Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites To Get Fast Torrents

For those of us who can’t afford to watch every latest movie in theater or at Netflix, who can’t purchase interesting novels, important e-book, costly software etc, torrents sites are boon. From years, lots of torrent websites has helped millions of people throughout the world to download premium software, movies, TV shows, ebooks, etc. for free.

But, as this torrenting system & the sites favoring them promote piracy, these sites are keep getting blocked by ISPs or government of many countries. Though there is a way to unblock any blocked site in your network but even if you unblock them, most of them don’t serve good torrent. So, you don’t receive fast download speed even if your internet speed is fast.

Today, I am telling you 10 awesome torrent sites which are popular & too frequent in providing latest torrents of movies, software, ebooks, etc. and most importantly, torrents available in this site provide fast speed download. So, check this list of best torrent sites and bookmark them to get high quality torrents from next time.

1. Kattorrent (KAT)

KAT or Kickass Torrents was the most popular torrents search engine which always provided high quality torrents. It has maintained very high quality of torrents, content and users around its network but due to some major piracy infringement charges, the site was discontinued. But, its back now in separate domain name ( So, torrent lovers can visit this site and download high quality Kickass torrents from this website.


When KAT Torrent went down, 1337x took responsibility to serve high quality torrents. From the time, is only growing in its quality and database to provide high-speed torrents. This torrent site has movies, tv, e-book library from where you can check and download most popular torrent of search with your own keyword. It also provide quick link to check Top 100 torrents, New torrents, New TV Episodes, Anime, Games, Documentaries, Software, etc.

3. ISO Hunt

ISOHunt is another popular torrent search engine with very active community of users who actively share and seed new media they gather. You can visit any category like Anime, Software, Games, Movies, Music etc., sort available torrents by popularity, seeders or upload time and download any desired torrent either from torrent category or directly by search through ISOhunt torrent engine’s advance search bar.

4. ThePirateBay

ThePirateBay is another popular name among torrent users. It was one of the oldest torrent site which never stopped. No matter ho much ban it faced in past, it always came back in one or other ways. The site holds database of very old torrents, even those still work. New torrents are getting added to the site very frequently. So, for every popular search, you may find more than one torrent which is good as you can pick the work which provides the best speed.

5. ExtraTorrent, the popular torrent search engine has unfortunately lost control on its main domain but this torrent site is available through So, visit this domain if you want to visit ExtraTorrent. This torrent site is among very few torrent sites which is backed up by highly supporting community. So, you can always trust the site’s torrent with safety, speed and freshness.

6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent is simple torrent site which provides latest torrent to download premium software, movies, TV shows, Games, Applications, etc. Check out torrent in the category of your interest. You can also subscribe to get update about any torrent category and create account to bookmark torrents to download later, upload torrent, connect with other torrent users, etc.

7. SeedPeer

SeedPeer is another amazing torrent site but it has some unique feature that you will love – VERIFIED section. You can always visit and download popular torrents available at different torrent categories like movies, anime, software, music, etc. but in this verified section, all the torrents are verified by SeedPeer members that they are of best quality and don’t contain anything malicious. So, it is recommended to check torrent from this section first.

8. Torrentz

Few years ago, Torrentz was the best source to search for torrents. As, this torrent search engine doesn’t itself host torrent files but fetches search results from other popular torrent sites regarding user’s search query. The site went down and people started to do the task manually. But, searching each torrent site for a desired torrent is really frustration and now, Torrentz is back in its new domain. So, now all you users can go back to comfortable search method to search torrent using Torrentz search engine.

9. YIFY Torrents

The name “YIFY” is itself too popular that it makes it obvious that the source is providing free movies or episodes. YIFY sites got our honorable mention in best sites to free download movies & TV series. So this torrent site, coming directly from YIFY network provides latest movies & TV shows top quality torrent in fastest speed. It provides movies and episodes in different quality using separate torrent. So, you can choose whats best for you.

10. Demonoid Torrent

Demonoid Torrent was earlier a popular torrent site providing torrents publicly but due to hard regulations & security issues for bittorrent users, Demonoid has moved into a more secure and even faster district of the internet! If you want to get newest releases of movies, games, applications, xxx & other stuff, from Demonoid, you have to download their personal client and login it using your email address.

So, use any of the above sites to download premium content for free. You can use popular torrent clients like Bittorrent or μTorrent which are available FREE for both PC and desktop. If any of the above sites is blocked by your ISP of government, you can use proxy sites to unblock them on desktop and these free VPN apps to both unblock websites and browse anonymously through smartphone.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.