How To Download WhatsApp Video Statuses in Full HD

Last year, WhatsApp comes up with a really innovative feature of WhatsApp Statuses (or WhatsApp Story) which allow users to add Videos, Photo or Text (with Emoji) to their WhatsApp Statuses which stay live for 24 hours and then automatically disappears. The feature has made WhatsApp even more interesting as our friends now put even more interesting statuses on WhatsApp due to these extra features. Moreover, you can reply to it too.

However, if you want to save your friend’s WhatsApp status, the best way is to direct as them to share the WhatsApp story video or photo with you by sending/forwarding it to your WhatsApp but sometimes, it’s a bit awkward to ask for WhatsApp status. In those way, you can still save WhatsApp status if it’s a photo or status by taking its screenshot but the problem comes when you want to save a WhatsApp video status.

Neither WhatsApp provides any option to download WhatsApp Story Videos nor any of your smart tricks are going to work. So, to help you here I am telling 3 easy ways that let you download WhatsApp status videos of a friend at the original resolution.

Ask the friend directly

Below provided methods make use of certain apps. So, if you’re not in the mood to install any new app on your smartphone then the easiest possible way is to ask the WhatsApp user directly to send you the WhatsApp video. If you don’t want to ask them directly, ask your friend to ask them because for the original user, it will be task of just a minute or two and you’ll have the desired WhatsApp video status in your phone in original resolution and sound quality.

Status Downloader for WhatsApp

If you like to install an app rather than asking your friend for the WhatsApp video status then install Status Downloader for WhatsApp on your Android phone. Once installed, open the app. Status Downloader for WhatsApp will now ask for few permissions such as “Access Media files”, “Access Gallery”, etc. Tap OK to grant these permissions and then the app will open up and show you all the WhatsApp statuses available in your WhatsApp that you’ve seen. So, you can just tap any desired WhatsApp Story whether it is photo or video and save it using the download button provided inside the app.

Keep in mind that only WhatsApp status you’ve seen will appear here for download. So, if Status downloader for WhatsApp is not showing your desired WhatsApp Status then go to your WhatsApp and view it manually first. All the downloaded WhatsApp status will be available in your Gallery. If you want you can directly share any desired WhatsApp status to your WhatsApp story or other friends through the app using its share button.

There are other similar app on Google Play Store which you can use to save/download a WhatsApp video status –

Use Screen Recorder App

If you already have a screen recorder app installed then you can directly use it to record the WhatsAppp status. Or, if you think installing a Screen Recorder app would be more productive then you should better install a Screen Recorder app because it can record the WhatsApp status and also help you with other tasks.

There are many screen recorder apps but some good ones are: DU Recorder, AZ Screen Recorder. Install any of the screen recorder app, open it and start recording screen while watching WhatsApp video status. It will save it in MP4 format in your gallery.

Use any of the above listed methods to easily download WhatsApp video or photo status easily in your Android phone.

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