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On May 14, 2018
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With the passing of time, the schedules of most of the current generation has got busier. A busy lifestyle has made travelling to movie theatres to watch a film a difficulty for many. This has seen a resurgence of the movie streaming and download websites on the internet. is one of the best movie streaming sites out there. It has vast collection of movie titles. It also covers almost every possible regional language films, which means you can watch a Telugu or a Kashmiri film right after a Hollywood flick. It is perfectly suited for a diverse country such as India, where the number of movie goers increase by an average of 15% every year. There is so much rush on theaters so, if you prefer comfort, then the website is the best place to watch hindi full movies online.

Regional language films have always been very popular among local population. Add to that the nationwide craze of Bollywood films and the growing interest in Hollywood titles, a streaming site like is something that is an answer to every Indian movie buff’s prayers. The website itself has a very sleek and user friendly design. The homepage has a few featured films, from different languages and of different types. In addition to this, the latest movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil film industry are displayed too. This allows a user to get right on to the film watching, without having to browse for long periods of time.

The index of movies in is absolutely staggering. Going through the different genres, you are likely to get every film you can imagine, from 1980s classic Hindi flicks to the very latest Hollywood blockbuster. The list of movies is also arranged in a very easy to handle manner. They are firstly arranged genre-wise, letting you browse through the type of movie you want. Whether it be action movies, or cheesy rom-coms, is likely to present you with the very best of its selections.

Next, the movies are arranged yearwise. And the index goes back all the way to 1967 amazingly. Which means you can watch “Raaz” if you love old Hindi flicks or “In the heat of the night” if you are a fan of classic Hollywood films. Finally, the films from different countries are organised under the label of countries. There is an outstanding collection of foreign films, ranging from Peruvian to Polish titles. Serious movie buffs would love the chance to get their hands on every great foreign language film under the same umbrella.

The next great feature of is it’s choice of video qualities available. For every movie you want to watch, the website offers you a list of available video qualities to choose from. Ranging from CamRips, all the way to HD Quality movies, select the one you want, depending on your available Internet connection. The following video qualities are available for most films on

  • CamRip
  • WebRip
  • DVD quality
  • HD quality

The website also has a most viewed tab that allows visitors to see which film have been the most watched on the website in recent times.
On selecting a particular movie to watch, users can choose between a number of available servers to view the film from. This prevents ruining of the viewing experience for the viewer even if one of the servers is down.
Also each movie page comes with a small synopsis of the movie, along with the cast details and the IMDB rating and review of the movie. This makes sure users can better decide on which movie is worth watching.

In addition to the staggering number of films available, it is also mention worthy that, a large number of regional languages are covered.
The following regional language films are covered in
Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani, Kashmiri, Nepali, Oriya and Rajasthani.
The wide selection of regional language films covers most of the demographic of India, hence allowing people from different states enjoy their respective favourite movies under the same banner. also offers Hindi dubbed films from Hollywood. Due to this, non English speakers throughout India can enjoy the biggest Hollywood Blockbusters in their own language, i.e, Hindi. Watch Hollywood dubbed in Hindi movies online is made just too easy through the separate “Dubbed” section at the website. also lists the latest film titles, listing films such as Avengers: infinity war, within a week of its release. This provides a boon for all this people who are unable to enjoy the latest movies in the theatres. allows them to enjoy the latest movies without travelling to theatres, and makes sure they don’t have to suffer through spoilers about their favourite release just because they are unable to go See it in theatres. has another interesting feature called the “request a movie” feature. This allows any user who can’t find the movie they want on the website. To request that movie be uploaded on to the website. This allows not only that user but also a large number of other people to enjoy the new movie. The website gets back to the user requesting the movie, and provides the link of the movie when it is uploaded. also has a news section. Which contains latest news and happenings from both the Hollywood and the Bollywood film industries. It is an interesting feature that lets the movie buffs get more involved with their passion. The website has got positive approval and ratings from most of its users and has also got decent to good ratings in various online website rating charts. rates at 70%, giving it a mostly positive feedback.

Overall, has a huge collection of films, covering almost every genre possible. It also has a side selection of films from a large number of regional languages. The addition of Hindi dubbed versions of latest Hollywood films is yet another plus.
To sum up, if you’re a movie lover looking to enjoy your favourite film from the comfort of your home, is definitely the website to check out.

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