How To Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Android Phone: Two (100% Working) Methods

Do you ever feel a need of having one more WhatsApp account? Well, I feel a lot. Currently, people from both personal and professional lives are available in my single WhatsApp account. Sometimes it’s really uncomfortable to set a personal pic as my Whatsapp DP or some informal status as it doesn’t go along with my professional life. So, I feel a need of having dual WhatsApp accounts.

Formally, WhatsApp doesn’t provide any feature to run multiple WhatsApp account on a single Android phone or iPhone. So, if you want to manage multiple WhatsApp account, you need to own an extra device that can run WhatsApp. But informally, there are 2 ways using which you can run dual WhatsApp accounts in a single Android phone.

For those guys who want to have two WhatsApp account in their single Android phone for one reason or other, today I am telling 2 methods to have dual WhatsApp account in your single Android phone.

Method 1: Run Dual WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD created by some high-end Android developers which sit in your Android smartphone to provide you access to a secondary WhatsApp account along with full working primary WhatsApp account. To use GBWhatsApp for running dual WhatsApp accounts in your Android phone, follow these steps:

  • Download GBWhatsApp App from MediaFire – GBWhatsApp MediaFire Download Link
  • Now, you need to install GBWhatsApp on your Android phone. To do this, firstly you need to allow your phone to install apps from untrusted sources. So, navigate to Settings >> Security and enable option to install apps from Unknown Sources
  • Now, transfer GBWhatsApp App (.apk) file to your phone and install it on your Android phone
  • Once Installed, Open the app and Enter your mobile number which you want to use for your secondary WhatsApp account. You can even copy data from your original Whatsapp account to GBWhatsApp WhatsApp account with a single tap to “Copy WhatsApp Data” button.
  • Proceed and GBWhatsApp will send your entered mobile number OTP code to verify the number, enter the verification code in GBWhatsApp
  • Now, you’ll be running another WhatsApp account on your Android phone using GBWhatsApp app.

You can now simultaneously run dual WhatsApp account on your Android phone: (1) by official WhatsApp app, (2) by GBWhatsApp app.

Method 2: Run Dual WhatsApp using Parallel Space

Do you know some Xiaomi phones have a built-in feature to allow its users to have multiple Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram accounts on their phone? Well, that’s the built-in feature in Xiaomi phone but if you want to enjoy this feature and have dual WhatsApp, dual Facebook, dual Instagram or dual Twitter, etc. accounts on your Android phone, you can do this using Parallel Space.

Follow these steps to configure dual WhatsApp accounts using Parallel Space:

  • Install Parallel Space – Multi Accounts Android app from Google Play Store for Free
  • After installing Parallel Space, open the app and it will show all the installed apps in your phone. Select WhatsApp from the list.
  • Now, launch through WhatsApp using Parallel Space button.
  • At the first time, WhatsApp will open as new WhatsApp app and ask for phone verification. So, enter your alternate mobile number which your want to configure for your second WhatsApp account. Verify it using WhatsApp OTP verification method.
  • Now, you’ll have two WhatsApp accounts working on your single Android phone at the same time.

Parallel space is one of the most popular android tools which is used by millions of users worldwide to manage multiple WhatsApp, Instagram and other important accounts on their android phone. Not only it can allow you to have multiple WhatsApp and other accounts but you can also install apps secretly using Parallel space, provide separate themes and look to your different accounts and do a lot more other things


Both of these methods are 100% working and easy. So, use any of the above methods to configure and manage multiple WhatsApp accounts in your single Android phone but I will recommend you to use Parallel Space app because the app is not any unofficial third-party app. It has developers team to actively working and improving the app so you will never have to worry about your WhatsApp hacking or any other thing.

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