Facebook Social Toolkit – The Most Powerful Chrome Plugin for Facebook Automation

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On September 15, 2016
Last modified:February 18, 2018


Facebook is not only the most popular social network but it also provides so many features both for normal users and social marketers to make most out of this social network. It provides multiple ways to connect and talk to brands and people, keep up with their updates and maintain regular interaction. So, obviously when people have lots of things to do on Facebook, and all of these are important, they try to do but singularity limits them.

Of course, you will get exhausted if you need to unfriend thousands of friends from your Facebook friends list, join hundreds of Facebook group of your choice, unlike hundreds of fanpages, send message to hundreds of your friends, invite thousands of your friends to like a page or join an event, ignore/accept hundreds of pending friend requests or do any similar Facebook task because these will consume lots of your time and repetitive steps will make the experience even more boring.

Automate Facebook

Sometimes needs arise when you have to perform such tasks to make your social life easy on Facebook but I am sure, you will never like to do such boring tasks but if the task is too important, you can’t just ignore it, right? So, what to do?

Have you run out of options? Don’t be too quick to disappoint because we have an awesome Facebook automation tool which is especially designed to automate such repetitive Facebook tasks – Facebook Social Toolkit. It can perform these repetitive actions on your behalf, without you to keep monitoring or guiding this tool. And, let me add more to your happiness by telling you an important detail that, the plugin, It is free.

About Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook Social Toolkit is an chrome extension available for free at Google Chrome Webstore. It’s not new, the extension is in market from years and has already helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to automate one Facebook task or other.

Toolkit for Facebook Chrome

It is the most popular Facebook chrome extension not only due to its automation capabilities but also due to so many amazing Facebook-related tools it provides which are not available in any other Facebook tool or software.

Features of Facebook Social Toolkit

Since its release, Facebook Social Toolkit has improved very much with its set of tools, both in maintaining them as well as adding more and more new features to the extension. It has lots of accounting tools, extracting tools, removing tools and privacy tools such as hide read receipt (for e.g., seen at 9.20 am).

Facebook Social Toolkit (FST)

Here, I am discussing few important features of this chrome extension which will tell you how important this Facebook chrome extension can be for you if you use Facebook a lot.

Account Tools

Tools provided under Accounts Tools section of Facebook Social Toolkit will help you take more control over your Facebook account. You can do amazing things in your Facebook account.

Bulk Action Tools

Toolkit for Facebook has lots of bulk actions tools for Facebook automation that includes “Invite all friends to Like your page, Invite friends to an Event, Accept or reject All Friend requests at once, Click all Poke/Poke back buttons, Click all Join buttons (for groups), Click all Like buttons, Click all Add Friends buttons, Send Message/Stickers to All Facebook Friends, etc.”

FST Video Downloading

  • Video downloading tools (enter video link to one-click download Facebook videos)
  • Group Transfer tool (transfer one group members to other)
  • Claim as Group Admin (to adminless Facebook groups)
  • Post on Liked pages, and more.

there are more account tools available to easily perform your Facebook-related task in just one step or two.

Extraction Tools

Extraction tools are available to extract information related to Facebook entities which can be really helpful in times. Using Facebook Social Toolkit extraction tools, you can extract numeric ID or any Facebook user or your multiple Facebook friends. You can extract group emails, group IDs or groups you are in. You can also extract phone numbers or email of your Facebook friends.

Facebook Unfollow Friend

Removal Tools

Removal tools come handy when you are trying to delete all your past traces and activities of your Facebook profile. You can unlike all fanpages, unfriend and/or unfollow all Facebook friends, Leave/unfollow all Facebook groups, Cancel all pending friend requests, Ignore all suggestions and also delete all comments you did in past.

Other tools

  • All Facebook Emoji Set Emoji are active but not available at any regular place from where you can know or use all emojis. Facebook social toolkit provides all Facebook emoji which upon selection will provide you emoticons in text format which you can copy and paste on Facebook to replicate the emoji.
  • Hide seen from Facebook This feature will hide your last seen status and read receipt too. So, other Facebook users will not know if you have read their message or what’s your last online status.

Tutorials related to each and every tools of Facebook Social Toolkit are provided here with many more tricks and browser’s extensions. You can also get trial key for premium tools of FST from the website to try out all premium feature of this awesome Facebook extension and buy only when you are satisfied.

Facebook Social Toolkit is essential chrome extension for Facebook power users and if you are promoting your brand on Facebook then you need to read our article on how to get unlimited real Facebook likes and of course, if your brand is new, you don’t only need Facebook promotion but also other social networks popularity and, search engine’s visibility is also important to make your brand stand out of crowd in search engines. So, read and take important notes from our article 10 awesome tools to boost your online business for free.

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