Learn How To Make Slime with Top 10 YouTube DIY Slime Videos

The Slime trend started from Instagram few months ago has really taken the Internet. Few months ago, people hardly know about the slime but now, millions of people are daily searching Slime videos, Slime tutorials, satisfying slime images. Everyone is astonished by slime’s beauty. This dough like substance which is created by using glue, borax and desired cosmetic to provide it beautiful color, texture and feel is now becoming one of the favorite DIY activity for kids because they find it very interesting to create a slime.

They want to create slime by themselves, feel it, and play with it. And, if you’re a parent, I will not recommend them from doing it because neither do it cost you much and nor your kids are going in wrong direction. Let them know how to make slime. Let them try creating slime by themselves and enjoy.

To help kids and adult whoever is searching for best tutorials on how to make slime,  we have invested our time too. We have shortlist top 10 best YouTube videos on how to make slime. These are very diversified collection of YouTube DIY Slime videos because each and every video contains different ways to create slime.

Some Slime are just decorative slime and some of them are edibe slime too. Some of these slime videos gone even far by changing even the basic elements in creating slime videos – glue & borax and sh0wed what alternatives we can use instead of these basic ingredients of slime. So, watch these DIY videos on slime to understand how to make slime and also know different type of slime that can be made using very simple things.

DIY Fluffy Slime

This is a quick YouTube tutorial to create a soft and fluffy slime. Just give your 2 and half minutes time and you’ll be able to understand how to create slime.

20 DIY Ways To Create Slime

This is probably the best guide available on Internet for creating slime because it is not a single slime tutorial, this video contains 20 amazing ways to create slime. So, take your time to watch this video and by the end, you’ll be expert in creating slime.

DIY How To Create Galaxy Glitter Slime

Do you love galaxy? It’s glitter? Do you want your slime to have glittery decoration? Then watch this awesome YouTube tutorial which is telling how to create beautiful galaxy glitter slime easily.

Super Crunchy Dried Foam Slime

Slime are so smooth but smoothness is not everyone’s attractive. Some like it to be rough, crunch and foamy. If you have this odd taste too or you want to watch a different time of slime then check out this video of satisfying foam slime.

DIY Edible Slime Candy (*SLIME YOU CAN EAT*)

Slime smoothie looks so beautiful and soft and fluffy and DELICIOUS? Well, watching some cool slime videos where slime comes out to be so amazing, I just want to eat them. I want to take a bite and taste it. But I know they are not going to be tasty due to their components. However, this YouTuber created DIY Edible Slime out of gummy bear candies. You should definitely check it out as this slime are  beautiful and tasty to eat as well.

GIANT Butter Slime

If the above video has too much sugar for you and you’re a guy or girl who don’t like sweet eatables much then this GIANT Butter slime is something that you really find interesting. Actually it’s not a DIY slime tutorial. Instead it was done as a $100 Slime challenge but they showed how Giant Butter Slime is made. So, if you can catch it without proper instructions then may be you can follow this video and create your own butter slime.

How To Make Slime without Borax

If you don’t have borax then watch this YouTube video on how to make slime because it tells really smart way to create slime without borax. Other popular alternatives to borax like starch or detergent are also not used. This smart youtuber created slime using Colgate.

How To Make Crystal Clear Slime

Usually the slime are colorful or have one single color with many textures. But some people like it simple. Some people like to have transparent crystal clear slime. If you are among them and want to create crystal clear transparent slime then this YouTube video tells you how to do that.

How to Make DIY Slime Stress Ball

All the above slime videos are of irregular, deformed slime. It’s the beauty of slime that even at most deformed state, they look so amazing but for those people who want to provide is a fix spherical shape and create slime stress ball, this video is the best. It will tell you how to create a DIY slime stress ball which always comes back to its spherical shape.

Satisfying Slime Video Compilation

Lastly, to skyrocket your imagination, here is the compilation video of best Slime smoothie. Enjoy watching this video of amazing slime. Hope now you have got enough of answers to your How to make slime? question. Watch this video and arrange ingredients to make your best slime.

If you want to download any of the above slime videos from YouTube then follow these steps to download any YouTube video for free.

The slime trend was started by Theresa (rad.slime) on Instagram. The Instagram channel features lots of amazing slime videos in which they showed many amazing, beautiful, soft and fluffy slime which are even available to order. So, make sure to check out slime videos from the original creator on their Instagram channel. And, if you like and of those cool Instagram slime videos and you’d like to download them then follow this tutorial to download any Instagram video.

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