Top 10 Sites To Watch Free Movies Online

If you are a die-hard movie fan who can’t get enough time to go theater and watch movie there, you can, of course, choose your comfortable time to order your desired movie from any good movie on demand service in PC or you TV but the service is chargeable and when we compare the size (resolution) of movie against its price in theater and on small screen laptop or TV, it doesn’t seem to worth it. So, if you are a kind of person who loves to only invest money where it is essentially required, you might not like to purchase movies online.

And, if it’s so, don’t allow your wiseness to kill your entertainment because even if you don’t pay a penny, you can still watch free movies online. There are lots of movie streaming sites which provide latest movies for free to their users. You can refer to any good movie streaming sites to watch free movies. Using these free movie streaming sites, you will be able to watch any popular movie that you desire (whether old or new).

You might find many free movie streaming sites by just googling search terms like – “watch free movie”, “free movies online”, etc. but among all those sites, finding a good movie streaming site which uploads latest movies very frequently, provides high-resolution and clear print of movies, don’t serve spam ads, don’t contain virus/malware etc. is hard. It might take hours of research if you plan to find movie streaming sites by yourself to watch free movies. So, why not to use the result of our research?

Well, we have also done very rigorous research and filtered out these top 10 free movie streaming sites list to watch free movies online out of 100+ movie streaming sites we have selected. Below here, I am providing the list of top 10 free movie streaming sites which are best in all possible ways – they have good site interface & easy navigation/search features, they are safe to browse, they provide movies to watch in HD/Full HD, they don’t serve any spam ads, they provide fast streaming of movies, they provide movie streaming from many alternative servers, they don’t ask for users to complete registration or surveys.

In every way, below-mentioned free movie streaming sites are great to watch free movies. So, scroll down to check out this list of best streaming websites, browse your favorite ones among them and enjoy watching free movies without any registration or signups.

1. FMovies

Fmovies is the best place watch free movies online. The website is online from more than a decade and providing top-rated, latest movies & TV shows in full 720p/1080p HD for free. Every new movie is available to this free movie streaming website within a week or two. Browse the website and enjoy watching free movies in any genre and from any country or year of release. Fmovies staff are very active and supporting. If you can’t find a movie in Fmovies, you can request the movie and it will be uploaded on the website quickly.

2. 123Movies

123Movies is another very popular movie streaming site which is providing users to watch free movies comfortably, without any signup/registration or without completing any survey. The website’s look is very light, easy and obvious. You can either pick movie available in the front page or browse their special categories to watch free movies via genre, countries, years, etc. or if you know the movie name, you can directly search it through 123Movies advance search box.

3. Xmovies8

XMovies8 is cool free movie streaming website which is popularly known due to its special categories. The movie not only offers general categories like genre, years, etc. but users can also browse recommended, most watched movies, top rated movies, most favorite, trending movies, etc. to view those interesting movies that they didn’t know. Xmovies8 loads movie from many servers to ensure good streaming speed and availability. If you want to stay away from all the annoying ads/surveys and want to watch free movies without any problem, Xmovies8 is a promising site for that.

4. Putlocker

Putlocker is another old but consistent free movie streaming website which allows you to watch free movies in desktop PC, tablets, and mobile phone. It shows featured movies, recent uploads, updated movies section at the front page but you can also browse important section and watch free movies against the genre, country, year, etc. The free movie streaming website also provide cartoons, anime, asian dramas and TV series if you’re in a mood to watch anything else than movie.

Putlocker Movies

5. YesMovies

Yes! Movies are one of my favorite movie streaming websites. In all ways, it is a high-quality free movie streaming website from where you can watch free movies unlimited times without any problem. The website is easy to use and browsing & finding desired movies is made very easy by the means of categories like genre, country, year, top IMDB, trending and advance search box. Each movie comes with its well-detailed description which includes movie title, plot, star cast, ratings/reviews, trailer and of course the movie. The movie is being loaded from many servers and you have the flexibility to choose your own server to watch any movie if you’re having an issue in watching through the default server. Visit YesMovies and enjoy watching free movies available on the website.

6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a fast streaming online movies watching website which not only upload movies in high-quality but also allow users to watch them in very fast speed with clear print and full smoothness. The best thing about SolarMovie is that it provides a variety of resolution for the same movie (not only 720p or 1080p) so if you have slow internet connection, you can pick CAM version of movies and if you have fast, you can even choose to watch 4K movies for free through the website. SolarMovie not only add new movies but if also keep updating previous uploads with better print and high-resolution movie videos.

7. CMovies HD

CMoviesHD is very fast emerging free movie streaming website. It is not very old but the work it is doing is incredible. Being new is only gonna help you as you can browse CMoviesHD without any proxy/VPN service which otherwise slows down connection speed. CMoviesHD provides full length movies to watch for free without registration. It also provides all required details of the movie including its title, IMDB rating, plot, star cast, review/ratings, etc. Use CMoviesHD to watch free movies online and you’ll never face problems like streaming error, broken links etc on this new free movies streaming website.

8. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is old movie streaming site which lets users watch any national, international, blockbuster, new & popular movie in full HD for free. PrimeWire holds an engaging community of users and serves TV series, Music, Playlists along the way while providing free movie streaming service. The free movie streaming website provides users signup feature to make movie as favorite, bookmark them, put comments, rating, join discussion, etc. but you don’t need to signup if you want to just watch any desired movie. Browse your favorite movie from the search box or categories provided by PrimeWire and watch free movies on this website.

9. SeeHD

SeeHD is a little slow in providing latest movies because they want to keep up with their name – to provide only HD versions of movies. SeeHD free movie streaming website provide 720p/1080p movies to watch for free in various category and genre. You can watch free movies on the website without completing any survey or registration. Movies are available with all required details to make your choice before starting to watch any movie. If you can’t find any movie here, you can request it through the contact form or else, enjoy watching any movie that you like on the website.

10. Internet Archive: Movies

Internet Archive: Movie contains 22,000+ movies, documentaries, and research videos and the staff keeps on adding more and more movies. Those movies are not always new but they are best in their genre and time and you’ll be able to watch even the old movie in full HD which is hard to find anywhere else. Browse Internet Archive Movies and you’ll be surprised by the amazing collection of movies you find there. Click, Play and you’re ready to watch free movies of your choice on this website.

I am sure, you love the list. Whether new or old, popular or trending, whether the movie is from any year or genre, you will be able to watch free movies using these cool movie streaming sites. If you know any other great movie streaming site, please mention it in comments section below.

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