Best 4 eBook/ePub Readers for Windows PC

People who are an avid reader will not leave a chance to grab on to any device that is meant for reading. This is the very reason that these days you get a number of specially designed tablets that are meant for reading. With the help of these tablets, you can read your eBooks without putting a strain on your eyes. However, not everyone can afford such devices. Well, that’s when eBook readers come into the picture which allows you to enjoy the same experience of reading on your desktop as it would have in with a reading tablet. Now, let’s look into some of the best eBook readers that are available out there for Windows users.

List Of Best eBook Readers

If you don’t have a reading tablet, no worries because you can easily get hold of an eBook reader. Here are some of the best eBook readers that you can have.

1. Caliber

When it comes to eBook readers, Calibre is one of the oldest and the best eBook readers that you will come across. This particular app is loaded with a variety of features which allows you to download Epubs, manage metadata, transfer of books from one device to another, downloading covers for books and even converting the eBooks from one format to another. This is an ideal eBook reader for reading comics, novels, magazines and more.

Calibre pdf reader

2. Freda

This is one of the most loved eBook readers for the Windows platform. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to customize the look of the app as well. Also, the app is known to support a load of formats which includes Mobi, HTML, TXT, and The apps also give you access to more than 50,000 public domain classic books all free of cost.

Freda ebook reader

3. Adobe Digital Editions

We are all aware of the reputation of Adobe when it comes to its products. This is one of the best eBook readers that have been created by Adobe. One of the main reasons to use this app is that it gives you a richer experience with the EPUB3 standard. This app is perfect for a great reading experience. However, just like any other Adobe product, even this application is not free. But for a great reading experience, it is totally worth it.

Adobe Digital Editions

4. Icecream ePub Reader

This is one of the eBook readers that comes packed with a lot of features which includes full-screen mode support, easy page turning mechanics, supports multiple languages and also provides you with exceptional search capabilities. Also, the app is known to support a variety of formats which is really helpful.

Icecream ePub Reader

Well, these are some of the best eBook readers that you can get online. However, if you want the best then it is obvious that it won’t come for free. But paying a minimal price for a great reading experience is just completely fine. So if reading is your hobby then this is what you need.

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