Fascinating Car Technologies To Pique Your Interest

A survey by Metova revealed that 88% of car owners in the US value new technology in their vehicles. Car manufacturers appreciate this and are working day and night to produce the most comfortable and technologically advanced vehicles. As of today, there are cars on the road that can drive themselves and park without any human intervention. So when you’re trying to figure out how to invest your money, it’s worth considering a car that embraces new tech.

Future Cars tech

Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles utilize sensors, cameras, laser scanners, brake actuators, and an EPS motor in order to drive without human input. Many automakers are still improving their innovations, but one company that stands out is Tesla. Currently, all Tesla cars have advanced hardware capable of providing autopilot features to drivers. Tesla has already started fitting newer models with the hardware needed in the future to achieve full self-driving.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

ACCs can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the technology is mostly similar. By utilizing a system of sensors and cameras, ACCs track the vehicles ahead and automatically adjust the speed to suit the situation. This helps in reducing fatigue and boredom that can result from stepping on the gas and breaks repeatedly, especially during high traffic.

Backup Cameras

If you’re tired of turning your head while reversing, this technology has a solution. Backup cameras provide a high-resolution image to reference, especially when reversing into blind spots. This can help you to avoid hitting objects, thus saving your precious bumper. Other cars are fitted with 360° cameras to provide greater visibility. As a matter of fact, backup cameras will be a mandatory feature in new cars in the United States, so when you’re reviewing cars that you might want to purchase, a backup camera is well worth considering.

Electric Fast Charging

Electric cars have become common in some countries in recent years. The majority of people associate them with being environmentally friendly and affordable, but long charging times are a major disadvantage. Currently, the common 240-volt AC systems take hours to recharge and may be inconvenient in the case of long trips. DC fast charging is still relatively new and expensive, but they can fully charge an electric car in around 40 minutes. There are also compatibility issues due to different models, but hopefully, in the future, this technology will become standard and cheaper.

Car technologies are making a lot of progress, and as a result, driving has become even more fun. The next time you choose a car, think beyond the traditional considerations and see what technology has to offer you.

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