How to Do an Essay in 5 Effective Ways to Get A+

Tutors love to burden students with various forms of essays. If you are wondering “How could I improve my grade,” the chances are that you can do it by doing an impressive writing task. Since that can be a daunting task, we prepared a simple guide on how to do an essay. It covers all section of an academic assignment, from the entrance to the very end, and it can accelerate your way to the highest grade. If all this sounds like more than you can handle, how does hiring a professional author sound? There are services online that can do the job for you and deliver a paper that merits the highest grade. If you choose a reliable service, you will get a unique assignment that complies with all directions and requests provided.  On top of that, you can buy essays at a cheap price from experienced writers available at

Let’s not waste any more time – keep reading to check out how you can perfect your essay writing skills and impress any college professor or tutor out there.

1.   Plan Your Schedule

It is not a good idea to write your essay at the last moment. Every A-grader knows that the foundation of an excellent paper is to have enough time to do it. Here is what you need to include when planning your schedule:

  • Preparation – discussing the essay with the educator and choosing the topic.
  • Research – do not restrict to online research; make sure to also visit the library.
  • Outline – creating an outline helps to organize the collected information and shortens writing time.
  • Writing – the actual part of writing the paper based on the outline.
  • Revision – rereading a couple of times and making tweaks if necessary.

The amount of time invested in each of the steps will depend on the type of paper. A standard academic essay takes less time than a term paper or dissertation. It might take some trial and error, but try to give your best estimate and leave a bit more room in your schedule just in case.

2.   Follow the Instructions from A to Z

We are sure that you can name plenty of mistakes students make when working on an essay, but do you know what is the basic one? It is not reading the directions properly. When you think of it, this is quite logical – it is what can lead to many other problems, such as not sticking to the proper format and not answering the task properly.

The first thing you want to analyze carefully is the title. In some cases, you will get a topic, but some tutors will only provide directions on how to choose from the topics related to the subject. Either way, it is vital to analyze every word. Your task may be to evaluate, compare, or explain something, and that is precisely what you should do.

Additionally, make sure to check the formatting instructions. If necessary, find samples of the particular format online to make it easier to apply in your assignment. Take care of all details, including how to list citations, setting the right fonts, etc.

3.   Use Proper and Flawless English

Don’t you hate when you read an article on a website and it is filled with typos and grammar problems? The completely same thing happens when tutors are reading your essay. The first in a line of the things to ensure is that the paper is unique and on-topic and the next area they check is the level of English used in the assignment. When we say proper language, it means that you should avoid colloquial words and slang. Remember, you are writing an academic assignment and your tone needs to be formal and style informative. Spelling and grammar should also be flawless, but this is where a grammar checker can help. If possible, use professional software as it does a far better job than a simple online checker and it can even provide suggestions on improving sentence structure.

4.   Structure Your Essay Properly

Another in the line of valuable essay writing tips that we can provide is that you need to take care of your essay structure. Pretty much any essay can be used as a sample that you can follow. You probably heard of the famous rule of five paragraphs – it means that you should include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Aside from this, one of the essential techniques to apply is to keep your sentences concise and readable. That means avoiding confusing and sentences that are too long. The same applies to paragraphs and structuring every subsection into several paragraphs can be vital for overall readability. When you are dividing the content into subheadings, make sure to keep in mind the content flow and make it as natural as possible.

5.   Revising the Paper Is a Must

Most students can’t wait to complete an essay that they overlook revising it, which is a huge mistake. Once your work is initially done, you need to read it once again (or twice). During the editing process, you will realize that there is a lot of editing to be made. You might be wondering “was it really me that made that mistake,” but that doesn’t matter now. The important thing is that the content needs to be completely optimized if you want an A+. Investing a bit more efforts into shaping your assignment is the right way to do that.

That rounds up our guide on writing a fantastic essay that will take you to that A+ you deserved. Remember, a significant part of creating an impressive academic assignment lies in preparing properly. If you make sure to plan your schedule and do proper research, the writing itself will be a piece of cake.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.