So Close but So Far: Gambling Online in Canada vs the US

The U.S and Canada have plenty in common and some differences as well, particularly in the world of online gambling. Be in the know with the basics of online gambling in both U.S. and Canada shores.

Similar Gambling Histories

Gambling in both countries has changed significantly. Decades ago, the laws for such activities were still strict but these days, federal and provincial/state laws were loosened. Gambling is still a regulated activity in all of Canada and the Americas but thus far, the rules have changed immensely.

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In Canada, gambling is a prohibited pursuit. By the 1970s, the Criminal Code in the country underwent reforms—this means provinces all over the country were finally allowed to provide licenses for gambling operators.

The U.S., in the 1840s until the era of the Great Depression, gambling was illegal, and all activities related to it happened in the underground. Gambling being an outlawed activity carried on until the early 60s. However, several states finally made their own set of laws to circumvent the Federal Wire Act which transpired in 1961.

The New Frontier of Online Gambling

These days, the U.S. and Canada differ when it comes to their handling of online gambling. Online gambling in both the U.S. and Canada are still regulated but thus far, it is pretty much a legal pursuit today.

An online casino in Canada flourished well during this time thanks to the lax laws made in the country. There were even provinces in the area who managed online casinos; they can avoid trouble as long as every casino operator observes regulations provided by the local government.

In the U.S., there are no federal laws against the activity. One can place bets online without legal repercussions. Rules differ in each state that has legalized gambling, though, for one, poker is the only legal gambling game that is up for grabs in Nevada. New Jersey also provides more; the state allows poker rooms and other kinds of casino games at online casinos that bear a state license.

Sports betting was eventually legalized in 2018 when the Supreme Court revoked the ban and permitted every state to settle this subject.

Also, online casino sites that operate outside of the U.S. are legal. However, players need to guarantee that the site they choose to play on is not operating inside the U.S.

Lots of states in the country have regulated online gambling; examples of such states include Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. California is still deciding whether legalization will be legislated, and so do most states in the country. State laws can change though, and online gambling continues to be a hot topic for U.S. legislators.

Many online casino operators remain hopeful for the state of online gambling in the U.S., expecting the country’s officials will finally take up Canada’s affirmative stance on the activity. Many can learn about how local legislators have handled online gambling and issues with every online casino in Canada. One of the important factors U.S. lawmakers can focus on is the additional revenue online casinos can bring to the country.

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