15 Best Movie Streaming Websites To Watch Any Latest Movie Online for Free

Earlier this week, I published a post listing down 20 awesome website to download latest movies for free which was loved by lots of my readers as the sites listed there are providing latest movies in full HD to download at fast speed. But, some readers wanted to have websites list to watch movie online.

As, not everyone has separate time or patience to wait for movies to get download in the PC first. So, today I am showcasing 15 best sites to watch full movie online for free. From these sites, you can watch any latest & popular movie online without paying a single penny, registering anywhere or complete any tricky internet survey.

All you need to do is just visit the website, locate your desired movie in it and start watching them. However, these sites differs in layout, navigation method, and other features which I am telling you below so that you can use any of the below sites easily to find any watch your desired movie online in full HD. If any of these below sites are blocked by your ISP, use proxy sites to unblock & visit them.

1. YouTube.com

YouTube, being the most popular website not only serve small videos but lots of users/channels upload long videos including full movies too. Not sure about latest movies but if the movie was popular in past, you will surely find it uploaded to YouTube by someone either full or in parts. So use the powerful YouTube search box and find your desired movie to watch online in good quality.

For example: Full Length Free Movies YouTube playlist  consist of over 220 popular movies in Full HD which you can watch.

2. MovieTube

MovieTube is an easy to use movie streaming website which allow anyone to watch latest movies online in full HD without registration or signups. The website keeps its database updated with the latest movies. You can either search a movie by its name through MovieTube’s search box or browse movies by Genre, Release Year, A to Z List, etc. to find interesting movies to watch.

Hover on any movie’s thumbnail and a small box will tell you all essential details such as IMDB rating, play time, genre, synopsis, star cast etc. to help you make decision about watching the movie without even opening its movie page. For any movie that you like to watch, just open its movie page and hit play there to start watching the movie for free with fast streaming and on amazing quality.

3. HouseMovie.to

HouseMovie.to is your online cinema to watch free movies online. You can’t always expect this free movie streaming site to serve you the movie in best quality but it has upvote/downvote for every movie provided by users to get you an idea about the movie & its quality. The site also serve facility to watch movie online free through various servers.

So,  you can expect different quality and speed with different server. Site interface is quite good, you don’t need to put much of your brain to locate the desired movie that you want to watch online for free.

4. SeeHD

SeeHD is very straight-forward free movie streaming website without any complicated interface. The site allows you to watch free movie with a single click. However, it tells you the summary and other important details about movies along the way. Also, at the bottom of movies page, download mirrors are provided for you to download any movie for free.

5. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a brand known by its name only among top movie streaming websites. This website is giving its service from years and allowing thousands of users to watch movies online for free in HD. Every movie available at the website is available through many different versions and many different servers so, you can choose which version & server gives you the best output and allows you to watch movie for free, seamlessly and in top quality.


6. Hotstar

You might know the brand through it tv serials & movie streaming app Hotstar. The streaming network is provided by STAR entertainments which is widely popular in India. On its movie streaming website or app, you can watch TV shows, movies, live cricket matches online in full HD. You only need to login through Facebook and then you have unlimited access to all the free movies and TV shows to watch online.


7. YesMovies

YesMovies is another very frequently updated movie streaming website where latest movies, tv shows are uploaded almost daily. The site not only allows you to watch free movie online but you can also see which movies/tv shows are going to be uploaded next. Search genre, year of release, country, top IMDB list, etc. and if you didn’t find your desired movie, you can even submit a request regarding the movie.

8. 123Movies

123Movies is a widely popular movie streaming website with huge database for tons of movies. The site usually serve Hollywood movies to watch online for free but if your regional movie is quite popular, you can find it available in this website. The website provide you variety of options to navigate around this free movie streaming website: you can browse through category, genre, date, country or directly use its powerful search box to find the desired movie to watch online for free.

9. Fmovies

If you remember the name correctly, I mentioned this awesome movie streaming website as best free movie downloading website in my previous list. Because, the site deserve to be in the list. Fmovies has huge database of popular movies and tv shows that it offers to both watch and download, and for free. You can find latest, old, regional and any popular movies in the website if you search in correct genre.

10. Internet Archive: Movies

The Internet Archive has over 3 million movies free movies, films, and videos upload at its website. This library contains digital movies uploaded by Archive users which range from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to cartoons and concerts. You can watch all full length movies online or download them too.

11. TubiTV

TubiTV is an awesome movie streaming website with appealing and user-friendly interface. The site serves the feature to watch full movies & tv series in full HD online. You can even register to bookmark your favorite shows or movies but even if you don’t want to register, you’re good to go as on this site, you can watch any movie online without registration or downloads.

12. Crackle Movies

Crackle is an official subsidiary of Sony entertainments pvt. ltd. The movie streaming website allows you to watch movies online for free either directly from its website or using Crackle app available for Android and iOS. So, you can watch unlimited movies and shows all the time through any of these options without paying any single penny. And, don’t worry about the quality of movies, they are available in highest quality.

13. Viewster

Viewster is more popular to watch anime series as it’s hard to find latest episodes of anime in full HD but the site also serve movies & popular tv shows in all genre. Feel free to visit the website and watch movies/TV shows online for free. The free movie streaming site also host popular documentary, Korean dramas, interesting animation/creative videos etc.

14. Top Documentary Films

If you just want to watch interesting short movies which are not required to be one from the IMDB list then Top Documentary Films an interesting movie directory. This site host and serves interesting documentary-format movies with really good plot. Check it out quick and I am sure, you will find really interesting documentary there. Watch them online or download in full HD, both options are available.

15. Xmovies

Xmovies is very reputed movie streaming website where you can watch any latest movie or TV series in full HD. The site has very friendly user interface to allow you to quickly navigate to desired movie/tv show. It also tells you the synopsis about the movie/ tv episode, IMDB rating, release date, length, etc. to help you make a decision about the movie.

If you don’t find your favorite movie here, just submit a request to the site owner. However, I am sure you will find the movie you are looking for somewhere inside in the site. Enjoy watching full length latest movie in HD for free.


So, these are the top movie streaming websites which are providing everyone to watch full length latest movies online for free. Visit any of the above website that you want to watch free movie online or if you prefer to download, see top free movies download sites here.

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