Why Use Professional Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

In the universe of several doubts, we can perhaps all agree on a single thing – that carpet & upholstery can get layered in stains pretty quickly. And certainly, technology has hit the roof in recent few years, with professional carpet cleaning services offering several cleaning services.

For example, dry cleaning services, steam cleaning services, and most importantly the hot water extraction carpet cleaning service. Today in this article below, we are going to discuss the hot water extraction carpet cleaning only.

Hot Water Carpet Cleaning

What Is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

The idea is quite simple. To perform hot water extraction carpet cleaning techniques, carpet cleaning experts use high-quality equipment to insert hot water into the stained carpet fabric under high pressure. This hot water, mixed with the absolute strength of the stream, helps to restore your upholstery or carpeting’s original look.

However, you’ll see several companies publicizing this technique as “steam carpet cleaning”, which might be a bit misleading. Even though some steam is certainly released throughout the ultimate stages of this hot water extraction cleaning method, it serves no real purpose.

Simply saying, the hot water extraction carpet cleaning removes the stain and it is not the steam that does the job.

Why Is It Important To Use Professional Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

As soon as it comes to cleaning carpets, there’re many approaches available. You have got bonnet carpet cleaning, shampooing, dry carpet cleaning, and also hot water extraction carpet cleaning. The last one is possibly among the most operative methods of removing dirt, debris, and dust from your carpets.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning has been utilized for several years in removing stains from carpets and attains better cleaning results than other cleaning procedures. Here are the benefits and importance of having professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning…

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Is Eco-Friendly

Among the main benefits of hot water extraction carpet cleaning is that it is environmentally friendly. It is based on high pressure and water to efficiently clean the carpet without using any harsh chemicals.

Consequently, it will not affect individuals with allergies as well as it is safe for your kids and pets too. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning can help extend the lifetime of the carpet by decreasing wear & tear connected with other carpet cleaning procedures like shampooing and bonnet cleaning.

It Offers A Much Deeper Clean Than Other Cleaning Procedures

Regular vacuum cleaning is decent for decreasing the build-up of debris and dirt, but in case you have neglected the carpet for a very long time, only vacuuming will not be sufficient to keep the carpet fully clean.

In case you want the carpet to look as good as a new one, then you must consider hot water extraction carpet cleaning for sure. This technique not only washes the carpet’s surface, but also penetrates deep within your carpet fibers to take away dirt, dust, debris, and stains from your carpet.

The hot water is inserted straight into the carpet fibers as well as it breaks down any persistent particles that cannot be eliminated with regular vacuum cleaning alone.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Is Better As Compared To Steam Cleaning

Several individuals mistake hot water extraction carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning often. But in reality, the two procedures are entirely different. A steam carpet cleaning process is hotter as compared to a hot water extraction carpet cleaning process. This is because in the steam process the water needs to reach boiling temperatures to produce steam.

And whereas steam carpet cleaning can do a decent job of cleaning the carpet, it also can bring about problems such as non-removable stains of water after the process. Steam carpet cleaning is similarly prone to problems like over-wetting which can lead to mold and mildew growth as well as can cause breathing problems as soon as you inhale the mold spores.

However, with hot water extraction carpet cleaning, the water gets heated just adequately to clean the carpet without producing water stains, mold growth, or other damages.


Hot water extraction procedure for carpet cleaning plays a vital role in the industry of carpet cleaning.

It is an environmentally friendly resolution that helps bring back the form of your carpet. You do not have to worry at all about any remainder left behind as well as you will achieve better carpet cleaning results than other methods of carpet cleaning.

In case you wish to extend the lifespan of the carpet, contact an expert carpet cleaning servicer today and have the carpet cleaned with only a hot water extraction procedure.

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