WhatsApp Hack: How To Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp without Asking Them

In our smartphone, WhatsApp is one of the most important apps installed right now. It has tons of important messages, calling/video calling features, our contact details, profile pic, status, location updates, personal note and lot of important stuff. As prominent it is, as protective we are about it. We don’t only want to know secret WhatsApp tricks to know more about this app and stand out of crowd of normal WhatsApp users but we also want to go a step further to know what other people are doing with the maximum of our WhatsApp details they have access to.

That’s why among all the cool WhatsApp Tricks what everyone look for the most is the WhatsApp trick to know who viewed and accessed their WhatsApp either in their phone or from other phone/app/service. They want to know who viewed their WhatsApp profile, who are secretly stalking them on WhatsApp, who is attracted towards them in WhatsApp but hiding it and who is ignoring/avoiding them in front but secretly watches them, their WhatsApp profile, WhatsApp status etc. on WhatsApp very frequently.

So, if you are one of these person who want to know who have viewed them on WhatsApp then through this article, I am showcasing all possible ways by which you can track who have viewed your WhatsApp & WhatsApp Profile directly or indirectly.

Ways to Know Who Have Viewed You on WhatsApp

Before proceeding, let me tell you that knowing who has viewed you on WhatsApp is not an easy task. It’s way too much technical that you can only think to achieve if you are able to understand and use all these 100+ WhatsApp Tricks.

Using Android Remote Control App

This trick is going to work if you have only one target user for which you want to know when he checks your WhatsApp profile or read your status. You also required to have access to the target user’s phone in flexible time. The idea is to install install a remote control app (e.g. Teamviewer QuickSupport) in target’s phone. Now, take his phone for a minute, open Teamviewer and copy appearing ID and Password in your PC’s teamviewer app.

Now, whatever the user do in his smartphone will appear on your Teamviewer too. Only a working internet connection is required for this trick and this WhatsApp trick is so powerful that it doesn’t only allow you to know who viewed your WhatsApp but also allow you to spy on your target user’s phone and ever take control of the device whenever you want.

Using Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile App

If you don’t have so much access to the target user’s phone that the above trick demands and you just want to know detail about every single person who viewed your WhatsApp profile in past 24-hours, then there is a smart app in Google play store which can help you achieve that. Download Who Viewed Me for WhatsApp which is availble for free (though offer in-app purchases).

Unlike above app, we didn’t personally tested this app but yeah according to the official details and trusted users reviews, we can say that Who Viewed Me for WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp tracker to know Who Viewed your Profile on WhatsApp, Secret Admirer, Stalker Detector and WhatsApp Block Checker. So, it worth a try.

Who Viewed your WhatsApp on your Phone

Well, it can be a serious issue if someone else from your family, friends is keep on trying to access your WhatsApp. They might have your WhatsApp’s access now. So, how to prevent yourself from it? Well, there are few smart ways:

  1. If someone has your WhatsApp’s Access via Desktop and hence they are spying on all your WhatsApp chats, multimedia files and all those stuff, you can check in WhatsApp Web setting of your WhatsApp which will show if someone has access to your WhatsApp through web. If there is someone, you can log them out through your phone.
  2. If someone is keep on trying accessing your WhatsApp through your phone but you can’t have your phone all the time, you can use smart lock apps like Lockwatch and Hidden Eye which will click pic of anyone who tries to access your WhatsApp and enters the wrong password that these apps ask. It will save the pic of impostor and emails it if you want.

Who Secretly Read Your WhatsApp Message

As understood by title itself, this WhatsApp Trick is not to know Who viewed your WhatsApp Profile or who is trying to access your WhatsApp secretly. It’s about knowing who have read your WhatsApp message even if they have disabled their reader’s receipt.

  1. If they have disabled their WhatsApp read receipt, you will see for all your WhatsApp messages, even if the person replies, the delivered messages double-tick sign never turn blue. So, if it’s so you can be sure that the person has his read receipt disabled at least for you.
  2. Now, if it’s so and you can’d decide whether the person has read your sent message or not, you can put a tracking link to your message and ask them to use it with some sensible and attractive message. You can simply use GOO.GL. Lets say you have converted the long URL of a Facebook album to Goo.gl shortener’s URL, forward it to your friend, if he/she clicks it, you can see it in your Goo.gl dashboard.

Well, who viewed your WhatsApp is not the only trick you want to know for WhatsApp being a power user of the app. So, why not to learn more awesome tricks? Just take a look to these Top 100 WhatsApp Tricks (Verified + Tested) you will know so much amazing things you can do with your WhatsApp that you never knew.

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