The Popularity Of Online Casinos In Singapore

Singapore is also referred to as the  “Lion City” and even the “Garden City” due to its many parks and tree-lined avenues.  It’s been dubbed “instant Asia” due to the fact that visitors can experience a quick taste of Asian culture all in one spot. Although the majority of the population is of Chinese descent, a sizable minority of Malay and Indian people also live there.

This could explain the popularity of online casinos in Singapore, the Chinese are known the be avid gamblers and with the rise of app casinos, it’s no wonder the scene has exploded in Garden City. Let’s look into a few reasons why the online casino scene in Singapore has been super popular.

Online Casino

The Number Of Trusted & Reputable Casinos

Since the introduction of online casinos during the late 90s, online casinos have constantly pushed the boundaries of new technologies to better accommodate their players. Back then it wasn’t easy to find a list of the top 10 online casinos in Singapore, where new casinos are compared and reviewed.

Today players have it easy and it’s for a good reason. The iGaming sector realized early on that if their online casino was to ever have any success it would need to build customers’ trust. Long story short, online casinos introduced additional payment methods such as e-wallets, which allowed daring players to feel comfortable dabbling in the shiny new digital online casinos.

Reputable and top online casinos today make sure to provide proof of licensing and look to casino review sites to review and compare with other online casinos, after all, competition is healthy for any thriving business.


In the previous chapter we discussed how much easier, it is to find a trusted online casino to partake in online gambling compared to the early days of the online gaming scene. Finding a trusted gaming site is not all that’s gotten convenient over the years, in fact, there are several added conveniences.

Let’s start with the fact that online casinos have improved drastically in terms of visual graphics which makes gaming from home so much better. Not only can gamers enjoy the comfort of their home to enjoy their favorite casino games, but they can also do so with great visuals.

Playing from home is the ultimate convenience but today gamers can enjoy a quick few rounds on a roulette table or whatever game for that matter while on the go! Thanks to mobile app technology introduced by the iPhone, players can enjoy gaming while waiting in line, traveling, or waiting for the bus, as long as you have a solid internet connection gaming can be done practically anywhere.

Simplified Games & Free Demos

Perhaps the popularity of online casinos could be due to how easy it’s become to understand the rules of the games. Not only have games simplified the controls of their games to further help players grasp games quicker but they’ve also included instruction pages that are quick and easy to make use of just in case.

Perhaps the biggest win in terms of making life easier for players was the introduction of free demo versions of all the games found on the casino sites. Whether slots, poker, baccarat, or blackjack, players can now learn the games without losing a single dime.

These free versions help players grasp games quicker especially when you consider the number of new variants for classic casino games. It should be noted that although the free games are great to learn the basic game rules, strategies for the free demo versions don’t always pan out when you play real money games.


Let’s take poker as an example, the free demo versions tend to be against a computer program rather than an actual person, as many of you know poker is a game of skill and involves techniques such as bluffing. This can be hard to achieve on the demo version but also the factor of human behaviors will heavily affect gameplay.

Slot machines & pokies

Online slots are one of the most popular means of gambling online as they generally have much higher Return player ratings than the slot machines we generally see in land-based casinos. They are also the simplest games to play, with only a push of a button and the chance to win big, depending on the game’s volatility, jackpots, bonuses, and more.


Roulette is another highly popular casino game that is unlike any other. We’ve all seen the little ball spinning around the red & black numbered wheel, and we all know how the game works. You pick a number or a group of numbers and you bet as much as you like on them. The odds of your bet landing will be equivalent to the money you win from a round.

Bonuses & Promotions

Just like choosing which editor to use, when it comes to online casinos bonus choosing the right one can be quite the choice. Online casino bonuses have been constantly getting better and it’s no wonder more players are swarming into the online gaming sector.

Numerous online gambling companies provide new customers with free funds just for signing up. This is done to ensure that players value their time on the website and therefore will return to play on the site once more. This bonus can be anywhere from $100 to $1200, depending on performance. Further, the odds of winning at these venues are rather high. Due to its high-quality games and big welcome bonuses, players from all over the world flock to these casinos.

Best Customer Service

It’s crucial when searching for an online casino to check the options they comprise in terms of contact methods in order to assure that should anything go wrong, you would have a speedy response from the casino staff and a smooth experience with little to no hiccups.

Most online casinos have a live chat feature, as well as means to get in touch with them via email, and in some other cases, even telephone. It’s also important to know about the quality of a casino’s customer service, and information about this can generally be found on websites with casino reviews and comments from players who have been through certain experiences with the said casino.

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