Free Download 3500+ Verified PROXY Sources To Scrap Unlimited Working Proxies

If you are a power internet user, you know the importance of proxy IP addresses. They make us anonymous, fake our location, protect privacy, provide access to geo/ip blocked sites and help in a lot of different task we do online. Standard internet users might need 5-10 proxies in a month that too very occasionally but if you are a power internet user like internet marketer, hacker, researcher, internet analyst, SEO, PR team who you use many of scrapping software, downloaders, data retrieval tools, seo software etc. then to perform your job properly, you might new few hundreds to thousand fresh and working proxies on daily basis.

These proxies include combination of HTTP, HTTPS, SOCK, SOCK5, CONNECT, Anonymous, Dedicated and Semi-dedicated proxies as different type of proxies are required to perform different job. So, even if you have started with a list of thousand working proxies, that list will be exhausted in no time and after that you need to search new proxies. Proxy scrappers like Scrapbox Proxy Harvester Addon, GSA Proxy Scraper or any other proxy scrapping software comes with a built-in list of few hundred proxy sources which it utilizes every time you want new proxies.

To tell you the truth, even these proxy scrapping software will loose their charm if you use them more because among mere few hundred sources maximum half of the sites will be working those all are not so frequent to update their proxy list. Hence, you will not receive as many fresh and working proxies as you expected.

It is not the problem of your Proxy scrapping software. If you add new proxy sources to your software, it will start finding more proxies by scrapping those new proxy source sites. BUT, manually finding proxy sources is a very time-consuming job.

So, to ease your task, we are providing our largest list of 3500+ Proxy source sites from where you can scrap or download unlimited amount of proxies. Just add or import this list of 3500+ proxy sources to your proxy scrapping software and then you will be able to find thousands of free HTTP / HTTPS / SOCK / SOCK5 / CONNECT / Anonymous proxies through the proxy scrapper itself which was earlier giving you only few hundred proxy ip addresses overall.

Copy the proxy sites list below

This is updated proxy source sites list and all these 3500+ proxy sites list are alive, healthy and working. They are updating their proxy list very frequently with all different sort of proxies you need for your internet marketing business. Scroll down to copy our huge proxy source sites list:

The above text box contains only 250 fresh proxy sources site list but you can download full list of 3500+ proxy source sites in .TXT file format. Putting the whole list here will make this webpage very heavy so we couldn’t do that as you guys would have problem opening it then.

If you have proxy scrapper like GSA Proxy Scrapper or Scrapbox Proxy Harvester, you can even test the scrapped proxy against Google, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. and you will find enough number of google-passed, twitter or required social site proxy because on the rough test, I’ve scrapped 500 proxies in 30 sec using this proxy source list and among them 232 proxies are google-passed proxies.

Comment below if you have any problem in using our HUGE 3500+ proxy source sites list.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.