50 Best Reasons To Root Your Android Device Right Now

Android OS has so many features, functionalities and possibilities that it can even crash the operating system itself or make your device unusable, if used incorrectly. To protect this from happening, phone manufacturers lock many android features while providing android smartphones or tablets. They provide only those feature in Android which, even at worst case, will not brick your android device.

But, they don’t only do this as a safety measure. They put this limitation for their marketing benefits too. For example, manufacturers install many apps in the device (called Bloatware) and locks it so that even if they are useless for a customer, they will not able to uninstall such apps. They add limitations on even many useful features of android just to provide them in their more expensive android smartphone or to limit features because of their marketing strategy.

Why to Root Android smartphone

Such android devices are called unrooted android devices which have many of their important features locked by the manufacturer. To put it simple, the android smartphone or tablet you purchase from any manufacturer are unrooted android device.

Most of the smartphone users don’t use their smartphone exhaustively so it doesn’t bother you that what amazing features are locked in their smartphone or what bloatware are eating their smartphone’s RAM uselessly but if you’re a tech geek who like to use a gadget up to its full potential, you can’t stay put.

Unlocking locked feature or rooting your android device can unlock a world of possibilities for your device. It can provide you access to such amazing features which you didn’t think would be possible earlier.

Here’s the drill-down on 50 great reasons to root your android smartphone right now. So, read out these important reasons to root your android smartphones and you will get to know from what features and functionality are you missing out with your unrooted android phone.

Top 50 Reasons to Root your Android

  1. Rooting lets you officially own your android device. Without rooting many people felt like they never owned the device.
  2. Uninstall bloatware (pre-installed apps) which are eating RAM and consuming space in phone’s internal storage for no reasons
  3. Unlock many useful settings, permissions and features. Tweak all dark corners which were earlier inaccessible in your unrooted Android device
  4. Remove/Change Stock Android theme. For your same device, many android developers have developed improved Android skin which is better, have more features, customization, etc. After rooting your android, you can install those android skins to your device.
  5. Add custom ROM. Not only improved android skins is available but there are many amazing ROM available for your android which can totally change the look and feel of your android phone, add more flexibility, customization options, new GUI, icon sets, etc. Once your device is rooted, you can install those supported custom ROM to your android device.
  6. Flash a custom Kernel – Flashing custom ROM is one advantage but why stop only there when you can go even farther? You can even flash a custom kernel to your rooted android phone. There are many better kernel available online or at Google Play store with better performance, battery life and different range of features. Install the once you like.
  7. Remove or change branding from the device – Do you want to completely remove branding from your device? Like, removing boot screen phone logo, replace stock apps, etc.? Root your device and you will have this feature to remove boot screen, replace stock apps, phone details, etc.
  8. Exhaustively optimize your device by overclocking the processor or increase battery life by underclocking it when it’s idle, clear system cache, restore points, etc which were earlier not possible,.
  9. Free Wireless Tethering – In US, companies like AT&T, Verizon, etc. charge for even WiFi Tethering. So, if you want to share your mobile data with laptop or other smartphones using tethering, you’ll be charged extra. Once you root your smartphone, you can install such apps which can provide you free WiFi Tethering feature.
  10. Download apps and access app-based features which were not available in your country
  11. Install incompatible apps to your Android deviceapp incompatible
  12. Enjoy country-specific deals regarding apps
  13. Customize just everything – Vibration Strength? Precise Screen Colors? Custom-built icons? Theme/Skin Colors? They can only be customized when your phone is rooted.
  14. You can even make your Android an iPhone. Read: How to install iOS in Android, convert Android interface to iOS & install apps to transform android to iOS
  15. You can even duplicate interface of other smartphones like HTC, LG, Samsung, etc.
  16. Install manufacturer provided apps in any smartphone which are only available for their phones
  17. Attach hardware like Playstation controller, joystick, etc. to use it while playing mobile games
  18. Fake your location and trick Google, apps or websites to think that you are from different country
  19. Change MAC address of your android
  20. Implement extra security which comes with those apps which demand root access. You can make your android ultra-secure and protect it from public Wi-Fi networks and ARP, DOS, and MITM attacks
  21. Use your camera in high-FPS modes, including enabling 240fps slow motion on phones where it’s not officially a feature
  22. Enhance stocks apps features with unofficial patches. For example, add different resolutions for recording video or click photos in camera app
  23. Back up every single byte in your device and recover it as it is
  24. Block advertisement across all apps using apps like Adblock Plus, AdsAway, etc. which are available only for rooted android phoneblock ads
  25. Setup multiple bluetooth connection using your phone
  26. Enjoy latest Android OS, patches, etc. which are officially not available for your device right now
  27. Add OTG support, expand external storage over the limit, increase internal storage
  28. Move app data to SD card, clear space in your internal storage and make your phone faster
  29. Move even full app or install apps directly to SD Card using root-only app: FolderMount
  30. Increase RAM in your Android by converting SD card to virtual RAM and boost android phone’s speed
  31. Get SuperUser access of your Android, provide SuperUser access to required apps and increase their efficiency
  32. Automate tasks. Using Tasker app (which requires root) you can automate virtually everything
  33. Our circadian rhythms gather cues from daylight to know when it’s time to sleep and time to wake up, but our electronic devices emit a bluish light, which can easily disrupt this cycle by simulating daylight. Once you have root access, you can install Cf.Lumen which will automatically manage both brightness & hue of your android and don’t disrupt your circadian rhythms.CF Lumen
  34. Change DPI of your android phone manually using Texdroider DPI (only works with rooted android)
  35. Sync contact photos from the social network of your choice
  36. Manually control network permissions for each android app. Allow only those app which you think should be OK to provide WiFi access using AFWall+ android app
  37. Recover lost files & deleted data (files, photos, videos, etc.) with more success rate now.
  38. Block adult & illegal sites/apps in your Android using PornAway app which requires rooted android device.
  39. Crack android apps installed in your device, modify apps APK files, add your own code, functionalities, remove license verification, remove apps, useless system apps etc using Lucky Patcher android app (available for rooted android phones only)
  40. Independently manage audio settings of all connected audio devices (Headset, Phone Speaker, Bluetooth Device, etc.) using root-only android app Viper4Androidviper4android
  41. Do you want to run heavy game in your smartphone but it lags due to slow rendering of graphics? You can manage graphics settings for the game, change GPU name, manage texture settings etc to make the game work smoothly using root only app: GL Tools
  42. Manage background apps and services, periodically on/off them on specific intervals using root-only android app: Servicely
  43. If you work with codes and terminals, you can access terminal in your rooted android phone using Terminal Emulator for Android which will work like command prompt in Windows or full-fledged Linux terminal
  44. Hosts file available in Windows can help you fast load a website or block a site you don’t want to get opened. Hosts File (root-only) app adds same feature in your Android.
  45. Track or control your Android device remotely, even when it’s stolen using Mobile Defense (for rooted android phones)
  46. Spy apps like Spy WhatsApp, Facebook Viber, etc. can only be used in rooted android smartphone
  47. Quick boot, restart your android phone
  48. Install stock RAM again, revert experimented changes back to factory settings of android
  49. Unroot your device back.
  50. As you not have every possible permission of your Android phone, you can modify apps or even system files data, if you know how to do it.

Before proceeding to root your Android, let me warn you that rooting your android device can void its warranty. It can open your android smartphone to many security risks. Also, rooting an android itself is a tough procedure. Any mistake done while rooting an android smartphone or tablet can brick your device.

However, I’ve provided the easy and safe methods to root any android device with just one-click here and, the methods told in the article are safe to follow. They will not brick your smartphone or do any abnormal change to your android device if those methods don’t work.

While most of the people around the world are busy in arguing about whether Android is better or iPhone, Jon is busy in exploring both of these platforms to find their pros & cons. Yes, he owns both and he loves to shares helpful tips, tricks, apps & hacks for Android & iOS by the means of our website.