I Thought of It First! A Quick Guide on How to Patent an Idea

Thought of something cool and innovative? You should patent the idea before someone else takes the claim the fame!

That said, how do you patent an idea? There are over 10 million patents, with the earliest ones dating as far back as 1836; you need to hurry up to compete and grab your spot.

There are a lot of ways how to patent an idea. It’s especially important if you want to design a custom website for your business and your new patented idea. Read on if you want to find out more.

that is my idea

1. Keep a Record of Your Invention

Use a notebook and record all the steps detailing your invention process. Be descriptive and use a diagram to record each aspect and modifications to your invention. This includes the process of coming up with the idea.

Certain inventions might require you to build a prototype for testing. Sign each entry with dates, along with two witnesses you trust.

2. Check If Your Invention Qualifies for Patent Protection

Patents don’t work on ideas alone. Show the way your invention works and make sure it offers something new. This means it should be different in a significant manner from other things out there already. It must not be on sale before applying for a patent.

3. Research on the Commercial Potential of Your Invention

Patent applications are often business decisions. Without accounting for the patent attorney and professional drawings, it will cost you about $1,500. It’s only for filing and getting a patent from the USPTO.

4. How to Patent an Idea? Launch a Patent Search

To ensure the novelty of your invention, you need to do a search of all the prior developments in your chosen field. That means you need a Patent Search Tool to look at both local and international patents. You also need to look into publications such as scientific and technical journals for related inventions.

When searching, you might find other inventions with similarities to your own. Show how your invention will improve or distinguish itself from earlier products. This gives you more chances of succeeding the patent process.

5. Prepare and File a USPTO Application

There are two types of patents you can choose—regular patent application (RPA) and provisional patent application (PPA). The latter isn’t an actual patent application, but a means of claiming a patent pending status for your invention. Its upside is that it only needs a small fraction of the effort and cost needed for a regular application.

A PPA only needs a fee of $65 for micro-entities, $130 for small entities, and $260 for large companies. Aside from that, you need the invention’s details as well as an informal drawing. Take note that you need to file an RPA within one year of this or the patent expires.

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If you still don’t know how to get a patent, there are other guides there you can use. The internet is a vast wealth of knowledge. In any case, you can use this guide as a starting point on how to patent an idea.

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