Top 5 Best Instagram Automation Tools To Boost Your Instagram Business

Among all the social networks, Instagram is the fastest network. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ were ones popular social networks whose popularity were increasing day by day but now, the trend is reversed. All other social networks’ popularity is going down while conversely, Instagram popularity and user’s base is going up.

So, its time for businesses to catch up the trend and get popular on Instagram before it becomes too mainstream. Create an Instagram account of your business, start promoting it, reach out to your target audience, deliver content, of course, these are the manually work you required to do continuously. But, it’s not enough if you are planning to gain millions of targeted and highly engaging fans. You need to consider Instagram Automation Tools which can automate lots of your tasks such as Follow/Unfollow, Like, Comment, Tag Users, Follow Active Users, Unfollow Inactive Users, Unfollow users who don’t follow back, Like X pics of recent followers, etc.

Because doing these actions wisely will surely boost engagement to your own Instagram account but you can’t do this 24×7 manually on Instagram. Earlier, people considered Mass Planner for Instagram automation but the service has been permanently discontinued and many other Instagram automation services were discontinued at that time, maybe upon Instagram request.

So, Instagram marketers were away from the privilege of Instagram automation for many days but now in 2018, new services have started to surface for Instagram Automation with more powerful filters and features. Here, I am featuring Top 5 of those Instagram automation tools which you can consider to automate your Instagram business.

1. InstaRocket

InstaRocket is providing its Instagram Automation service from over 6 months now and within the time span, it has made a strong consumer base of its happy customers who prefer using InstaRocket then going for any other Instagram automation bot. The service provides automatic likes, comments, posting, following/unfollowing of target audience discovered by lots of filters (tags, hashtags, time, place, activity, etc.). With its basic plan you can manage only 3 Instagram profiles but if you want to automate activities on more Instagram profiles, there are higher plans available for you.

2. GramDominator

GramDominator is another splendid Instagram automation bot. It provides you everything you need to increase your popularity on Instagram, engagement on your profile and conversion to your business (that means Instagram traffic and sales). GramDominator can of course handle post schedule but more than that, it can fully automate almost every significant action on your Instagram profile.

GramDominator lets you target with precision, connect directly with your audience, spread your messages throughout the day, manage campaigns and do much more to make sure you achieve your marketing goals. Powered with intuitive artificial intelligence, GramDominator is packed with extensive features like Auto Like, Auto Follow, Auto Repost and many more which makes it easy to acquire new customers and monetize your campaign.


3. Social Bloom

Smart marketers use Social Bloom due to its flexible pricing option which not only saves them bucks but also allows them to get all required services in their marketing budget. Social Bloom allows you to get targeted followers by providing smart filter options to follow only those who you want, avoid bots, avoid inactive followers, automatically unfollow inactive users, unfollow after a time period, auto likes, commenting, auto DM, geo targeting, gender targeting, auto repost, extensive reporting to properly analyze your performance and more.

4. GramTo

To make your presence among 900M+ Instagram users, GramTo provide very easy-to-use Instagram Automation tool which can handle posting, reposting, post schedules or image, gallery or videos. It allows you to automatically follow, auto unfollow, auto DM new followers, auto repost, auto like, auto comment, add caption using spintax and more. And, the best thing about GramTo Instagram automation tools is that it is free for single user. So, if you want to automate your personal account using GramTo, you don’t have to pay for using its Instagram automation service.

5. Gramista

Gramista will get you real Instagram likes and followers that are genuinely in love with your profile. Automating interaction for you so that your account keeps growing. The automatic interaction includes everything – follow/unfollow, like, comments, repost, auto DM, and more. Let the results speak for themselves, register to start your free trial.

Undoubtedly, above listed Instagram automation tools are best in the number of features and quality of services they are providing but use the link give for each of these services and personally check out which among these Instagram automation tools suits best as per your requirements.

And, before proceeding to use these Instagram automation tools, check out the Instagram limitations for every activity such as Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comments, DMs, etc. so that you can manage your favorite Instagram automation tool wisely and prevent bans on your Instagram accounts.

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