Top 5 Smartphones with Best Camera Quality for Photographers

Picking the best smartphones can be a bit tricky in recent times. The technology for camera phones is daily upgrading and improving and is being appreciated by photographers also across the globe. As flagship smartphone manufacturing companies duke out with each other to bring in more advanced technology and optimization of camera settings, lots of camera phones have turned to artificial intelligence to optimize their camera settings to give you the best.

After putting to test some of the leading smartphones and comparing their camera, we have arrived at this list of some of the top smartphones with the best quality of camera!

So, scroll down to check out our list of Top 5 smartphones with the best camera in the market.

Smartphones with Best Camera

1. Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 offers the best camera on smartphones. It is no secret that like its predecessor Pixel 3 offers the best stunning shots compared to other phones with its 2 rear and front cameras. Google Pixel 3 is equipped with 12.2 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide) rear camera and two 8MP wide & ultra-wide selfie cameras with f/1.8 & f/2.2 aperture. Google has introduced tons of killer features in Google Pixel 3 smartphone to give you a splendid photo shooting experience like:

  • Top Shots: If you are a novice any unexpected moments can ruin your perfect shot, a simple sneeze can ruin your shot too and the Top Shot feature automatically can capture a fusillade of shots in HDR plus to provide you with an array of alternative snaps to choose from. It captures the pictures before and after you hit the shutter and then automatically recommends the best one for you so a missed shot is now gone by.
  • Google Lens: This is an AI-enabled camera which identifies landmarks, plants and animals and can add events to your calendar
  • Night Site: Google has packed a powerful punch by combining software and AI to up its stake as a premier smartphone manufacturer. The Night Sight feature augments night time photography. This feature constantly adjusts with you and your environment, whether you are holding the pixel or moving it on a steady surface and takes the best picture in minimum light. Along with the Super-Res Zoom which serves the purpose of a second telephoto lens taking pictures with your smartphone becomes a splendid experience. The Super RES Zoom also reduces a lot of noise
  • Group Selfie cam Pixel 3 is fitted with wide angle dual front cameras to take selfies that require a wider view. You just have to flick your wrist twice to activate the selfie mode and can zoom out to get group selfie.
  • Playground: Playground is a feature which helps you to add reactive characters like a dog for example and you can use captions or playmoji to add more zing to your pictures.
  • Machine learning software creates magic which automatically recognizes which photo should look like what.

Price:- $860.00 on Amazon

Google Pixel 3 Camera

2. Huawei P20 Pro

Armed with 3 cameras this phone has climbed up to the top spot of the best gadgets with superb cameras. It has a very cool set of cameras for taking magnificent pictures. It is armed with a powerful camera combined with 40MP RGB sensor to decrease the amount of noise you get in the shots The third rear camera is 8MP and together, all the cameras give you a 3X zoom It uses the best Leica lenses, each one comes with an Optical Image Stabilization,  and captures the best portrait mode on a smartphone

The software fitted with the camera in Huawei P20 Pro smartphone gives you all that you need to take a perfect shot. Especially the Night Mode and the Aperture mode, you can select the aperture value anywhere between f/0.95 to f/16 and can later change the point of focus. The Pro mode enables you to adjust the brightness of the object in the frame and can adjust the shutter speed ISO and the aperture. You can also shoot a panoramic shot in 3D. There are a lot of oomphs to help you take a great picture and is a nice gadget to have.

Price:- $669.85 on Amazon

Huawei P20 Pro

3. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 is a big and gorgeous phone with a massive battery and some top-notch specs. This smartphone has one of the best overall camera setups present in any flagship cell phones today. The company says it has a revolutionary intelligent camera with a dual aperture which can intelligently adjust to the light it is facing and can give you gorgeous pictures all day or night.

HDR capabilities of Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 will help in keeping the details clear and reduce noise and will make colors lively and sharp. You will love the dual 12MP cameras with 2X optical zoom. You should check the telephoto and wide angle lens too. The LiveFocus gives you some spectacular photos in the portrait mode while the dual OIS stabilizes those shaky pictures.

Price:- $830.00 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

4. Apple iPhone XS Max

If the price does not pinch you (and they really can!) this is something you might be longing for. It is a big phone with a brilliant display. The display is loaded with tons of pixels. The iPhone XS Max boasts about its highly advanced dual camera with Depth Control. You can open the camera in a flash without unlocking the phone by just swiping the screen to the left.

Apple uses the smartest and the most powerful chip available in any smartphone – the A12 Bionic, to give you some splendid and enhanced photo shooting experience. You can take some stunning portraits with the Depth Control feature which is provided in this phone especially for you. The gadget uses a killer combination of advanced performance controller and image signal processor. The dual camera system with intuitive sensors along with the ISP and Neural Engine is a quantum leap in the new era of photography. The advanced bokeh effect makes photos look even more professional. So if you like to click some exclusive pictures this is something you can keep in your quiver.

Price:- $999.99 on Amazon

Apple iPhone XS Max Camera

5. OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T delivers what it promises and is certainly worth every penny. Armed with 16MP & 20MP rear camera and 16MP Front camera this mid-range camera has a lot of stew. Each of the rear cameras has an impressive aperture of f/1.7 and is a solid gadget to have. The OIS and EIS on the rear camera work towards taking slow motion video as well as still photographs. This phone is finding its place among the top-tier smartphones and the affordable price will egg you on to buy it.

Price:- $689.00 on Amazon

These are our top picks for some of the top smartphones with the best camera available in the market. There might be other brands that are present as smartphones come in all shapes and sizes and in a various price range. With the difference in the specs of most of those become inconsiderable for the list as all the smartphones in this list also have fast processors, big Memory, large Internal storage and lots of other features which make them an overall great choice for photographers.

So, if you are someone who loves photography but hates to carry big-ass delicate DSLRs around then picking any one of these smartphones with best camera can be your smart choice because they will replace your need for two important gadgets at once.

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