8 Essential Features to Include in a Workout Trainer App


Fitness and workout apps are on the rise in the present mobile market. Their importance can be seen by the way they improve people’s lives and boost their health. Lately, everyone seems to be concerned about their health and fitness and ready to switch to new habits to prevent issues. Workout trainer apps help them be more health-conscious.

Technavio states that the global fitness app market will reach $1.68 billion by 2024 because the public loves to use fitness apps due to their features and affordable prices. Workout trainer apps can provide users with the ability to access the best diets, use gym equipment, create enhanced exercise plans and track their fitness activity. These apps do more than creating exercise plans, they provide personalized health recommendations to help the user gather information and make health assessments.

Even though the market is close to saturation, there is still room for new software as long as it brings something new that meets the market’s needs. App users are critical of what is included in the apps they use, so if you want to launch yours, look for ways to make it better than your competitors. The Google Play and App Store are filled with sports and workout trainer apps, and users find it challenging to choose one. But if you create fascinating features that make their fitness journey more desirable, they may consider yours instead of another.

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1. Simple profile creation and sign-up

It’s essential to allow users to create accounts because it allows them to save and update their information even if they change the gadget they use. Allow first-time users to create an account using their social media accounts because people hate complex registration processes.

The profile should require from the user their name, age, weight, height, email, phone number and profile photo. Registration is completed after the user clicks on the link, gets in the email box, or provides the verification code they receive in a text message.

2. Social media integration

Everyone is using social media nowadays and integration with the main platforms is crucial. Many people want to share their progress with their friends and your app should allow them to post on social media directly from their profile.

You can also create a network inside the app that allows users to connect and share their experiences.

3. Compatibility with wearable and non-wearable devices

Synchronization with devices is crucial for a successful fitness app. Your users will want to connect the app to different devices, wearable and non-wearable (like gym equipment, smart home devices like Alexa, and smartwatches).

Connection with different devices empowers customers to track their fitness activity and routine and makes the app more user-friendly. By pairing the app with a wearable device, they can keep a tap on their training schedule. People use smart devices to monitor and detect blood pressure, pulse, and heartbeats. The app should allow them to compare the data weekly, monthly, and annually. Your app can also get a lot of information from your clients’ smart devices and utilize it to deliver them with customized data.

4. Training plan tool

As a trainer, you can provide your app clients with various fitness workouts, from yoga to fitness. A training plan tool is a fantastic feature to include in the software because it allows the user to personalize their workout plan according to their fitness goals, and set up an appropriate exercising schedule over a period they find fit.

5. Custom playlist

People love to listen to music when they work out because it motivates and gives them a mood boost. So, you can make it easy for users to listen to their favorite tunes if you integrate music from a library like MelodyLoops in the app. They can select the songs they prefer and create playlists they use when they train.

6. Geolocation facility

Users running, riding a bike, or walking to stay fit should be able to track the distance they crossed. You should create your app to track their location and create routes, so they can keep an eye on their progress. The geolocation feature is useful for people who jog, cycle, or walk outdoors for their cardio training.

The app can integrate maps from Google and Apple to plan routes, track the user’s current location, and report workouts. Some users may even want to share screenshots of their routes on social media to engage their followers.

7. Level tests

Some users may not know what workout fits them better and may want the app to identify the best routine for them. You can add a feature that evaluates their health and fitness levels and recommends them a set of exercises that fits their goals. After weeks of training, they can take another test and customize their routine for the following period.

This feature is useful when you address a beginner public that doesn’t usually engage in fitness activities. They use your software to boost their activity levels and improve their health.

8. Video tutorials

Your clients may not know what Spidey planks are, so you must ensure they perform the exercises correctly to achieve their goals. Integrate video tutorials into the app to offer the users the impression they work with a personal trainer who watches their moves, and corrects their posture. The tutorials should show them all the tricks specific to the type of training routine they perform. The posture and execution of exercises influence the workout’s impact on the body, and if you want satisfied clients, you must do your best to provide them with all the tools to meet their goals.

Video tutorials help users do the exercises by themselves. Variate the videos based on the level of proficiency and customize them to appeal to each category. Video tutorials can make a fitness app stand out by providing the users with a unique experience and keeping them engaged. Use your personal charm to attract them and retain them from a workout to another.

Are you ready to go?

Your goal is to offer your clients a pleasant experience that convinces them to renew their subscriptions and recommend your app to other people. A combination of these features can attract an audience and provide you with a steady income.

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