Which Programming Language to Learn if You’re an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs cannot go wrong with knowing a programming language, especially in the tech world. .Net development services are in high demand and offer a robust framework that can be used to create web, mobile or Windows-based applications, but you’ll need to know either C#, F# or Visual Basic to use the framework.

There’s also Python, PHP and Ruby, which are also great languages to learn.

If you plan to write software applications rather than web-based applications, the programming language you should learn will change.

Programming Languages for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to build your own app, SaaS or custom website? If so, web development languages are best suited to your needs. A seasoned programmer will be able to transition between languages rapidly and also be able to learn new languages faster.

The top programming languages today are:


JavaScript is a client-side language that is lightweight and helps create interactive web features. Compatible with all major browsers, JavaScript is cross-platform, so it works on all devices and browsers that the end user will use.

There’s also the addition of Node.js, which allows JavaScript to run on the server-side.

Node.js is a very popular option, and if you plan on using your skills to become a freelancer, knowing your way around JavaScript and Node.js will definitely be beneficial.


Python has remained a top choice among developers due to its speed and user-friendly syntax. As a general-purpose language, Python focuses on code readability and does more with less coding when compared to C++ or Java.

The top companies in the world rely on Python, including:

  • Instagram
  • Google
  • NASA
  • Electronic Arts

Compared to a year ago, Python is now the most popular programming language above Java, JavaScript, C# and PHP.


PHP is very popular, and it is the language that powers WordPress and some of the biggest websites in the world. PHP 7 has made PHP much better and 30% to 40% faster. Since over 80% of the web uses PHP, it’s a language that every entrepreneur should know.

PHP 7 doesn’t just bring speed to PHP; it also advances the language through:

  • Removing outdated functions
  • Anonymous classes
  • Spaceship operators
  • Throwable errors
  • Declarations
  • Type hints

And that’s just the start of the changes that PHP has implemented.


C# is ideal for using the .Net framework, and it is a robust language that is objected-oriented and similar with Java in syntax. Considered a high-level language, C# can be used to make apps for Microsoft platforms, it’s used in the Unity Gam engine and also is highly scalable.

Since C# is tied to .Net applications, it’s a common language in web development and for .Net development services. C# offers a syntax that is similar to C++ and easy to transition to as a developer.


Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and over 3 billion devices run on Java. Offering a solid core, Java helps an entrepreneur transition to other programming languages with greater ease.

The language requires object-oriented programming (OOP), so as a person learns the language, they will be learning how to train their brain in both abstract and specific concepts. The language is over 22 years old, and it is one of the most in-demand languages available.

You can use Java to create server apps, Android apps and a lot more.


C++ is often a great first language to learn because it will help you learn other languages in less time. The syntax is similar to many languages, but it is a complex language that has been used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Facebook even used C++ to be able to run their PHP faster.

C++ is a great option for game development, and it’s a powerful language that can be used for embedded systems and video games. It excels when speed and memory are vital to the application.

C++ is lightweight and fast, and a lot of people debate whether they should learn Python over C++. The truth is that learning both will provide you with the most versatility possible.

Of course, there are a lot of languages that were left off of this list. You can use most languages effectively, and it’s better to master one language than to dabble in dozens. You may also want to consider Swift for mobile app development, Ruby for web development, Matlab for data and statistics or even R.

Scala and Visual Basic are both falling in popularity, but they still hold their purpose.

When learning a language, you’ll want to learn the language thoroughly before going into frameworks. The use of frameworks makes development faster and more efficient, but mastering the language first will make working with frameworks much easier.

A final tip when choosing a language to learn is: documentation and community. PHP became so popular because of the community and wealth of documentation available. If there is ample documentation, it will be easier to learn the language.

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