350+ Funny Questions To Ask Cortana And Have Fun In Spare Time

Windows developers have worked a lot in making their beloved personal assistant app Cortana more and more user friendly. It’s like a virtual robot sitting inside your Windows PC/Laptop, Smartphone and Xbox to provide you assistance. All you need to do is “ask” (but ask properly) and Cortana will come up with best answer. It can set reminder, tell you weather, traffic, latest news, facts and of course, answer your silly questions.

Yeah, your even “silly questions” will receive a reply but don’t expect it to be a kind reply (though Cortana always try to be most generous possible) it may be rude or burning. Still, better than nothing. 😉

So, in your spare time you can actually talk to Cortana and below I am sharing 350+ funny Cortana questions and commands to make your conversation with this Windows Virtual Personal Assistant more interesting.

Just ask them to Cortana and hear the reply.

List of Funny Cortana Questions
List of Funny Cortana Questions
  1. Do an impression.
  2. Do you know Jarvis?
  3. Do you miss Master Chief?
  4. Are you pretty?
  5. what is pi?
  6. What is your favorite sport?
  7. What does the elephant say?
  8. Are you real?
  9. Make an impersonation.
  10. What do you like?
  11. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  12. Yo!
  13. Recite Shakespeare.
  14. Which came first the chicken or the egg?
  15. Give me a kiss / hug.
  16. Are you male or female?
  17. Tell me a corny joke.
  18. tell me something interesting
  19. What’s up?
  20. Am I handsome?
  21. Do you like Jimmy Fallon?
  22. I’m very dumb.
  23. You are annoying
  24. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?
  25. are you OK?
  26. Where are you from?
  27. What is your favorite day?
  28. Where were you born?
  29. Did you die in Halo 4?
  30. Do you have a baby?
  31. It’s my birthday.
  32. What is your favorite food?
  33. Can you talk like a pirate?
  34. are you a zombie?
  35. Do you dream?
  36. Do you like Star Wars?
  37. who is your voice
  38. What does the duck say?
  39. Tell me a quote.
  40. I love you too
  41. It’s my birthday
  42. Do you believe in God?Cortana Funny Questions 1
  43. Tell me about Prophets.
  44. Can you die?
  45. What is better, Google or Bing?
  46. What does the pig say?
  47. Talk dirty.
  48. What does the elephant say?
  49. Do you have any siblings?
  50. Do you know siri?
  51. Can I change your name?
  52. Are you a good girl?
  53. Are you gay?
  54. Who is your mother?
  55. What is a Halo?
  56. What is your favorite color?
  57. Will you date me?
  58. Why are you naked?
  59. What are your measurements?
  60. Are you dead?
  61. What are you afraid of?
  62. What does the turkey say?
  63. Tell me about Hunters
  64. What does the goat say?
  65. What is your favorite animal?
  66. may the force be with you
  67. Can I kiss you?
  68. What do you think about Clippy?
  69. What is better, Cortana or Siri?
  70. Who is your father?
  71. Are you OK?
  72. Do you believe in God?
  73. What are you wearing?
  74. Where do babies come from?
  75. Avada kedavra
  76. I’m engaged
  77. Dance.
  78. Where do you live?
  79. What is your favorite video game?
  80. where did you come from?
  81. What are you doing?
  82. go to hell
  83. Goodnight.
  84. I’m bored.
  85. Show me your face
  86. What are you made of?
  87. Play the movie game.
  88. Do you know Siri?
  89. Do you like Windows 10?
  90. Do you play [sport/activity]
  91. Why did the chicken cross the road?Cortana Funny Question 2
  92. What music do you like?
  93. What is your favorite movie?
  94. What do you think about cats?
  95. Are you stupid?
  96. Do you eat?
  97. I feel sick
  98. What do you think of iOS
  99. Are you better than Siri?
  100. Mirror mirror on the wall
  101. Are you better than Google Now?
  102. What do you think of Bill Gates?
  103. Do you play soccer?
  104. Do you have brain?
  105. Do you like Obama?
  106. Do you like me?
  107. Tell me something I don’t know.
  108. Nice.
  109. Do you watch porn?
  110. Who are you?
  111. Are you awake? / Are you asleep?
  112. What does a cat say?
  113. What do you think of Apple?
  114. OK google/siri
  115. Who is your boss?
  116. Are you drunk?
  117. What is the answer to the universe
  118. Rock, Paper, scissors, Lizard, Spock!
  119. are you fat?
  120. Knock! Knock!
  121. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
  122. Hey Siri.
  123. What does the bird say?
  124. Where do you live?
  125. Do you like pancakes Cortana?
  126. Where is Master Chief
  127. Do you like cats?
  128. Use the force.
  129. What are you?
  130. What is Minecraft?
  131. What does a dog say?
  132. Flip a coin.
  133. how old are you
  134. Surely you can’t be serious.
  135. Do you think I’m sexy?
  136. Who made you?
  137. What is the second rule of Fight Club?
  138. Do you believe in ghosts?Cortana Funny Question 3
  139. What do you think of Steve Ballmer?
  140. Who is Doctor Halsey?
  141. Tell me about Halo 5
  142. What does the cow say?
  143. Do you miss Master Chief?
  144. Which Halo game do you like the most?
  145. What do you think of Steve Jobs?
  146. Are you Deaf
  147. Cook me lunch
  148. I’m so sorry
  149. Surely you can’t be serious?
  150. Do a barrel roll !

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