Step-By-Step Guide on How To Root Any Android Smartphone or Tablet

Rooting an android device unlocks many amazing features. People usually root their android smartphones or tablet to get its superuser access, install many amazing apps which are available for only ROOTed android device. They can customize operating system, change boot screen, insert custom ROM, enhance it’s performance beyond the safety limit that company has put in their smartphone, increase battery life, install manufacture blocked apps and do a lot of amazing tasks with were not available earlier in their unrooted android device.

However, rooting android phones comes with certain risks – it can void your device’s warranty, increase security risk and if not performed correctly, it can brick your smartphone too. Everyone who want to root their android phone have already decided to take warranty and security related risks but what they are still afraid is to perform root incorrectly and brick their android device. Of course, you are also afraid of this risk.

Root Android Phone

Also, the classic android root technique requires lots of technical steps which are themselves scary. Some general steps include:

  • downloading and installing android device specific software in your computer
  • connecting android phone to PC via USB Cable while enabling USB Debugging feature
  • install driver to phone using computer
  • enter device specific commands through terminal
  • going through recovery mode in smartphone

and few more extra steps. There are so many delicate steps which are bound to get errors. So, even an android geek faces tough time rooting an android device through this class android rooting technique.

Keep this tough technique aside. Here, in this article, I am telling you very simple and risk-free ways to root your android device. These easy ways to root android devices use smart apps which handle all technical steps for you and do all the job of rooting your device on its own with a single tap.

Below, I am telling you full steps to root from three best android rooting apps – TowelRoot, KingoRoot, King Root as they support most of the android smartphone and tablet available in the market right now and provide very high success rate.

Steps to Root Android  Device using TowelRoot

Rooting android devices using TowelRoot is very easy but before using this app to root your android, you first need to check if Towelroot supports rooting of your android device or not.

Towelroot Android Rooting App supports Android Kitkat, Lolipop, Marshmallow and Nougat OS. So, if your device has any of this android operating system, you can use Towelroot to root your android smartphone.

Follow these below steps to root your android using Towelroot:

  1. Download Towelroot app (.apk file) here or from its official website:
  2. Go to Settings >> Security and opt-in Unknown Sources to allow install third-party apps
  3. Now transfer the app to your smartphone and Install it.
  4. Run Installed Towelroot app from your smartphone
  5. Tap “Make it ra1n” button

Towelroot root android

Now, if your device is supported by Towelroot, it will automatically start rooting your smartphone and within 2-5 minutes, it will root your smartphone without requiring you to do anything else.

Steps to Root Android Device using KingoRoot

KingoRoot is another great app to root your android device without any problem. To know if KingoRoot supports your device or not, it’s best to try by yourself as it will not create any problem if rooting fails. However, you can check KingoRoot summarised list of top android devices which has been rooted by KingoRoot here.

KingoRoot Android Download

Follow below steps to root your android using Kingoroot:

  1. Download Kingoroot for android from its official website:
  2. Enable Install from unknown sources in Settings >> Security section of your phone
  3. Install KingoRoot app you just downloaded from the website
  4. Run KingoRoot app and choose one among many rooting methods that KingoRoot provides
  5. Wait for few seconds to let KingRoot process and show you results
  6. If result shows success, your android is successfully rooted, if it fails, try rooting your Android using any different rooting method provided by KingoRootKingoroot One Click Root Android
  7. If all methods fail, use KingoRoot Android PC version and root your device through PC by connecting it using USB cable and activating USB Debugging feature in smartphone

KingoRoot PC Version has a big success rate so if KingoRoot android app fails to root your device, you can use its PC version to root your device without any problem.

Steps to Root Android Device using King Root

King Root is another one-click root app available for Android smartphones and tablet. You don’t need to check if your device is supported by King Root or not because it will only work if your device is supported. So, straightly proceed to the steps to root your android using KingRoot:

  1. Download KingRoot from its official website:
  2. Now, from Settings >> Security, enable the option to install apps from “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Open KingRoot app, if your device is supported “Try a Root” button will appear at the bottom of app screen
  4. Tap “Try a Root” button, the rooting process will begin
  5. Let the process complete and finally you will see the message “root successful” message if your android smartphone is rooted correctly with KingRoot

If rooting fails, a message will prompt informing this and instructing you to download KingRoot PC Version to root from PC. Install KingRoot software in your PC and follow instructed steps inside the software to root your android smartphone.

Steps to Root Any Android Device using custom Root

Rooting procedure varies in each device and even in same device with different versions, variants or firmware versions. So, if you didn’t have success in any of the above one-click root methods for your android device, it is recommended to search for rooting process of your specific Android phone online in Google, YouTube or the best place – XDA Developers Forum.

Do good research in finding a rooting procedure for your specific android device which had success with other users in the forum and follow it carefully to root your device. You can also ask for help there if you’re stuck somewhere while rooting the device.

Finally, once you’ve successfully completed the process of rooting your android smartphone, install Root Checker android app and run it to verify if your device is properly rooted or not.

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