The five best tips for beginners in betting

If you are a beginner in betting, you are most probably worrying about potential mistakes owed to your lack of experience and knowledge on wagering. But there is no need to be stressed, because you can really take advantage of the top five tips that are presented here, in getting started with betting and eventually becoming better and better. All the best bookmakers around the world, including the best bookmakers in NZ, provide analytical information on betting, which is very helpful for rookies and you should certainly browse the ‘how to’s’ or the ‘betting lessons and betting schools’ sections as you have a lot to learn. But here, we give you the best tips to make sure that you won’t make mistakes and poor decisions because of your inexperience.

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1. Look for the best odds and shop around

Being a beginner does not mean that you have to take whatever comes. One very common mistake, that those who are new to betting make, is sticking with one sportsbook, no matter whether this sportsbook offers competitive prices or has the best odds in the market. In fact, it is more than certain that there is not a single online bookie that can be good at everything, so you need to shop around for the best odds of any given event that you are thinking of placing your bet on.

2. Bet on what you know

It is quite clear that if you have greater knowledge over a sport or a specific event, it is more likely that you can make a more accurate prediction of the outcome and in this way you can increase your chances of winning. On the other hand, if you have little knowledge over an event or a game, then your prediction will most likely be ineffective or it will simply go by the ‘rules’ of pure luck. This is not something you want for your bankroll, especially for the long run.

3. Be disciplined

Okay betting is a recreational, fun activity but this is not to say that it should be done without any control, any boundaries or limits. As beginners you need to conform to some restrictions, which are mostly to ensure that you are not going to lose your entire bankroll and less to put limits on your betting experience. So, it is better to make a plan for your budget and stick with it, avoiding betting decisions based on impulse.

4. Maintain a betting log 

If you want to get better and better at betting, you obviously need to maintain some kind of a log of your bets. This will help you do a performance analysis, identify strengths and weaknesses and proceed with the necessary changes required in order to optimize your betting strategy. Keeping records of your wagers will prove a valuable tool in helping you trace past mistakes, ensure that you won’t make them again and also track down your win rate.

5. Do some research to find a reliable sportsbook

Even if you do all things right and even if you avoid all the mistakes that are commonly made by beginners, it is of no value if you don’t find a reliable and trustworthy online bookmaker to subscribe to. It is vital to make sure that you create an account in a betting site, which you know is credible, gives what it promises and offers competitive and comparable prices and services. Also, it is vital to make sure that the online bookie provides a safe environment for you to bet and you feel certain and secure when you wager.

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