How to Download Videos from Private Instagram Profiles

Providing Instagram users to set the privacy of their Instagram profiles is a very helpful feature. By default, it is set to “Public” which means anyone can view your Instagram profile, its posts, your Instagram photos and videos that you’ve uploaded to your profile. Anyone can follow you too. But, if you want to hide your profile content from any random user and decide which person can follow you or not, set your IG profile’s privacy to “Private” which enable all these features.

Making Instagram profile Private also removes the “Copy Link” from your Instagram posts (Images & Videos) even for your followers so, even Regrann is unable to help you download Instagram photos & videos from a private account. However, you can still download Instagram profile Image Posts by taking their screenshots but downloading Private Instagram profile videos is a tricky thing. It is even trickier than downloading WhatsApp video statuses

So, to help you out with this issue, I am providing you two simple methods using which you’ll be able to download Private Instagram videos easily. The methods include steps to download Private Instagram videos through your smartphones (Android & iOS) and downloading Private Instagram videos on PC/Laptop. However, for both these methods, you need to be already a follower of that private Instagram profile from which you want to download the video. So, request follow to that account if you didn’t. This guide assumes that you’re already following the private Instagram account from which you want to download the video.

Download Private Instagram Videos on Phone

If you can use your laptop/PC then I recommend you to download private Instagram videos from it because allows you to download Instagram videos from private profiles easily and in their original resolution but if the option is out of table then you need to use a workaround to download private Instagram videos on phone.

Whether you’re using an Android smartphone or Apple iPhone, there are many screen recorder apps available for free in their respective app stores. You need to install any one of them that you like. For example, for Android (AZ Recorder, DU Recorder); for iOS (iOS Screen Recorder).

Now, using them, you can record either full or specific part of your phone’s screen. So adjust the frame to the private Instagram video size, play it and start recording. These screen recorder apps will record the private Instagram videos for you and hence, you will not require to download it.

Download Private Instagram Videos on Laptop/PC

Downloading private Instagram videos on laptop or pc is comparatively easy. To do this, first, make sure, you have Internet Download Manager (IDM) installed in your system. If it’s not, you can download IDM for free and install it in your Windows PC. Once it is downloaded, open Chrome and visit

Now, login to your Instagram profile here to browse your Instagram profile through the desktop. From the search bar, search and visit the private Instagram profile from which you want to download any desired video. Play the video and when you play it, IDM will automatically show the video download button.

Click this download button and it will open an IDM popup which allows you to download the video. In the popup, click on “Start Download” to start downloading the video right now or if you want, you can also add the video URL to the queue to download it later.

Using this method, you can download Private Instagram videos from any Instagram account in its original resolution. If you are looking for more Instagram tips & tricks, below are some hand-picked articles which you’ll definitely like.

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