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On February 15, 2018
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Let’s leave the paid options behind. Tell me, what other ways you use to watch free movies or TV shows? Use free movie streaming websites? Use free tv streaming online portals? Use torrent websites which provide torrents for latest movies & TV episodes? Use free cartoon/anime streaming sites? Use free movies downloading websites? Well, these are quick & dirty ways and most of the internet users swear by these methods to watch free movies or tv shows online.

I have provided free movie & tv streaming and downloading sites a lot of times and am trying to keep up internet but these sites just keep coming and going. Even for you, it’s always annoying to keep looking for new free movie sites whenever you want to watch or download latest movies. So, I am here with a more comfortable & reliable alternative – Popcorn Time Software.

Popcorn Time movie streaming software, available for free for Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android platforms is definitely the better way to stream movies and TV shows. You need to download its software or app and install it on your desktop or mobile phone. Once installed, you are ready to use it to watch latest movies & tv shows online through the app, without paying a cent and without even signing up anywhere.

Popcorn Time for Windows

If you’re using Windows operating system on your PC and want to install Popcorn time to watch free movies and tv shows instantly anytime then go to the Popcorn time official website and grab the software for Windows. If you are on any other operating system such as MAC OS, Linux 32-bit or Linux 64-bit, download the setup file available for your operating system and install the software there.

Once installed, open Popcorn Time by clicking its shortcut available on the desktop. Popcorn Time will open with this home page –

Here, everything is provided in a very obvious and self-explanatory manner. At the top left corner, you have Movies & TV Shows label. By default, the Movies label is selected so you’ll see all the latest movies in the front. Hovering on any of the movie’s thumbnail will show you the movie’s rating and year of release. If you want to watch TV shows, click on the TV Shows label available besides Movies label at the top.

On the left side, there is a small bar, clicking on which will reveal Genre. You can choose any Genre and movies/tv shows of only this category will appear. By default, everything is sorted by popularity on IMDB but you can change it to Date Added, Year, Title as per your comfort from this left sidebar. You can click bookmark any movie, tv shows, cartoon by tapping the heart (♥) symbol you find on it’s thumbnail and it will be added to quickly access anytime.

Now, when you want to watch andy movie or tv show for free from the Popcorn Time app, click on the thumbnail. It will reveal more details about the movie such as movie title, movie cover, genre, year, watch time, rating and movie plot. Moreover, it provides you options to watch movie in different qualities (720p HD, 1080p Full HD, 3D), add subtitles, etc. Finally, at the bottom, you see a big Watch it Now play button. Click the button and your movie starts loading.

If you don’t have any VPN active (which is recommended while streaming movies to mask your IP address), Popcorn Time will ask you to Turn on its own VPN. You can, however, skip it but it’s better to use Popcorn Time VPN as it requires only 2 minutes of your time to sign up for the first time and then you can always watch unlimited free movies and TV shows from Popcorn Time software without risking your privacy.

After this step, within 1-2 minutes, your movie will start playing and you can watch it in full HD without any server issue, bad audio or any other issues.

In comparison to streaming websites or free movies downloading website where there is always an issue or slow speed or bad resolution, Popcorn Time provided high quality, crystal clear video and audio quality. While watching a movie, you can, of course, play/pause it, control sound, Turn ON/OFF subtitles or screencast it to other devices.

To easily navigate while watching movie or throughout the software as a whole, Popcorn Time comes with a lot of keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys which you can use to perform several important actions such as Search, Enlarge covers, Toggle Quality, Open Bookmarks, Watch Trailers, etc. You can read this shortcuts from tie (i) button available on the top-right corner of the software. Moreover, you can manage default settings of the software from the gear () icon to personalize Popcorn Time even further.

Wrapping it Up

Popcorn Time provides the easiest way to watch latest movies and tv shows online instantly in many different qualities and with subtitles support. The software is made so easy that even a kid can use it to watch any of his favorite movie, tv shows or even cartoon/anime episodes. It is available for all essential platforms so, if you still haven’t tried Popcorn Time, I recommend you to take a break from usual habit of searching new movie streaming site and try this free movie streaming software for once.

Download Popcorn time for Desktop & Mobile phones –

I am sure, you’ll love the service. 

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