Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life with PowerPro Battery Saver App

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On February 16, 2018
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Remember the good old days of Nokia 1100, when it was sufficient to charge one’s mobile once a day or even once in two days? Today is the age of smartphones with big, bright screens, 4G technology, huge expandable memory and today’s’ smartphones come with a number of default applications. This has made most of the smartphone’s battery life to be as little as 4-5 hours even when the usage is minimal. One possible reason is that there could be some apps installed on your phone which just keeps running on the background downloading and installing every single update, flashing notifications and hence draining all the battery without your knowledge.

Some apps in spite of being lightweight also contribute to the battery drainage disaster by displaying third-party flashing videos as ads. Nevertheless, you can be smart to overcome such issues by installing a battery saver app for your smartphone.

What is a battery saver app?

A battery saver app is an application that you can install on your smartphone to enhance your mobile’s battery life and have full control over the energy used on the applications. These battery saver apps give you a detailed information on the percentage of energy spent on each application including the Operating System itself. It also monitors the apps running in the background and stops/hibernates the ones behaving abnormally or have been idle for a long time.

The market is flooded with many such battery saver apps and you need to be extra cautious to choose the genuine one like PowerPro: Battery Saver as a poor app can do more bad to your mobile than good!

How to install PowerPro: Battery Saver?

Open Google Play Store on your Android device and search “PowerPro” in the search bar. Google Store lists PowerPro at the Top. Tap on it to visit the official Page of PowerPro: Battery Saver by PSafe Tools. Tap the Install button. In the next screen, PowerPro seeks your permission to access Location, Photos/Media/Files etc. Tap the Accept Button. The downloading and installing of the app begins.

Once the app is installed, click on Open to access the PowerPro: Battery Saver App. PowerPro launches with its logo.

Features of PowerPro

PowerPro comes with all necessary features to optimize your battery life and overall system performance. It allows you to tweak app settings in such a way that it will not use your battery juice unnecessary. The app comes with some very unique battery optimization features to boost your battery life. Check important ones below –

Quick Optimization and Super Optimization

Quick Optimization lists the apps running on the mobile and then closes them. This feature can be run multiple times a day to extend the battery life.

Super Optimization lists the apps running on the mobiles and gives the user the freedom to decide which apps to keep running and which apps to shut down. It also ensures that the apps that you intend to run consume optimum energy from the battery. This feature seeks the User’s permission to enable Accessibility for the first run. You can just toggle the button to ON.

Lockscreen Charge Monitor

This feature sends real-time notifications on the Lock Screen or by setting an alarm when the mobile is fully charged. This enables the user to prevent the mobile from getting overcharged. You can go to Settings icon on the left top and then tap Settings and the Tap Lock screen Charge Monitor.

Customizable Profiles

PowerPro lets the user choose one or more of the default 4 profiles – Emergency, Location, Peak Time, and Prolong. All these profiles are already set with good values of Screen Brightness, Timeout, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. settings but you can also modify settings in each profile to personalize it further according to your use. Once done, you can set any desired PowerPro profile according to the situation or requirement.

Battery Cooler

You can choose Battery Cooler from the Settings on the on the left sidebar and the PowerPro will show you a big button which asks you to tap it to Cool Down. Just tap the button and it will identify & stop all the apps/services running in the background of your smartphone and heating phone up unnecessarily.

Battery Health Report

This feature gives detailed information about the battery status like the remaining battery power, battery temperature and battery capacity. The health report is also available on the left sidebar. Tap on it and it will show you how much time is left if you play games, play music or watch videos which makes it very easy to manage battery accordingly.

PowerPro by PSafe is one of the most powerful battery saver apps you can find in the app store. It lets the user take full control of the usage of the battery and ensures that the battery usage is optimized at the user’s command. The app has been a hit ever since its launch with users all around the world.

Download PowerPro: Battery Saver Android App Here

Give it a shot and let us know how much PowerPro Battery Saver Android app helped you in optimizing your battery life.

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