Top 10 Tricks To Bypass Online Surveys Easily without Completing Them

Internet is full of free stuff. By free stuff I don’t only mean software, music, videos, ebooks, services, etc, which are already free but it also includes premium software, movies, songs, ebooks, etc. which are provided free legally or illegally through many websites. If you can’t afford to purchase their premium stuff, you look for alternatives ways to get them free. There are many such amazing tricks you can find at ReadyTricks.

These alternative ways include torrent sites, crack/warez sites and some small blogs which regularly share this PRO stuff by providing file links from MediaFire, ShareCash, 4Shared, RapidShare, etc. but most of these site hide tricks along the way of providing important download or watch now links. They redirect you to many paid URL shortener services, hide spammy invisible ads in the page, put many fake download buttons and ask you to fill online surveys to get access to those “premium” content for free.

Online surveys are used by majority of such sites where you are required to fill a form to signup for any random service with your email ID, phone number and sometimes even credit card details. You even need to verify & activate your signed up account too with the verification links and OTP sent to your email and phone number respectively.

Do you want to bypass such annoying surveys? If yes, here I am telling you 10 powerful ways to bypass online surveys and access premium content which is made available to you after successfully completing such spammy surveys.

1. Using Inspect Element

Inspect Element is the feature available in most of the web browser. Right click on any webpage and you will see “Inspect Element” option. It is actually a web developers tool which help them to inspect each available webpage elements, add new elements, modify or delete available elements in runtime to do experiments with webpage.

You can use this tool to remove overlay online surveys from the webpage. If a website is putting surveys on the overlay of direct download or watch now link, you can Inspect the “overlay” element and remove its full component from the webpage. Once you have removed overlay online survey, you can now click or copy paste the important link which was hidden underneath.

2. Auto Overlay Remover

If you are required to visit such spammy sites too frequently to get your free stuff then you can use an easy chrome extension – Auto Overlay Remover. The extension will automatically remove every type of overlay elements appear in many websites like subscription box, signup form, online surveys like & follow button, invisible ads etc. as soon as you visit the webpage.

The extension is light-weight and doesn’t put strain either in your chrome browser or internet connection. Conversely, it  makes you web browser better by removing unwanted and annoying elements from the webpage.

3. Block Online Surveys Script with NoScript

NoScript is another powerful browser addon which is available for both Google Chrome & Mozilla FireFox web browser to help you bypass online surveys and annoying signup forms. NoScript addon use much strict filter. For any webpage you visit, it allows you to specify which scripts to allow and which scripts to bypass/block.

So, depending on how the spammy survey is programmed, you’ll be able to remove it. NoScript not only helps you to bypass online surveys, it also lets you to block ads and unwanted elements from the webpage. You’ll be experience both cleaner & faster web browsing experience with NoScript addon.

4. Stealing Download Links from the Page

This trick is advanced version of #1 (Inspect Element) trick which I’ve provided above. Using this method, you don’t need to select or identify each useless elements to remove, you’ll be able to extract the required link (direct download link, watch now link, etc.) direct from the webpage. So, no worries about online surveys, spammy ads, blocked content, etc.

Follow these steps (in Chrome):

  1. Visit the webpage where download link is available but is masked by surveys, ads, etc. Right-click on webpage and select Inspect from the context menu
  2. Clicking on Inspect will open Google Chrome web developer tool at the bottom or right side of your webpage. At Chrome web developer’s tool, click on Console Tab. In the Console Tab, at the bottom where cursor is blinking, paste the following script: urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href ); and hit ENTER.
  3. Pasting the above command in Console tab of Google Chrome will show all the links available in the current webpage in chrome developer’s tool. Among those links, your required link is available too. You can ignore links ending with .JS or .CSS which are Javascript and Stylesheet files respectively. Carefully check all the links and you’ll be able to locate the hidden download link.

5. Enter Fake Information

For many online surveys, you don’t need to use any tricks or enter real information because these surveys don’t verify submitted details. However, if they put some validation checks like city to pincode, phone number, etc. then you at least need to enter valid information according to them. If its hard for you to figure out yourself, you can use Fake Name Generator.

Just enter Gender, Name set and Country details and Fake Name Generator will automatically generator fake details including Address, Phone Number, Birthday, Email, Finance, Employment, Physical Characteristics, Tracking Number, QR Code and even social account details too. So, you will have all required details to fill in your online surveys or signup forms instantly.

6. Use Disposable Contact Information

For some online surveys, signup forms where you are required to fill correct email address and contact information because they send verification codes to submitted email & phone number, you can’t use the randomly generated email address and phone number from the Fake Name Generator. For these tricky surveys, if you don’t want to enter your correct details, there is still a workaround. You can make use of disposable email and phone numbers.

Disposable emails & phone numbers are available through many sites for free. These sites provide you random email address and phone numbers which can even receive emails & SMS/Calls being sent to them for verification purpose.

Some disposable email sites:

Some Disposable Phone Numbers Sites:

Use these temporary emails & phone number sites in your online surveys and spammy signup forms and you’ll be able to bypass online surveys without providing any real details.

7. Bypass Annoying Online Surveys with

SurveyByPass is best site to bypass online surveys from any spammy site. The site is basically a fast proxy site with additional filters to remove annoying surveys from spammy sites. Just enter the URL of the webpage where survey overlays or popups are blocking important links or content for you in the provided search box. Hit ENTER and Survey Bypass will open the website through its proxy which will automatically disable all the online surveys and hence you can browse the site and get your required download link or other important stuff easily.

8. Use ShareCash Survey Killer

ShareCash is a popular file hosting site which allow users to make money by uploading files on their server and putting its link in their blog. It allow them to make good money with online surveys. So, most of the bloggers use ShareCash Surveys in their website to make money through online surveys.

So, if install ShareCash Survey Killer software in your PC and it will automaticallly disable all the ShareCash online surveys from every ShareCash link you visit automatically. It will help you to get rid of most of the online surveys appear online.

9. Bypass Surveys By Disabling JavaScript

Almost every surveys are programmed and served through JavaScript. So, if you just disable JavaScript from your web browser then it will not allow JS code of run survey script and serve online surveys to fill to unblock blocked content. JavaScript is responsible for both blocking of content & appearing of survey overlays. So, once you disable JavaScript, neither the premium content will be blocked nor survey popups or overlays will appear.

Block JavaScript in Chrome:

  1. Click the options button (3-dots) available at the top-right corner of Google Chrome
  2. Now navigate to Settings >> Show Advanced Settings. Scroll down and click the Content Settings. It will open a popup box
  3. In the popup box, find JavaScript settings and select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

Block Javascript in Mozilla FireFox:

  1.  Open FireFox browse and at the address bar, type about:config and hit ENTER
  2. At resulted page, type javascript.enabled in the top search box.
  3. javascript.enabled value will appear which is set to true by default. Double-click on it to toggle the value which means to set it false. Now, javascript is disabled in your Firefox browser.

10. If Everything Fails

It’s highly uncommon that none of the above ways worked to help you bypass online surveys but if you are at this situation right now then the only option left is to use your spare email address and phone number to fill details in online surveys and signup forms.

Hence, you’ll be able to verify the account which you just signed up using your real email address and phone number. If after doing this, your email is being bombarded by the service where you created the account, you can put the email of sender in spam list of your email service. If your phone is getting spam SMS, activate Do Not Disturb (DND) service in your mobile phone

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