How Dating Has Changed in Past Decade : Evolution of Dating

There has been a lot of changes in the world of dating in the past 10 years. More people are moving to different places for job, business, other purposes. Society has become more open minded. With the introduction of internet and social networking sites, it has now become easier than ever to meet people of similar interest and taste.

Technology has changed brought people closer. Even if a person is sitting in another corner of the earth, you can still talk to them anytime. People in relationships stay connected with their partner throughout the day via texting, instant messages. You can video call and talk as if the person is sitting right in front of you.

How Dating Has Evolved in Past 10 Years

So, you see a lot has changed in the world especially in terms of dating. Ask your parents how they met, I bet you are not going to meet your partner the same way.

Let’s have a look at the key game changers in dating, all around the world.

Online Dating

There was a time when people could meet a potential partner only through common friends or colleagues. Online dating has become mainstream. 80% of the couples nowadays have met through some form of online dating. Many couples meet through Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites.

There are specialized dating apps and services like Tinder where you can find a potential match even more easily. These services provide you the best match according to your common interests, location, views, taste, etc. If you are looking for a serious relationship, online dating can help. If you are looking for just a fling, online dating can still help because there are a lot of people who are just like you. There are people who look for open relationships. Like married women dating site.

You can even find local online dating sites which list people from your locality. There are services which feature verified profiles so that you take a well-informed decision in finding yourself a suitable partner.


Yes, globalization has changed the dating culture to a major extent. People move from one country to another country for various reasons. They marry local citizens and settle down there. The number of cross-nation and cross-culture marriages have increased drastically. Communities are getting closer. People from different religion and ethnicity are dating and even marrying. Most couples now are not born or grown up in the same country.

More Information

Yes, we live in an age of abundance of information. There was a time when people used to meet for lunch or dinner dates and get to know each other. Today, a lot of information is available online.

You can get to know about your partner’s interests, hobbies, likes, dislike, job, location, birthday, friends, political views and many other details easily just by going through their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or online dating profiles. You can read their tweets or posts, check out their pictures and know more about them.

While this has many benefits, there are some side effects too. Sometimes, people get to know a little too much about another person without even meeting them in person. I think an honest opinion can only be generated after you meet him/her in person and observe their behavior. Social media sites are not always a mirror into someone’s life or character.

More options

People have a lot of options now, thanks to the reasons discussed above. They have more chances to find potential dates. Meeting dating partner through common friends has become a thing of past.

Although, I see it as a drawback. People now find it easier to move on than to stay and work hard to find solutions in the present relationship. Every time there is a rough patch in a relationship, one or both of the partners start looking for better alternatives. This leads to higher breakup and divorce rates.

It’s important that people use online dating and all of these privileges as a tool to find a better partner, not as an excuse to bail out.

The Conclusion

The game of dating has changed a lot. The idea and approach of dating have also changed. Today we have more options, tools, technology, and information with us. We should use these privileges to find a better dating partner. However, one should use his/her own experience and conscience in judging the compatible qualities of a suitable partner. We need to have patience and the intent to work through both good and bad times.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.