4 Energy Efficient Fans to Shop for Your Home

Struggling to stay cool? We understand. Maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in your home is a task, especially when you consider the effect of air-conditioning on your energy bill. Choosing the best fans for your home helps keep you cool in the summer season. 

For the best results, you need to understand how different types of energy-efficient fans work and how using a ceiling fan, exhaust fan and portable fan will help to reduce energy costs at home.

Let’s look at the top energy-efficient fans to shop for your home: 

  • Exhaust Fans 

The growing pace of technology has created a wide variety of fans, such as exhaust fans, portable fans, ceiling fans, etc. An exhaust fan is one of the most common fans found in a household to clear damp and smelly air. The benefit of having an exhaust fan is that you can conveniently install it in your window, where it does a fantastic job of moving hot air from the inside of the house to the outside. You can select these fans by their ability to move the quantum of air and the size of the room. Along with saving a lot of floor space, an exhaust fan also saves energy and lowers your electricity bill. There are metal exhaust fans with/without guards in 230mm and 300mm sweeps. Other than this, there are shutter exhaust fans (150mm, 200mm and 250mm sweeps) and axial exhaust fans (100mm and 150mm sweeps.) 

  • Portable Fan

Portable fans can be moved to and from any room by merely plugging and unplugging, which means you can place them wherever you like. For example, if you are sitting in your balcony or terrace and want a smooth breeze, you can quickly bring your portable fan out on your patio, plug it in and let it cool you down. This way, you save money instead of buying more fans and improve energy efficiency. 

These energy-efficient portable fans now come with remote control features that allow you to adjust the speed while sitting in one position with the aid of a remote. Portable fans are also available with an expandable height range that can be modified to suit your needs.

  • Wall-Mounted Fan

We all know that when it comes to ventilation and cooling, ceiling fans are the best choice. A wall-mounted fan may be a better option than ceiling fans at some locations such as kitchens, garages and outdoor patios. These fans are energy efficient and are available in different sizes. 

They help you feel the cool along with the electricity bills, not crushing your bank account. You can select the right size and number of fans you need to install in a specific area. A 400 mm wall-mounted fan would be ideal for a standard room in general. However, when selecting a wall-mounted fan for your home, choose the one that has motors fitted with self-aligning sintered bronze bearings to ensure self-circulating oil lubrication and thus noiseless operation.

  • Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be great electricity savers in the summer months if your electricity bills are high due to air conditioning. Ceiling fans can save substantial units of electricity, so you don’t have to use air conditioning all the time. An optimum ceiling fan with proper maintenance and operations mounted on the roof is the secret to saving power. A lousy quality fan that is poorly designed will waste a lot of electricity, which is why you should always purchase from premium brands like Luminous. They use Hi Perm Steel for stampings, which gives higher efficiency by having lower losses.

Along with that, they use 99.9% electrolytic copper, ensuring long life of noiseless service. With Aluminum blades, these ceiling fans are non-corrosive and suitable for an extended period. 

Choose the Best Energy Efficient Fan

Need help with finding the right energy-efficient fan that will also complement your home decor? Look no further as reliable brands such as Luminous in India offer a wide range of fans from designer options to energy-efficient exhaust fans. 

Luminous fans are made of high-quality material and use the latest technology to offer fantastic air circulation. They are loaded with all safety and user-friendly features that are essential for a household fan. So, don’t wait and equip your home with the best energy-efficient fans. 

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