Beware: Hackers Use These 5 Methods to Hack Your Facebook Password

Facebook has been around for so many years as the most popular social networking website that most of us have a permanent Facebook account that we don’t wanna lose. On our Facebook account, we have our friends, relatives, acquaintance, team members, status & content that we have shared throughout the lifetime on Facebook, photos, videos, memories, games and so much more that we hold so dearly. Our majority of digital life & a significant part of real life is on Facebook.

That’s why hackers try to hack Facebook accounts. Hackers know that Facebook is among one of your most important digital asset that contains personal details more than your relatives, siblings or spouse knows about you. It might contain your credit card information, confidential information that you’ve shared to some trusted people via secret groups, Facebook messages, etc. So, if you want to protect your Facebook account then you need to know the most widely used methods hackers use to hack your Facebook account so that you can save your account from them.

Facebook Password Hacking

Today, I am sharing the top 5 methods that hackers use to spy on your Facebook password. Go through this article to become a smart Facebook user or, a smart internet user in general.

1. Using Keylogger Software

Keylogger is the easiest and most popular way to hack a Facebook account. Powerful keyloggers like Wolfeye Keylogger is making the task even easier. Keylogger allows you to track keystrokes of the system it has been installed on. Wolfeye Keylogger does this very ethically so, it all comes down to the end user on how he or she uses the software. If you want to protect your system & accounts then Wolfeye Keylogger is definitely a software you want to have. Why? Because of these following reasons –

Track Keystrokes

If many users have access to your laptop whom you don’t trust entirely then Wolfeye Keylogger’s feature to track keystrokes becomes essential in order to monitor the activities of every user using your system even if you are not around. The feature record details like the user’s keystrokes, the sites they are visiting, username/passwords, their messages, etc. It saves them offline and also sends these recorded details to the configured email address.

How Wolkeye Keylogger Works

Record Screen Automatically

Although, the log file containing keyword stroke, website address, username & passwords with a timestamp is enough for you to know everything happening in your PC in your absence but, Wolfeye Keylogger goes one step ahead to provide even the screenshots of the system in specified intervals. You can set this feature to automatically capture & send a screenshot in every 1 minute and this powerful keylogger will send you the screenshot of what the current user is doing on the PC.

Capture Facebook Passwords

Default settings are good enough to capture Facebook passwords of a user or password with the username and other important login details of the current user visiting any website. You just need to setup your email account and the software will automatically send Facebook username/password, login credentials of other websites, credit card information or other sensitive data that user is typing through your system automatically via email.

Easy to Setup & Configure

The settings you see on the above screenshots are all the settings you might want to configure on Wolfeye Keystroke logging software. Installation is as simple as any other software, the software will run in 100% stealth mode all the time so that the user won’t get suspicious about anything in your system. You can setup program startup, email account, time intervals to capture screenshots, log file size limit, output folders for log file, screenshots etc.

Wolfeye Keylogger comes with fully working 3 days trial version for you to test the software at its full potential before buying it. Just like installation, even the uninstallation is pretty seamless and hassle-free. You can uninstall software by the click of one button. Even when trial expires, the software simply stops running without any notification or alert so that you can secretly uninstall it anytime you want.

Popular uses of Wolfeye Keylogger

Wolfeye Keylogger is a powerful PC monitoring software which can help you make your life a lot more better, secure and transparent. Most of the users are using this keylogging software for the following applications –

  • Monitor & protect their own system remotely
  • Track their PC/Laptop use in their absence
  • Monitor kids to protect them from cyberbullying and bad websites
  • Monitor employees to make sure they are not wasting their working hours browsing Facebook or working on some secret/independent projects.
  • Fetch sensitive details such as Facebook passwords, Email login details, project data, payment information, etc.

So, if any of these scenarios sound familiar to you then you should definitely give Wolfeye Keylogger a try. With a fully working 3 days long trial, I totally recommend you to test the software. I am sure it will satisfy your needs and when it does, make sure to purchase the software without any doubts.

2. Using Phishing Webpages

This is a moderately complicated technique where hacker creates a clone webpage of target website (ex., Facebook, Gmail, etc.) and send its link to target users as Login link of Facebook, Gmail, Amazon order page, payment page of the popular website, etc. by the means of emails, personal messages, blog, Facebook post, etc.

Target user, when browsing these webpages, thinks that these are original Facebook or Gmail login screens, enter his/her login detail but when clicks the Login button, his username & password are sent to hacker’s database. An example of phishing hacker attack using the clone of an Amazon order page is given below –

Amazon Phishing

This method to hack Facebook password was popular few years ago but with the popularity of HTTPS websites and increased user awareness about using only SSL secured HTTPS website to enter payment details, login information or other sensitive data, it has become obsolete.

However, there are still a lot of hackers using it. So, always remember to check the authenticity of links, emails and messages you receive and NEVER share your username/password, credit card information or any sensitive personal details to unsecured websites & links. Use only HTTPS secured websites because their authenticity is verified by certification authorities and all the data shared in HTTPS webpages are totally encrypted & hack-proof.

3. Social Engineering

Social engineering is an evergreen method to hack Facebook account because this method is not dependent on technology but the skill or a hacker. Social engineering is the method where a hacker uses his social skills like conversations, chatting, dating, phone calls, etc. to obtain sensitive information by obtaining a user’s trust.

This hacking attempt can be easily avoided, you only need to be a little careful about whom you or your loved ones are meeting, chatting and sharing sensitive information. If you aren’t sure about kids or spouse/relatives, and you want to protect them online then definitely Wolfeye Keylogger can be used here to control their behavior explicitly without asking.

social engineering hacking

4. Indirect Methods

There are lots of indirect methods that can be used to obtain username/password or access directly to the Facebook account. Here are some most commons ways hackers use to hack a Facebook account using indirect methods –

  • A person can see your keystrokes while you are typing your Facebook password
  • You might unintentionally tell them or hint your Facebook password
  • Use of easily guessable password like your spouse name, birthday, favorite team, etc.
  • Saving Facebook password at obvious locations (ex., PC, Smartphone Notes, chit inside Wallet, etc.)
  • Via your Email address either directly or by resetting your Facebook password using it

There are more indirect methods to obtain Facebook passwords that one can think of. You can’t know all so its best to remain a little aware and most careful while accessing your Facebook or sharing your confidential details with anyone.

5. Facebook Vulnerabilities & Bugs

Facebook is a very big website with millions of user accounts, sensitive information, tools, features, APIs, apps, webpages, developers portal, ads manager, pages manager and whatnot. Though Facebook tries its best to keep everything inside its website secure for the users but sometimes some vulnerabilities and bugs are left unchecked.

Hacker groups work day and night to find these vulnerabilities and use them to gain access to user accounts, pages, sensitive information across the Facebook network.

You can’t do much here except enforcing all provided security measures like email address, secondary email address, trusted contacts, 2-factor authentication to your Facebook account. So, make sure to implement these security features to your account and if you somehow bumped to a Facebook vulnerability or bug, report it to Facebook using its Bug Bounty Program. If the bug you highlighted is serious enough and you can prove it too then you will even get rewarded by Facebook for submitting the bug.

Facebook bug bounty reward


Facebook is undoubtedly an awesome social network which is putting maximum efforts to facilitate the best features and security to its users. However, that doesn’t mean you should take it for granted. You are yourself an intelligent and aware internet user who, after reading this article now know even more about how your Facebook password can be hacked. So, keep these points in mind while browsing Facebook all the time, avoid these traps and you can enjoy Facebook at its full potential without risking your privacy 🙂

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.