iPhone vs Android Smartphones: Which is Better for Power Users?

Nobody is a stranger to the never-ending war between Android and iPhone, which are the two major types of smartphones which dominate the market. It can be assumed or estimated that 99.7% of the smartphones are either one of these. While iPhone has always been the inventor of trends such as the Notch and the elimination of headphone jack, Android has always been the one to ace these trends by not only improving the implementation but also making them more affordable for the masses. Let’s take an in-depth and extensive look at what are the pros and cons of both these types of smartphones. Let’s start the iPhone vs Android battle. 😉

iPhone vs Android

Price and affordability:

One of the first cons of iPhone anyone would point out is that the phone is over-expensive for the features it provides. This is not the case for Android phones, which offers the same features at a less expensive price range. Android phones provide a vast variety in terms of price too, whereas the latest iPhone can only be bought at a huge price point.

While discussing price points, we also need to consider the apps on the phone, in which case Android again takes the lead because of the massive amount of free apps that exist it the Play Store compared to the App-store in iPhones.

Android vs iPhone Pricing

Value For Money:

The price might be an intimidating factor, but we should always focus on the value that a phone delivers. Android phones provide a lot of features and capabilities but are they of the best quality? And if so, how long do they last over time? The answer is very variable and most leads to Android not performing well for a long period.

When compared, an iPhone has a lot to offer in terms of longevity because of the quality o hardware and software that the phone has to offer. Therefore usually an iPhone bought at a high price will last a more extended period of time when compared to a slightly cheaper Android phone which you might need to change after some time.

Apps and App-store:

Android might have an overwhelming number of apps, a whopping 3.5 million when compared to iPhone’s 2.2 million apps, but that is not a measure of which phone has better apps. When comparing apps, we don’t compare the price but the basic functionality of these apps. One will find that most cutting edge and new apps that are always released for iPhone first, Android mostly gets to the app party late. Even in terms of games on phones, photography apps & video editors, one will find that the iPhone leads the race in comparison to Android.

Coming to the App-store, it is a gigantic task to sort and organize such a lot of apps and make the best ones available to the buyers. In terms of the user experience of buying and browsing apps, the iPhone has a great store with a  lot of good curated recommendations. TouchID also lets iPhone users buy apps using their fingerprints. Comparatively, Play Store on Android phones are also very organized and provide a better user experience to browse and download apps. The search function on the Play Store is also incredibly tactile and responsive. Also, the Play Store provides a very furnished refund policy which allows users to get their money refunded if they want to return a purchased app.

app store vs google play


Apple shows off Security as a key feature of the iPhone; they continuously try making security not only stricter but more comfortable for users. TouchID and FaceID revolutionized the process of securing a phone by introducing fingerprint and facial recognition security options on the iPhone. Apple sends out quick updates to make sure that security is always intact. Privacy is of immense importance for any user and Apple makes sure that your privacy is protected in every way possible. In the case of Android, security is not that strong even though Android has their versions of fingerprint and facial unlock.

The main problem with Android is that they are very vulnerable to malware and viruses which can cause scary security hazard. Google does not encrypt all of the user data unlike Apple, who encrypt all the data and make sure it stays that way. Apple’s dedication towards Privacy could be understood best by their persistence against the FBI to protect the right to privacy through encryption.

android vs ios security


Both Android and iPhone have incredibly intuitive OS’s which can be used by anyone. While the iPhone may seem to be less complicated which features easily accessible, Android triumphs over iPhone solely because of the organization and help from the Google Assistant. Siri, iPhone’s voice assistant, is far behind Android’s Google Assistant which makes using Android ten times easier. The interface of both phones is equally well designed with great aesthetics.


In terms of features, Android and iPhone go hand-in-hand to make sure the average user gets more out of them. Calls and texts on Android can confuse few people with a variety of apps that Google provides to communicate, but all of the apps are incredibly functional and provide a great calling and texting experience. In terms of apple, the features are much simpler but recently Apple’s video-calling app “FaceTime” had a massive bug which makes it hard to recommend it to people.

In terms of other features like Camera, Google’s own Android phone the Pixel 3 has a better camera than the latest iPhone. Yet, the iPhone camera is crossing new frontiers every day, like recently an entire movie was shot through the iPhone camera by Steven Soderbergh, which is a great feat. Any android is yet to reach such a great achievement, but given time, they will catch up too.

iphone vs android camera

Final Thoughts

To sum up this Android vs iPhone comparison Article –

Concluding, one can say that the iPhone is for people who want a long-lasting and high-quality functional phone with a lot of excellent features. Whereas Android is for the user’s who are very technologically adept and want to stay with the latest technological trends without having to sell an arm and a limb. Both Android and iPhone are excellent choices, and people should go for the variety which caters to their daily needs more.

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