4K Stogram – The Best Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for PC

Those days were gone when people used Flickr to upload photos and share them with friends. After that lots of photo sharing services came and even social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, etc. have made it very easy to upload pictures & videos, create galleries and share them with friends but none of them were able to do it in as stunning way as Instagram has done. Other social networks provide multimedia sharing feature as a part of them while Instagram has built its social network around multimedia only. And, following this concept, it has created such harmonious combination of multimedia and social networking that if people want to share photos or videos, they prefer to share it using Instagram.

So, if you’re looking for photos or videos of friends, relatives, celebrities, brands, channels or any topic, you’ll find best of them on Instagram, either inside their Instagram profiles or via hashtags in search results. And, many of you even want to save them offline too but being an app-oriented social network, Instagram is so restricted. You can download Instagram photos or videos either from its official app or by browsing Instagram using Instagram.com (whether on your mobile or Desktop browser).

Instagram doesn’t provide any official method to download photos or videos available in its social network, however, if you use 4K Stogram, you’ll be not only able to download Instagram photos & videos but you can download them in bulk, with their original resolution.

What is 4K Stogram?

4K Stogram is a popular Instagram photo & video downloader available for Windows, Mac or Linux operating system for free. The program allows you to download Instagram photos as well as videos, even from private accounts. It is a small but very powerful software which comes with very efficient tools & features to handle all your Instagram multimedia downloading need smoothly.

4K Stogram comes with the following features:

  • Lightweight software with easy to use interface
  • Search Instagram User or Hashtags directly from 4K Stogram
  • Grab photos/videos from any desired Instagram user or hashtag
  • Download photos and videos in full resolution
  • Download photos in JPEG and videos in MP4 formats
  • No download limits
  • Download Photos & Videos from Private Instagram Profiles
  • Automatically download latest photos/videos from desired Instagram users
  • Subscribe to multiple Instagram users to download their new Photos/videos automatically
  • One-click download for all the photos/videos from all Instagram accounts you’re following
  • Bulk download Instagram photos & videos, Pause downloads.
  • Download Instagram users stories in JPEG or MP4
  • View Instagram Photos/Videos in full resolution directly inside the software
  • No ads, No Toolbar, No Malware

How to use 4K Stogram?

By reading all the important features 4K Stogram is providing above if you’ve realized how much this awesome Instagram Photos & Videos downloader can help you and now if you want to use it then download 4K Stogram from here and follow the below guide step by step to understand how to use the software.

Install 4K Stogram in your PC and once the Instagram downloader is installed, launch it using its desktop shortcut or start menu entry. 4K Stogram will open the following window in front of you with some diagrams. These diagrams are pointing towards the top search-box 4K Stogram and telling you that in you can search an Instagram user, Hashtag or Place (Location) using the search box.

Now, click on 4K Stogram search box, type an Instagram user’s username or hashtag (#) or a Place and hit ENTER (or click Subscribe button). The app will show them in the search results below. Check the below screenshot where I typed corporate.bytes to locate Corporate Bytes on the 4K Stogram search-box and subscribe to the Instagram account.

As soon as the account is located, 4K Stogram started downloading all of its photos and videos automatically. You can see the count of photos being downloaded below the username in 4K Stogram which will keep increasing. Now, if you want to see a photo or video in full resolution of desired Instagram account, you can double-click on it and it will instantly open in your PC’s photo viewer. You can navigate through left arrow to browse more thumbnails of Instagram photos from the desired Instagram profile, hashtag or location and double-click on any of them to open them in full resolution.

4K Stogram provides a lot of important options such as View Photo, Show in Folder, Show in Instagram, Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter, Copy URL, Copy Caption, etc through the right-click context menu which you can use by right-clicking any of the photo thumbnail available appearing in 4K Stogram.

For example, I choose “Show in Folder” from right-click context menu which automatically opened my PC’s folder where 4K Stogram is downloading all the images from my subscribed Instagram profile.

4K Stogram keeps downloaded photos from different Instagram usernames, hashtags and locations on separate folders with their original file name to make it easy for you to browse them not only through 4K Stogram but manually by directly exploring these folders where this Instagram multimedia downloader has kept downloaded photo/videos.

You can download photos/videos from multiple Instagram profiles, hashtags and locations and subscribe to them simultaneously to get all their latest photos and videos automatically downloaded by 4K Stogram on your PC. And, through top-menu Edit option, 4K Stogram provides important features such as “Subscribe to My Account”, “Subscribe to all accounts I’m following”, “Update All Subscriptions”, “Pause All Subscriptions”, “Download All Subscriptions” to let you manage your subscriptions easily. You can even export/import your subscription data on 4K Stogram.

Final Words

4K Stogram is an important tool that every Instagram user should keep on their PC because this small software not only helps you to download lots of photos & videos from desired Instagram users, hashtags or locations automatically, it will save their latest updates offline and most importantly, it will help you to keep backup of your own Instagram profile and save all your uploaded photos/videos in their original resolution on your system.

Download 4K Stogram for PC from this link

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.