How to judge a lawyer’s experience

Bring Your Legal Issues to the Right Attorney

Attorneys have a complete and broad range of expertise. Like doctors, each attorney decides on what road to take. Like a doctor, attorneys must determine what specialty they will offer to the public, just as a doctor chooses what field of medicine they most want to practice attorneys chose what field of law they desire to practice.

A patient who has a heart condition would not rely on an eye doctor to treat the heart. That eye doctor knows little to nothing about how to treat a severe heart condition. The heart doctor or cardiologist would not treat glaucoma or macular degeneration in a patient.

Questions to ask a Divorce Lawyer

This scenario holds for attorneys. A few areas of expertise for attorneys are estate, real estate, injuries and death, medical malpractice, family law, financial law, and more. If you have an estate issue, you will not go to a lawyer whose expertise is medical malpractice.

The first step in judging a lawyer’s experience is to look at the number of years the lawyer has practiced law in a specific field, such as Dickson Frohlich law firm in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington shows expertise in finances.

The rule of thumb for any business is that if the new company can stay in practice for at least five years and show progressive growth, that company is on the way to success and becomes an experienced business.

This law firm has been practicing law for over 25 years, so the attorneys in this firm present many years of experience over a broad spectrum of legal disciplines. This law firm has its primary focus on family and business finances. This law firm works tirelessly to help clients structure a healthy financial future in the present time and going forward.

Healthy financial well-being includes many specifics such as real estate transactions, estate, and probate issues, family law, business dealings, future financial planning. This law firm’s expertise is helping clients gain a sound financial future for private entities and companies. They find the financial solutions needed to improve the economic status of their clients.

Use Your Free No-Obligation Consultations

Attorneys provide new clients with a free, no-obligation consultation. This meeting with your possible choice of an attorney is a two-way meeting. The attorney listens to your issues and lets you know if that firm is the one that can help you the most. You do not have a lot of time to decide on this attorney. However, there are many things to research on the perfect attorney outside of your 15-20 minute consultation. Can you determine in this amount of time if this attorney holds all of the good qualities found in an excellent lawyer?

This free consultation is when you make your assessment of this lawyer, deciding if they have the experience to take care of your legal needs. As you speak with this attorney, you can determine whether this attorney fits the necessary skills you are looking for in a lawyer.

You may be able to figure out if this attorney holds a few of these primary and personal assets. You must click with your choice of attorney. During your counseling session, listen carefully and decide if your attorney pick presents the following characteristics that point to the fact that this professional is an excellent lawyer with outstanding qualities.

  • Being an attentive listener
  • Presents clear, understandable, and concise communication
  • Pays attention to detail or seems detail orientated
  • Expresses reasoning in a logical manner
  • Seems persuasive
  • Is of sound judgment
  • Seems to be a problem solver
  • Collects and analyzes information
  • Makes sound decisions on a variety of factors
  • Can provide options for your unique situation

Research this attorney and discover the level of peer recognition and achievements in their field of endeavor. What do the verifiable reviews read?

Ascertain Weaknesses

While you may ascertain certain qualities in an excellent attorney, there may be some weaknesses that stand out, such as during your counseling session, you will notice if the attorney is listening attentively to your issues or does this attorney seem preoccupied. Do they lack organizational skills? Do they seem scattered and not focused on what you are saying? Are they not making eye contact with you or is their eye contact somewhere else, meaning that they are not really listening to your issues.

You Only Have 15-20 Minutes to Determine Success

  • Has the attorney been in practice for over five years?
  • Does this attorney possess high intelligence and show effective and efficient communication skills?
  • Does this lawyer show they look forward to having you as a client and helping you with your financial issues?
  • Does this lawyer look forward to helping you gain a stable financial future?
  • Do these attorneys have an impressive background with a unique skillset and say they will advocate for you?
  • Does this attorney say they will advocate for you?
  • Does this attorney say they will explain challenges and issues clearly and concisely?
  • Does this attorney say they are excellent problem solvers, know Washington’s laws, and show a high rate of success with clients?

Picking the right attorney to meet your needs can be a complex issue. However, if you start with a financial attorney like Dickson Frohlich, who has practiced this specific field of law for over five years, has glowing reviews, and progressive growth, you know that you may have come to the right law firm to handle all your concerns and issues related to any of the following.

  • Probate Law
  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Construction Law
  • Divorce Law

Call this attorney at Dickson Frohlich, serving Seattle, Tacoma, and surrounding areas in Washington to meet all of your financial needs. Become part of the Frohlich Family law firm.

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