List of all Android Apps You Require to Turn Your Android into Apple iOS

There are lots of ways to experience iOS in your Android device. You can install iOS Launcher apps, flash custom iOS ROMs or go for installing iOS directly to your Android. Among these ways, the fast and safe method is to install a good iOS Launcher Android app which will change your Android’s theme, icons, animations effects in iOS style to provide you an experience of Apple’s iOS without actually buying any Apple device. I have provided list of top 10 free Android iOS Launcher apps.

Installing a good iOS Launcher app definitely fulfill many needs, especially the ones related to user interface but there still is a lot of room left. Users who use iOS devices regularly will call it a child’s act if you will start babbling around that you transformed your Android in iOS just upon installing a single iOS Launcher app.

iOS 7 Home Screen

Phone lock screen, settings, notification bar, keypad, messages all still have your stock Android default layout. If you really want to shock even the real iPhone users then I am here telling you the apps which will turn even these pages and tools in iOS style.

Yes! you can have Apple iOS-style notification bar, status bar, keypad, messages UI, settings page and more in your Android smart phone using the list of apps I am providing below:

An iOS Launcher App

To start with the process of full customization of Android in iOS, we first need to install a good iOS Launcher app. For this, I choose One Launcher because it has almost every important feature of any iOS Launcher. Check more options here.
One Launcher iOS Launcher Android

After installing this app, now you have iOS home screen, icon packs, iOS animations and smart search. That’s all we need from an iOS Launcher app right now.

iOS Styled Locker App

iOS Locker is one of the main module to duplicate in Android because it will put first impression on anyone who holds your phone. People will identify iOS Locker’s design right away when they see the ‘> Slide to Unlock’ message at the bottom and upon sliding, they find out iOS Passcode panel.

Lock Screen iPhone Lock

There are variety of iOS locker apps in Google Play. Lock Screen – iPhone Lock is the one great iOS locker that I found with quick search in Google play. It meets our current need of providing ‘> Slide to Unlock’ and iOS Passcode screen.

iPhone Status Bar

Apple’s iOS status bar which are available in iPhones and iPad are different from Android status bar. They have count above app icons for apps in notification bars holding notifications. Also, they show notification on full screen when it is swiped down and allow user to read to-do or notifications from the separate tab.

iOS Notifications for Android

To add these iOS notifications in your Android, you can install iNoty OS9 app which provide iOS 9 style notifications interface that is available in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

iOS Keyboard for Android

Apple iOS Keyboard is simple, sleek yet powerful keypad. It is designed in such a way that it minimizes typos and helps user to type texts quickly. Also, having iOS Keyboard in Android is important here because it will add one more important feature to your Android for transformation.

A.I. Keyboard Android

A great app I found which provides clutter-free, iPhone style keyboard to your stock Android is A.I. Type keyboard Plus. It has lots of other features and style which can make your typing more interesting and quick.

iOS Settings User Interface

Launcher doesn’t include Settings panel layout modification. So, iOS Launcher will keep the settings panel intact, unchanged and in default Android style. You normally didn’t need to transform this panel but here we are doing hardcore Android to iOS transformation.

iOS Settings for Android

So, if you want, you can change the settings panel to iOS settings panel interface too by using Settings Pro – iPhone Style free Android app.

iOS Parallax Effect

Parallax effect is one cool animated which was added to iOS 7. The effect can create 3D effect for even custom images and wallpapers. One great Android app to implement this parallax effect to your Android OS is Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper.

Parallax 3D can be used with any launcher and you can use any type of image as the background which is supported by your Android device.

iOS Messages Layout

Due to all the autocorrect jokes, most of which are made from iPhone, iOS Messages interface is quite popular even among non-apple users. So, we can’t ignore to transform messaging app in our full Android to iOS customization. A cool app to customize your messaging app in iOS style is Messaging+ 6.

iOS Messages

Just install the app and it will replace your default messaging client with iOS alike messaging system. Messaging+ 6 have all the important features you possibly need in a messaging app. So, you will not need to replace it in any time soon.

Assistive Touch

Do you know about floating touch buttons of iPhones? Those are known as assistive touch which help you to accomplish many task quickly. This feature is not available by default in Android but if you are too fond of this feature then you can install EasyTouch App which will assist you the same.

You can set custom apps or shortcuts to EasyTouch too. The app also is a rescue if somehow your phone’s control buttons get broken.

Apple iOS Gallery

Apple iOS Gallery app is more important tool to include in your Android transformation to-do list because gallery is one of the most visited system app. So, you should not keep it intact and allow friends to point out this mistake.

Kokool Gallery

Install Kokool Gallery app which is inspired by iOS gallery apps and have features similar to iPhone gallery. Friendly gestures, slide to delete, power editor, cloud upload.

Caller Screen Dialer Caller ID

iOS Dialer screen is really appealing and it’s dial-pad is the signature to graceful iOS design. So how can we forget to incorporate this interface in our Android device when we are already doing full Android to iOS customization for even less important tools too.

Caller ID iPhone

Install Caller Screen Dialer Caller ID which provides almost every feature of iPhone Caller Tool. You can choose full-screen wallpaper, search using Smart T9 Photo Search Dialer, block/unblock contacts with caller ID, privacy hide caller ID on incoming calls and do more.

Apple iOS Calendar

If you want to customize utilities also in iOS style then you surely want to have Apple Calendar utility which has so many amazing features, easy to set reminders, to-do lists, scheduler and more cool features.

iPhone Calendar

If you want to manage both your personal and professional life while keeping up with your schedule and take out some free time for your hobbies then Cal – Google Calendar + is for you. Moreover, it’s inspired from Apple Calendar so many rare features which are only available in Apple calendar are available in this app also.

iOS Email Client

Apple iOS has better email client which effectively provides wealthy textual content that modifies the conventional HTML making emails appear stylish, formal and eye-catching. A similar app I found for Android which fulfills this need of having better iOS-alike email client is InoMail E-mail Client.

InoMail Email Client

InoMail E-mail Client is powerful e-mail client app manage hundreds of your emails in a clutter-free environment. It is simple and minimalist email app. The model shades and fonts used also play an important role in grabbing the user’s attention. Users can easily add email attachments and store all other incoming attachments in their memory cards to save storage space.

Moreover, you can set iPhone ringtones, set custom icons by downloading iPhone icon packs online and setting them using Icon Changer App. Enough of customization options but there are lots of other customization options still available that I might overlook. So, if have an important app which can help to make Android device more like iPhone, share them in comments below.

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