How to Get a Job in Silicon Valley

The Bay Area is attractive because it offers good salaries, employment benefits, career opportunities, wonderful weather, and beautiful nature. It is not surprising that many professionals and entry-level workers try to find work here. The great demand for vacancies has caused the share of technology-related jobs to decrease by 3.8% according to the BLS. So if asked the question “how hard is it to get a job in Silicon Valley,” there is no clear-cut answer.

Your chances of employment depend on many factors, namely, your experience, skills, ability to present yourself, resume, and so on. If you are an entry-level worker, it may be more difficult and take longer to get hired compared to someone who already has solid experience. Let’s consider the main steps and advice of getting a job in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley

Where to Find Job Offers

Your first step towards a dream job should be to look for open vacancies. An easy way is to use online resources. The following online platforms can help you start your career search:

  • This site has 49,000+ active vacancies across all parts of Silicon Valley. The site offers a variety of professions, including primary school teachers, associate attorneys, technical engineers, etc.
  • This site provides 27,000+ job offers in Silicon Valley. Naturally, most of them are technical specialties, but in the list, you can also find open vacancies for police, medical personnel, barista, administrators, etc.
  • Simply Hired. This online platform has 17,000+ job postings for employers from San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, Livermore, Pleasanton, etc. Here you can find good positions for any qualification and salary level.
  • This site provides a list of 37,000+ startups across Silicon Valley with their open vacancies and available employment benefits. You need to register to be able to apply.
  • One of the most popular ways to find a job is to use a professional network. LinkedIn has lots of profiles for HRs and companies who are looking for new employees. Check their offers to get a tech job in San Francisco.

Prepare Resume & Cover Letter

The next important step is to prepare your resume and cover letter. If you want to get a job quickly, your profile should be perfect. In your resume, focus on strong professional aspects. Make sure to describe your achievements in previous jobs using numeric indicators. If you have limited experience, focus on your academic achievements.

A solid addition to a resume is a cover letter. It’s a must-have for any successful candidate. In your cover letter, you can tell more about your personal and professional qualities and provide extra information that you couldn’t include in a resume. This is especially essential for entry-level workers. Carefully study the description of each vacancy, as quite often recruiters do not even consider candidates if they do not attach a cover letter. To successfully apply for a job in Silicon Valley tailor your resume & CL to meet the requirements of each company you apply to. To increase your chances, use professional services that prepare unique documents. You can get templates of professional resumes and cover letters on the website.

Prepare for an Interview

An integral part of the process for successful employment is properly preparing for an interview with a potential employer. Even if they have yet to respond, you still need to think about how you will behave during a business meeting. Large IT companies, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc., are known for tricky questions. For example, “how many cows are there in Canada?” The purpose of these types of questions is to evaluate the thought process of the candidate and to understand how well they work under pressure. Get ready for the interview by working on answers to both typical and “strange” questions. Take care of your appearance in advance. Your clothes should be clean and ironed, and appropriate for the format of the meeting.

How to Find a Job in Silicon Valley If You are a Foreigner

It is a little more difficult for a foreigner to get hired in a Silicone Valley, nevertheless, you still have a chance. First of all, you will need a visa (HB-1) to work in the USA. You can get it with the help of an employer who can vouch for you, but for this, you must get an invitation to work. Another option is a student visa (F1), which gives you the right to study at a university while working 20hr/week at the same time. After gaining the appropriate training, you can apply for an internship to become a part of a company in Silicon Valley. An internship significantly increases the chances of subsequent employment.

Most In-Demand Jobs In Silicon Valley

According to current job offers, the following are the top-5 most sought after positions:

1. Software Developers

They research, develop, and find technical solutions for creating new products or improving existing products. The requirement for this role is a degree in Computer Science, Computer Software Engineering, Software Programming, and Development. Software Developers make about $130,000 per year. Machine-learning developers are especially appreciated. They can expect to get $170,000 annually.

2. Web Developers

Web developers create various websites, online platforms, games, and apps. You must be proficient in at least one coding language, such as Java, C#, .Net, Python, Ruby, etc. Experienced web developers can expect to get $103,000 annually.

3. Computer Systems Engineers/Architects

These specialists build, manage, test, and monitor all installed computer systems and their infrastructure. To get such a job, you must have a BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. On average they make about $142,300 per year.

4. Information Technology Project Managers

They manage the entire development team, including designers, quality assurance specialists, etc. The main task of the project manager is to ensure high-quality and timely execution of all tasks. They must have a diploma in computer systems or business administration. They can make from $80,000 to $150,000 a year.

5. Database Administrators

DB administrators are responsible for the integrity of the database and the reliability of data, as well as safe storage. This role requires a degree in computer science or a related subject. You can expect to get about 100,000 per year.

Which Companies are Hiring the Most

If you are looking for IT work, you can submit your candidacy directly to a company. Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Google, Cisco, Salesforce, and eBay are hiring the most. By opening the website of each company, you may be disappointed not to see active job offers there. But do not rush to close the page. On each website, you can find a form to attach your resume. This is convenient since after you’ve sent a resume, some companies can immediately offer you vacancies based on your qualifications. Send the relevant documents, and be sure to describe why you want to get a job and what benefits you can give the company.

Startup Incubators

If you have an innovative idea, you can easily create your own company by hitting up a startup incubator. These are sort of like “farms” that give you financing and help you to implement your technological ideas, provided that they will own part of the shares in your company. This works for both fresh ideas and existing startups. Silicon Valley, as the largest concentration of IT companies in the world, has many suitable incubators to help entrepreneurs develop a business.

Authored by Anna Hmara (Career Expert, GCL)