Halo Infinite Game Guide: How to Find the Locations of Tower Mjolnir Armor in Halo Infinite

Because there are some new changes in the Halo Infinite, it is not easy for players to find some collectibles in the game. Meanwhile, most players are familiar with the collectibles as the Halo Franchise. Because of the open world of Halo Infinite, there are a variety of new collectibles for players to explore in the game. For instance, audio logs, Spartan Cores, and Skulls. Players want to know some information about how to find and get the Mjolnir Armor which are close to the tower. Moreover, players who want to become unique in Halo Infinite can buy Halo Infinite Top Up to purchase the unique armor for your character, which will make it attractive in the game.

Halo Infinite

What is the Mjolnir Armor in Halo Infinite

Players will find that the Mjolnir Armor locations are not associated with the outfits which can be equipped in the campaign. However, players can change a Spartan’s look by Mjolnir Armor in multiplayer. Players have access to find these locations after protecting a FOB. On the other hand, although it has been revealed on the map of the world, it is not easy for players to find the Tower Mjolnir Armor at all.

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Where are the Locations of Tower Mjolnir Armor in Halo Infinite

Players often be misled by the marker on the map, which shows the armor location is at the top of the high building. Actually, the Tower Mjolnir Armor stays on the ground level of the high Tower, which is close to the left of the gravity lift where located in the center of this area.

Then, players should ignore the obvious marker and run down the steep slope which is close to the left of the gravity lift. You should keep running down the steep slope until the edge of the cliff appears. Next, players can turn right and go along the side until you find the green locker which is next to the edge of the cliff.

When players find the exact location of Tower Mjolnir Armor, they can get the Midnight Griffin MKVII Coating which can be used in the Multiplayer.But, some players find there are some glitches in the process of using this gear. When they are playing offline or trying to use Quick Resume in Halo Infinite, they will have no access to unlock some specific collectibles in the game. These glitches have been confirmed by the developers and they will be repaired in time in the next update of Halo Infinite.

location of Tower Mjolnir Armor in Halo Infinite

The Mjolnir Armor is a popular item for players who are fond of playing multiplayer in the game. In addition, some players who are willing to have a lead in the campaign, they can also find the Spartan Cores, which can be used to upgrading special gear and abilities for character. Just like the Tower Mjolnir Armor, the Spartan Cores are not easy to be found. You should collect more information about the exact location of the Spartan Cores. And you will have access to find them during exploring or protecting a FOB.

When playing Halo Infinite, players should upgrade and changing gear timely in order to win the battles easily. For instance, when you are playing on Heroic or Legendary levels of difficulties, it is easy to finish the combat with Finding Skulls. However, some items may make the battle more difficult to complete, you can decide to use according to the real situation of the battle in Halo Infinite.

When exploring the open world in Halo Infinite, players will find that there are a lot of places to search for the collectibles, such as Mjolnir Armor, Skulls, and Spartan Cores. It is essential for players to explore each site of the world to collect the items which are used to improve the ability of character in Halo Infinite.

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