Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2020

Computers are the greatest invention of science. The entire human civilization is dependent upon computer technology. IT has spread its wings almost in every business. Nowadays, no one can think of a single moment without a computer. 

This technology not only eased up our work, also helping us to flourish our business across the whole digital world. This digital world is standing on some computer programming languages. Every developing IT sector wants to enhance their projects by using some proper coding based on computer systems. 

So, every IT firm wants to hire the best computer programmer. This demand has opened up a new field of career growth to some people. The requirement of expert professional programmers is rapidly increasing day by day. 

Computer Programmer

Each and every different IT firm has different features to develop their business. Their requirements are also distinctive. Each firm is looking for something unique. 

If anyone is interested in this kind of job, he or she needs to show his or her specific work skills to the employer. To become a skilled computer programmer you need to learn some of the computer language that will help you to prosper in your career in future. 

Here are some of those most demanding computer programming languages to learn in 2020.

1. Python

Python is the best programming language in all to learn. Python has been designed by Guido van Rossum and first released in the year 1991. The language has been developed by Python Software Foundation. 

This is the language that is globally  appreciated  for its multi-tasking abilities, automation and machine learning with easy very easy syntax to follow. Python is an enormous addition to the world of advanced technology immortal language in the field of technology development

Python is the most easy learning language with its exceptional benefits in the development of web applications. 

Python Programming

Career Scope:

  • Data Science

Most of the data-scientists prefer Python for its static mathematical accessibility. The demand for learning Python is increasing in a great number. Learning this language can offer you the most highly paid job as a data-scientist.  Python provides the foremost statistical and scientific functionality with approx accuracy.  

  • Machine Learning

Python is the best language in demand in the field of ML. As machine learning deals with the study of algorithms and statistical computing programmes, Python is the most reliable for that purpose. Python’s easy syntax and accessibility has lessened  the durability of machine learning functions as well.

Average Yearly Salary: $120,365 

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language used to deal with user interface. For more than two decades it has been considered as the mist unique OOP language. This language has been designed by Branden Eich and later developed by Netscape. 

This language has a large set of innovative applications that are useful for the implementation of new front-end applications, websites, apps and more. Every logic is implemented using JavaScript.


Career Scope:

  • JavaScript experts are versatile 

JavaScript is well-known for its versatility. Any logic can be accomplished by this language. There are never-ending possibilities of career growth for an expert Javascript programmer. This is the language with which you develop both coding that is frontend and backend. 

You can use the Webix Javascript UI framework for user interface and Nose.js. for the side-server application, background database development, etc. 

Learning this language can make your machine learning easier. Whereas, React, React Native or Electron can help you to build mobile, web, or desktop applications.

Average Yearly Salary: $84,638

3. Java

Nowadays each and everyone is very much familiar with the word Android. Java is the foremost popular language that is used to embed  Android applications. 

This language is designed by James Gosling and further development has been organized by Sun Microsystems. Many large software organizations have adopted this language for its extreme stability. 

Java Programming

Career Scope:

  • Java Can Do Everything

Java is one of the leading programming languages in this age of Android applications. Learning Java can open up several ways towards success in career. By the appliance of Swing API or JAVAFX one can easily establish any kind of desktop application.

JavaFx is helpful for emphasising graphical interfaces. Later on, the OpenJFX community has developed Java11 and JavaFx, which has extended the functionality of this language positively.   

The complete improvement of internet and intranet web applications have been programmed by Jakarta EE or Java EE. This particular language helps the programme developers to build up innovative applications in the best effective way. So, there is no doubt in the job availability of a Java language professional.     

Average Yearly Salary: $73,743 

4. PHP

PHP is a general scripting language that is mainly used for web development . This language was originally invented by Rasmus   Lerdorf in 1994. This language has primarily emerged from C++, which has been modified time to time. 

This is the most demanding language in old large companies. Though, there is a tough competition among PHP, javascript and Python, there are still some bright scopes for PHP developers.       It is helpful in embedding HTML code from server-side execution.

PHP Programming

Career Scope:

PHP is no doubt a very much useful language. It is helpful for fixing HTML coding from server-side computing programmes. Most of the websites are developed by PHP.  

As technologies are  improving day by day, we have entered the age of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science , Robotics and Machine Learning etc, it is a bit difficult to survive  for a mere web developer in this world of competition.

So, besides PHP you have to invest your time for learning more interesting core languages to get better opportunities.  

Average Yearly Salary: $86,616

5. C#

C# (or C Sharp) is the blended form of C and C++. C# is a multitasking programming language developed by Microsoft. It is used for general purpose. Some companies use this language for their background programming. C# has the same computing structure like C programming language. C# is used to construct smart -phone apps.

C Sharp Programming

Career Scope:

  • C# developers are in high demand

C# is a very static, dynamic, multi- paradigm language that can establish almost any kind of applications. This is a very object oriented strong and safe programming language. Learning this language can help you to work in various different systems. Here are the name of some applications made if C# language:   

  • Windows services
  • Console applications
  • Al application
  • Web applications  
  • Desktop applications (Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Games Development
  • loT applications , etc.

Many IT and corporate companies utilises C# language to emphasise their complicated coding systems. So, C# language skills are highly appreciated in these kinds of big and small firms.   

As C# is considered to be the most effective programming language, it is the best decision for anyone to learn this language to secure their future professional career.

A super-skilled C# programmers can make more than 80k US dollars  on average per annum. Whether the experienced professional’s wages are more handsome than this. 

An expert C# a developer can secure his job in different technological fields, though there are some variations of pay structures around  the globe.

Average Yearly Salary: $102,224

Final Say

Python and JavaScript are the most demanding programming languages for the start-up companies. They utilise these languages to code their back up business plan. Both of the languages are easy to learn and very much popular in the IT marketing world. 

Whether the  corporate sector’s favourites are Java and PHP. C and C++ are used for upgradable business planning. Learning all these languages and adequate practical experience can help you to enhance your professional skills and open up a wide career options.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.