Top 10 Best Online Photography Competitions to take Entry

The art of freezing a frame in its perfect glory is unparalleled and deserves a worthy audience. Photography competitions equip photographers with the right amount of exposure their art deserves. These competitions are one of the best ways to gain acknowledgment for the work one invests their valuable time and effort in. Not only will you be able to publish your photographic work but you would also receive the chance to win prize money, as offered by certain competitions.

Most budding photographers, who seek to build a career out of their passion, strive to create an impressive portfolio and market their work through the right mediums. Winning a competition can serve as a huge boost to your resume as a photographer. This may later open doors to numerous professional opportunities. Taking part in online competitions like these can be an effective way of promoting oneself as a brand as well.

It is essential that you choose the right and most acclaimed photography competitions to send your photographs to. The facets of a competition that need consideration besides prize money and theme, include the judging panel or the reputation of the organization hosting the competition. Here are the ten best online competitions you can choose from:

1. World Press Photo

It is known to be one of the best Photo Journalism competitions in the world. The photos submitted as entries to this competition are judged purely on the visual insight provided by them regarding our present world. This competition is compartmentalized into several categories such as general news, culture, environment, sports news and even people. Submissions can be in the form of single pictures or even story compilations. The judging panel comprises of several experienced and well-acclaimed photojournalists. There is absolutely no fee involved to send in your submissions into the competition. The prize money involved is around 10,000 euros and the winners of this competition have the unique privilege to travel around 45 countries.

2. Fine Art Photography Awards, 2018

Photography as an art is a visual form of imitating life and nature. Fine Art Photography Awards, 2018 is the fourth edition of this competition. It is open to all types of applicants; from amateurs to professionals and is also judged by the finest individuals in fine art photography. The winners of this competition would be adjudged as the ‘best professional fine art photographer of the year’ and ‘the best amateur fine art photographer of the year’ along with $5,000 as prize money. There are presently over 20 different categories for both professional and amateur skill sets such as architecture, cityscape, photojournalism, photo-manipulation, seascape, panoramic, people and even travel.

3. Monovision Black and White Photography Awards

Monovision harbors the opportunity for photographers, specifically passionate about monochrome photography, to get recognized in the industry. This competition takes place annually and is open to photographers of all levels from intermediate to expert. The photographs to be sent to the competition can either be single or photographic compilations on themes. There are two awards presented under two sections: ‘Black and White Series of the Year’ and ‘Black and White Photo of the Year.’ Participants can choose from a large variety of categories and themes like abstract, architecture, photojournalism, portrait and street photography.

4. Istanbul Photo Awards

Known to be one of the best news photography contests all over the world, the Istanbul Photo Awards has seen the greatest diversities of photojournalism all over the world. This competition rewards brave and exceptionally talented photojournalists who can show the world in its bare honesty. There are over ten categories to which entries can be submitted to. Some of the categories are single news, single story, single sports, single nature and environment. The winner of the single news category is supposed to be awarded $10,000. Other awards include the winner of all categories and participants stand a chance to win $8000, $5000 and $3000 as cash prizes for first, second and third places respectively. Also, another $3000 awards is given to the ‘best young photographer’ under the age of 28.

5. Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition

This competition has its theme focused on the beauty of the diversity of life and the essential need to conserve it. What better way to preserve life than to picture in its natural beauty? Submissions for this competition are open from January to March every year. It offers $5000 to the all over winner and $1000 prize to category winners. There are numerous categories a photographer can choose from like nature, aquatic life, terrestrial wildlife and winged life.

6. Audubon Photography Awards

Those who have the passion to click graceful winged creatures of the wild have always turned their attention towards the Audubon Photography Awards. In order to send in submissions, participants are required to be a citizen of the U.S or Canada. The entry fees prescribed for each entry is $15 and winners are offered cash prizes up to $5000. Also, the winning photographs will be featured in the annual ‘Audubon and Nature’s Best Photography Magazine’.

7. B&W Child Photo Competition

Child photography has also become an art over the past few years. Acclaimed photographers all over the world have experimented and produced some stunning portraits. The beauty of such portraits is enhanced when rendered in Black and White variations. There are over four categories open for submission; Fine Art, Portrait, Lifestyle, Documentary and Street. The cash prize award includes 1000 Euros for grand prize winner and 100 Euros for category winners.

8. Sony World Photography Awards

Sony is known worldwide for manufacturing visual technology that produces mind-boggling images hard to compete with. Every year at the Sony World Photography competition, Sony awards young, and gifted photographers from all around the world. It is well known in all circles of the industry and winners have their work exhibited at the London’s Somerset House along with a cash prize of $5000.

9. Alexia Foundation Grants

The Alexia foundation aims to support the work of professional still photographers and photojournalists globally. It recognizes the need for more diverse and intensified impact of visual storytelling. Therefore, this competition rewards its winners with the capacity to fund future projects as well. A cash prize of $20,000 is gifted to the winners after they submit a detailed written note on how it is to be spent.

10. PDN Awards

The Photo District News magazine is well known throughout the photography industry. Entries to this competition represent a spectacular amount of exposure and recognition for any photographer. The winning photographs are published in the PDN magazine. This organization is always on the look-out for fresh new talent. Other than the chance to compete for the $15,000 cash prize, photographers get the chance to be a part of something highly prestigious.

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