posting in this free classified site. You might end up finding something useful.

3. Kijiji

Kijiji makes it very easy to search classified ads in your locals or some other area. Through its big search bar, the site provides at the top, you can search for the classified ads by already filtering out area and type of ads you want to see. If your area is not available in Kijiji, you can request them to add your area and if it’s available, you can register to post your own free classified ads to the site.

4. AdLandPro

AdLandPro is a popular classified ads website which is providing its service since 1998. The classified ads site is popular in many countries but it has exceptionally high popularity in US with over 165K listing available at the moment. India, Canada, UK, Australia also comes under top countries for classified listing. So, if you are from these countries, you will be able to browse listing and buy items from lots of classifieds ads.You can post your suggestions/comments/questions, etc. on the AdLandPro and submit listings regarding jobs, cars, housing, apartments and more…

5. USA Today Classifieds

USA Today is popular news site and its classifieds section is also quite popular among people of United states to post free ads. Being a seller you can post free classifieds in Automotive, Careers, Real Estate, etc. and if you want more exposure to your listing, you can buy paid subscriptions to make your listing featured in USA today. Buyers have flexibility to search classified ads through related keywords.

6. 10DayAds

10DayAds is a global classified site that allow you to post both local and national/international classifieds for free. Just create a listing, post item’s pic/video, create offer regarding your listing and now your listing will gain exposure from potential buyers who are searching about similar stuff. For buying, you can either limit yourself with city/country or just search with your keyword and see from which city you can get best deals on your desired item.

7. Geebo Safe Community Classifieds

Geebo offers very easy interface both for buyers and sellers to create listing or purchase items. Geebo is a safe community classifieds where you can be sure that seller will not scam you for the listing he has posted in this website. Sellers also have better features to post their classified ads for free in this website.

8. Trovit

Trovit is not a normal classified site but rather a classified ads search engine that fetch classified listings from thousands of website online against your search term. So, if you are not able to find the item you are search in other sites, you will be able to find it through Trovit. Moreover, you can apply filters for location, type of ads, etc. Trovit also provide Android/iOS app to allow you to search for classified items in much better way.

9. Classified Ads

Classified Ads is another old and straight forward site to post free ads or browse classified ads. Their are lots of categories like Vehicles, For Rent, Pets, Personals, Real Estate, Jobs, etc. and under them, many sub-categories to browse listing in narrowed down section. Post free ads of the item you want here and it will have more chances to have it sold because the visitor comes through such narrowed down section is looking to buy only that specific item you’ve listed, nothing else.

10. LocalFind

With such a sleek interface, localfind is another great website to search hundreds of classifieds regarding product sale, moto, services, community, jobs, properties, pets etc and you are totally free to post as many ads you want. Each classified ad create separate page in this website and you are allowed to fill description, add photos/videos, location details, phone number & email properly to your listing page.

11. Classified Giants

Classified Giants focuses in connecting sellers and buyers in a free, friendly, reliable and easy-to-use classified ads interface. It has helped over 50,000 users and served over 1.5 million ads. The site is very popular among buyers and sellers too. You can either check out categories or search listings by keywords.

12. EPage Classifieds

EPage Classifieds is serving ads since 1994. It claims to be the world’s largest classified network. Though I don’t have anything to verify their claim but due to the frequency of ads and views over them, I suggest you to try this free classified ads network. Post your free ads, browse ads posted by other users, have a happy buying or selling experience.

13. OfferUp

With a layout similar to Pinterest, Offerup is offering classified ads service in vey user-friendly manner. each listing show important details like photo, item name, price, location/distance and user in preview which are enough details to decide whether it is the item you are looking for? Sign up for free to either browse listing and make a deal or create a listing to gain deals.

14. Oodle

Oodle is fairly popular marketplace for classified ads which showcase listing in ebay alike interface. Browse marketplace from the main categories listed in left section. Oodle provide tips regarding the items like pets, cars, etc. and mention important points that you should definitely look for. to provide customer protection. If you have a genuine item in better condition that you want to sell, post it on this marketplace to gain exposure and invite deals.

15. Penny Saver USA

PennySaver USA has a lot of reputation among USA people because it has helped thousands of americans to save their cost in variety of items through their discounts and coupons. Now, they are offering americans to post free ads about the items they hold and allowing them to buy items too, at affordable price.

16. Ads Globe Free Classifieds Ads

AdsGlobe is popular free classified ads network internationally. So, even for your country, it has lots of listing and userbase. There are a variety of categories which cover all the important listing type and if you don’t find a suitable ones, you can post your free ads in “Other” section which is fairly popular too. Sellers put good price for their listing so you’ll be happy to buy items from the site.

17. Gumtree

Gumtree is properly managed classified ads site where you can post listings on motors, property, pets, jobs, services, community, etc. You can ask sellers questions about their listing and see their replies in provided inbox. Keep track of items, mark as favorite listings, create listing in dedicated page and attract customers.

18. Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly Classifieds is directly-alike structure site which allow visitors to navigate through items very quickly. As the site is popular, you will find lots of listing in every category and you can also post an ad with all details that you want to put for your ad.

19. AdtoAd

AdtoAd is a Free classified ads and free advertisement site for business opportunities, services, personal ads, cars, real estate, and much more in USA and Canada. You can either create an ad of advertise on this site to get tons of quality exposure for your content. It takes care of both sellers and customers, notifies about scams and help you in doing secure transactions of your product.

20. BackPage Classifieds

Backpage Classifieds is popular among people of United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Pacific and Middle East. If you belongs to any of these above countries, these site is a great free classified ads portal for you. Just go to your city section to see and buy interesting stuff that people have listed. Post free ad about the item you want to sell to people in your local or country.

21. US Free Ads

USFreeAds is another popular and old classified ads network which is online since 1999. The classified site has reputation to offer best deals to customers and large exposure to sellers listings. You can directly see how many ads are already available in each category. So, if you’re looking for good products at cheap price, it is one of the best place in internet for you.

22. City News Classifieds

CityNews with locally focused classified advertisement features ads throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. City News classifieds offer photo classified ads, meaningful categories and bargain statewide and national classifieds. Each classified ad instantly creates its own one-page Website. And you can even add multi photos to your classified ad for free.

23. Recycler

Recycler has a lot of popularity among people of United States and Canada so, if you belong to the place, you will find a lot of great listing from these locations or if you are seller from this place, you’ll have lots of exposure coming for your ads and many of the viewers are potential buyers too.

So, these are the trusted classified sites we have found with great popularity, good features and safer transaction system. Try them and you’ll have better experience with these free classified ads site than Craigslist.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.