How to Hack WhatsApp Account To Read & Send Messages from Victim’s WhatsApp

After Facebook, WhatsApp is now the most popular social network. As it is away all type of  social drama which happens in all the other social networks, people who prefer to stay away those from social drama & chat with their friends in a peaceful environment prefer using WhatsApp instead of any other social network. And, looking towards the trend & user-flow it appears like everybody is shifting from other social networks to WhatsApp. So, the migration from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest to WhatsApp is increasing.

So undoubtedly, WhatsApp has become the most important social network for everyone which includes your spouse, fiancé, fiancée, girlfriend/boyfriend, crush, kids and enemies. All their important chat are available in WhatsApp. So, if you want to observe their life, check for people important for them, check their activities, habits, the way they talk, etc. you can do that by hacking whatsapp account of your target i.e., if you know how to hack WhatsApp at first place. 😉

WhatsApp hack can provide you a lot of advantages if you use it in positive ways. By just spying on WhatsApp, and being able to read messages/media they sent or received can help you a lot to know about their life, without asking them and if you will be able to hack WhatsApp, you can act on their behalf, send WhatsApp message from their WhatsApp account to desired people.

Isn’t it cool? So, all those people who are here looking for how to hack WhatsApp, I am going to tell 5 working methods to hack Whatsapp account. These methods are very easy and 100% working and you’ll be able to hack WhatsApp within few minutes. Scroll down to know best methods to hack a WhatsApp account.

Methods To Hack WhatsApp

To hack a WhatsApp account, there are various ways, methods & tools. Even, new methods are being discovered by hackers but if you’re not much into hacking and want so easy ways to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account, read his/her messages, view multimedia (photos, videos, music) or send WhatsApp messages to someone on their behalf then these are the 5 methods by which you can hack a WhatsApp account easily:

  1. Hack WhatsApp by changing MAC Address
  2. Hack WhatsApp Online
  3. Hack WhatsApp using Spy Software/Apps
  4. Hack WhatsApp using QR Code
  5. Hack WhatsApp using Mercury Browser

Recently a new WhatsApp/Telegram photo vulnerability has been discovered which allows hackers to hack hundreds of WhatsApp accounts in seconds with a single photo [Read More Here] But, this is a task of high-skilled hacker who already know a lot of things. Newbies should follow above stated methods (which I am explaining below) to hack WhatsApp account.

1. Hack WhatsApp by changing MAC Address

Media Access Control (or MAC) address is a 12-character unique identifier (e.g. 01:2b:45:6d:89:3X) for a specific piece of hardware, like the network adapter located in WiFi devices. So, it can unique identify a hardware. WhatsApp in a person’s phone is not only bounded by his/her phone number but it is linked to the device’s MAC address too. So, even if you try to install WhatsApp in a new device using victim’s phone number, it doesn’t allow you to activate the WhatsApp account because of MAC address conflict.

In this method to hack WhatsApp using MAC address, I will tell you how to hack a WhatsApp account by properly spoofing MAC address so that your device mimic victim’s smartphone and hence you’ll be able to hijack his/her Whatsapp:

Step 1 – The first step is to uninstall WhatsApp from your own device. Install WhatsApp from the device where you want to install verify victim’s WhatsApp account. You can do this in 3 ways:

  • by simply dragging WhatsApp app icon to home and drop it to Uninstall option
  • by locating WhatsApp App in your Installed Apps list, opening it and tap Uninstall
  • by searching WhatsApp in Google Play and tap on Uninstall button

Uninstall WhatsApp from Android

If you have to uninstall your main WhatsApp as you don’t have any other device to hack WhatsApp separately, don’t worry after this hacking process you can reinstall your WhatsApp. However it is recommended to follow this tutorial on how to properly backup & restore WhatsApp so that you won’t lose any data (messages, photos, videos, audio, etc.).

Step 2 – Once you have uninstalled WhatsApp from your smartphone, you need to acquire victim’s smartphone for a moment. Try to acquire it in such a situation that he/she won’t find it suspicious. Once you gained access to victim’s smartphone, you need to copy the device’s MAC address. To do this, go to victim phone’s Settings >> About Phone >> Status (or Hardware Information in some smartphone) and note down 12-digit Wi-Fi MAC address to some safe place.

Step 3 – Now, once you have MAC address, you can either use your smartphone or PC as a tool to hack WhatsApp account of your victim. All you have to do is change your device’s MAC address to the MAC address you’ve obtained from your victim’s smartphone.

To change MAC address of your Android device, you Android phone must be rooted because changing MAC address requires the phone to have apps like BusyBox, MAC Address ghost app installed which only work with ROOTED android phone. If your phone is not rooted, follow these steps to Root an Android phone.

Now, you need to install BusyBox and MAC Address ghost app to change MAC address of Android. MAC Address ghost app’s settings to change MAC address varies from device-to-device. So, follow this XDA Developer’s Guide to know how to change MAC address of Android for your Android phone.

Step 4 – Once you have changed your device’s MAC address to victim’s phone’s MAC address, it’s time to install WhatsApp messenger again. So, search WhatsApp in Google Play Store again, download & install it. After that, open it and verify WhatsApp with your victim’s phone number (you might need to borrow victim’s phone for a minute again to know OTP WhatsApp sent to his/her number to verify the WhatsApp account).

Step 5 – Once you have verified the WhatsApp, you have hacked WhatsApp of your victim smartphone. Now, whatever messages your victim receive, you will receive that too. You will be able to see the replies victim is sending from his/her WhatsApp and even send reply by yourself on victim’s behalf without any problem.

Once you’ve done with your hacking stuff, you can reinstall this WhatsApp, change your device’s MAC address to the original one,  install WhatsApp with your original number and start using WhatsApp normally again.

2. Hack WhatsApp Online

It is the easiest and quickest trick to hack a WhatsApp account if you are in safe zone. And, by safe zone I mean you are 100% sure that victim will not check his WhatsApp when you use it in his behalf. And, don’t worry, you don’t need to connect victim’s phone in your PC using USB cable or something, victim can keep his phone to himself and you can enjoy hacking his WhatsApp remotely. 😉

If you think you are in the safe zone where you are totally sure that victim is not using his WhatsApp right now & you can monitor him somehow then follow these steps to hack his WhatsApp account online:

Step 1 – You require access to victim’s WhatsApp at least once without his consent. In this trick to hack WhatsApp online, we are utilizing WhatsApp Web feature ( If you get a chance to access victim’s WhatsApp without his consent, take his phone and browse from your PC/Laptop.

Step 2 – You’ll see a QR code at the webpage. Now, in victim’s WhatsApp, tap 3-dots button available at the top-right corner which will open up a menu. Choose WhatsApp Web from it and it will open a phone’s camera as scanner inside WhatsApp. Use it to scan QR code you see at

Step 3 – Once you’ve scanned, you’ve connected victim’s WhatsApp to your PC which you can you to send/receive messages of victim’s WhatsApp, view previous messages and spy on a WhatsApp account.

As WhatsApp Web is a authentic feature from WhatsApp (and not a hacking tool) so WhatsApp put a notification in notification bar when you use victim’s WhatsApp online through That’s why you need to be sure that victim will not check his phone while you’re using his WhatsApp.

3. Hack WhatsApp using Spy Software/Apps

If you want to skip the technical steps of hacking a WhatsApp account or if you want to be extra precautious, then their are some good spy apps which can help you. They stealthy sit in victim’s smartphone and provide you full excess to their call logs, text messages, calendar notes, emails, etc. They also provide features to record or listen call, spy on WhatsApp conversation, view WhatsApp multimedia (photos, videos), listen to sent/received audio or music, etc. remotely. Among these cool spy apps, I am sharing two spy apps which I found best for WhatsApp spying and hacking:

mSpy WhatsApp Spy App

mSpy is not only WhatsApp Spy but a full spy suite available for both PC (Windows, Mac) and mobile phones (Android, iOS). It allows you to spy victim’s SMS, social network activities, WhatsApp chats, location (GPS tracking), call (logs, call record), photos & videos, emails, etc. You are provided with a online mSpy account which you can access using any web browser to track activities of you victim(s).

If you want to check how mSpy spy app works, you can remove view its demo at mSpy website. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase mSpy desired plan to spy on one or multiple victims.

WhatsApp Spy by TheTrueSpy

If you want to test a WhatsApp Spy app by yourself then you should try WhatsApp Spy by TheTrueSpy as it comes with 48-hours free trial period which is enough for you to test if this spy app is capable to provide you desired information from victim’s smartphone. Some of the features of TheTrueSpy WhatsApp Spy are:

  • View all WhatsApp chat conversations.
  • Find out the names and numbers of people they have been chatting with.
  • Get time and date stamps to know when each chat took place.
  • Get access to any photos, videos or audio files sent through WhatsApp and saved on the target phone.
  • All WhatsApp conversations are uploaded to your online TheTruthSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can spy WhatsApp or hack WhatsApp messages using this cool WhatsApp Spy software. And, this app is free for first 48 hours. So, it is worth of a try if you really want to hack a WhatsApp.

4. Hack WhatsApp using QR Code

Well, before some of you extra smart brains shout, let me clarify that it is not the hacking method I used in method no. 2 to hack whatsapp online because there, we were using the original WhatsApp QR code by ourself. This hacking trick to hack a WhatsApp account utilizes phishing method.

It creates fake QR code which you connects with victim’s PC/Laptop so that whenever he tries to connect WhatsApp through his own PC/Laptop by browsing, the phishing QR code appears which when he scans with his WhatsApp provide you full access to victim’s WhatsApp account.

This summary of the WhatsApp hacking by phishing appears easy, isn’t it? But, it’s a bit technical and long. However, this trick works even with Whatsapp end-to-end encryption. So, if you want know how to hack WhatsApp using Phishing then follow steps provided in this article.

5. Hack WhatsApp using Mercury Browser

The most widely used hacking tactics evolve vulnerabilities of targeted apps/system or vulnerabilities available in connected apps or system. Even if WhatsApp developers have made WhatsApp very secure by providing end-to-end encryption, two-step verification and lots of other security mechanisms, other apps which users install in their phone might not have same level of security.

And, in some of these apps, developers have left such vulnerabilities which keep other apps & whole phone on risk. For example, the recent vulnerability found about WiFi transfer apps which left the ports open which can be utilized by hackers to extract any data from target smartphone.

Similarly, Mercury browser app has a vulnerability which is being utilized fairly by hackers to hack any person’s WhatsApp who have this browser installed in their phone. Hackers are utilizing mercury browser’s file browsing feature to extract data files, folder from target smartphone, modifying information and even putting media files, messages in it’s upload folder to be automatically sent to WhatsApp, etc.

If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp using mercury browser, follow instructions provided in this article.

So, these are some of the best methods to hack a WhatsApp account. Try these methods, but use them at your own risk 😉 . I am sure, using these methods you’ll be able to spy on a WhatsApp user or hack his WhatsApp account. If you know any new methods to hack WhatsApp, tell them in comments below.

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