Remove these obstacles when learning programming

Many people live with programming in certain ways. Some are software programmers for business management, others are consultants, others are analyst-programmers, and there are also those who are dedicated to training beginner programmers. They have their own version of the reasons for the success and failure of a program, website or training course.

Many students start learning how to cope with high enthusiasm and then immediately discouraged when they face some difficult problems. Most students are frustrated by the same obstacles, and that it is very important to teach them to overcome these obstacles.


If a self-taught programmer doesn’t overcome his barriers, he would never enjoy the full learning process of mastering programming basics.

To get started in learning programming students need to remove initial barriers. But what barriers should they overcome when they learn to program? How do they handle them? If you are learning to code, here are some problems that you must overcome when you learn to program.

1. You don’t learn to program for the right reasons

Before entering barriers, it is important to highlight the importance of motivation in terms of learning. If you learn programming because of money, you might feel like leaving it along the way. This is what usually happens when things get difficult and the learning process becomes difficult. At that time you will convince yourself that you do not like programming anymore, or that you are not born to be a programmer. That is why it is important that you set goals to meet your goals. If you have a project in mind, or a specific problem that you want to solve, you can convince yourself that even though the current experience is not so fun, what you are looking for is solving a bigger problem.

2. You don’t know “the needed technology”

Many people ask: “what should I learn first when learning programming?” This problem occurs because they don’t know why they want to program in the first place. After you set your mind on a concrete project, it’s easy to identify the programming language you want to learn first:

  • If you want to create an original application for iOS, start with Objective C or Swift.
  • If you want to program the original application for Android, learn Java.
  • If you want to program a web application, use JavaScript

If you’re learning programming and you still don’t know which language to choose from, you can ask for advice from more advanced programmers. Once you know what type of program you want to work with, it’s easier for other programmers to tell you about the best language for you.

3. You cannot apply the theory you learned to practice and you blame yourself for it

After you choose which technology you want to use, it’s easy to start and learn how to code. Most students usually know the theory and can explain how the code works, because at the theoretical level the concepts are studied and they are limited. So where is the problem? The biggest difficulty faced by students is when applying theory to solve problems and create new codes. They need a real experience!

4. Work without stopping to reflect the consequences of your code

In the best case, you complete the task and the code works. And then you move on to the next task. If you do this, you don’t take full advantage of the learning process. You should master programming language from scratch.

5. You don’t know how to approach a task

Don’t know where to start learning to code? You might be tempted to do things randomly, or copy code that you don’t understand from other sites. But that doesn’t help, even if you copy the working code. Why? Because when you have to do a similar task in the future, you won’t be able to solve it too. If you want to complete the task well, you must first identify where and why you are stuck.


From the above points we can take five essences; find reasons to learn, know the technology needed, more practice to apply all the theories obtained, reflect any consequences that might occur and how to simplify the problem. These five essence must be possessed by every prospective programmer otherwise they will be the main barrier in learning to code.

Charu decided to unite her Honors Degree in New Media and lifetime of geekiness to pursue a career in tech and gaming journalism. You can usually find her writing about a variety of topics and drooling over new gadgets and games.