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On July 30, 2018
Last modified:October 1, 2018


After the release of the Oppo Find X, the smartphone industry just got interesting. Finally, we are at such a time when all the big smartphone companies Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony are experimenting with their designs. Finally, Oppo has come up with a phone with such a crazy design that everyone is taking a moment to appreciate it. Right now every smartphone manufacturer is trying to design such a phone which is absolutely bezel less display. Apple has launched its iPhone X with a notch, Samsung has launched there Note 8, S9 and S9+.

All the companies have tried to manufacture a phone that is absolutely bezel less but none of the companies have had success. Oppo has finally launched the Find X smartphone which does not have a bezel or a notch and it is made with a crazy design. Oppo has always been very much innovative when it comes to designing their smartphones and with Oppo Find X they have to take innovation to the next level.

Design and build

The Oppo Find X is a premium sector phone it is very much evident when you take that phone in your hand. The screen to body ratio of the phone is about 93.8 percent which has a 6.4 inch of display. The front-facing camera is built in a very creative way and it goes on to show how much work Oppo is putting on research and development. The front camera is actually a pop-up and this makes the phone looks very much futuristic. The glossy build of the phone is also very premium and make the phone more attractive.

The heavy 25 mega pixel front camera is actually hidden with the screen and will only come out when the user wants to click a picture. It comes with beauty filter, HDR, Panaroma and all amazing selfie camera features. The rear one is actually a dual camera of 16 MP + 20 MP which is capable to click ultra high quality photos and videos of up to 4K resolution.

Oppo Find X Motor

The Oppo Find X weighs around 186 grams which are neither too heavy nor too light giving it the perfect weight for a premium smartphone. The colors available in this phone are very unique and it is also a figure print magnet for users. The headphone jack is also not kept in this phone because according to Oppo headphones are not part of our future and everybody will switch to a wireless for of headphone and since this is a futuristic phone the headphone jack was left out.


The actual screen of the Oppo Find X is about 6.42 inch and it has an aspect ratio of about 19:5:9. The display of this phone is appreciated so much because it not only is bezel less but it also does not have any kind of notch-like iPhone X. The screen on this phone is 1080 pixels by 2340 pixels which make the quality of the pictures look really nice.

The screen of this phone is made of an OLED panel which is able to show all the vivid colors with a lot of contrast. The panel of the phone is really attractive and using it gives a lot of satisfaction to the users. The quality of the panel is so good that there is absolutely no change in color when the panel is seen from an angle. The panel is Full HD and has a pixel density of about 400 PPI.

3D Face Recognition

This mobile phone does not come with a figure print sensor but it has a 3D face recognition which is almost always accurate. According to Oppo the capabilities of the Face ID is as good as their rival Apple’s Face ID. Whenever the front camera slides up it not only has the front camera but also IR sensors and various other sensors to recognize the depth of the object. This is the reason why a photo will not be able to unlock the phone.

Oppo Find X Facekey 3D

After using a few days, it has been seen that the Face ID is very much reliable and it works absolutely fine. The face ID is not as fast as the figure print scanner but it is very much accurate. The other best thing about the Face ID is that it does not work if a person is not looking at their phone so people can be assured that their phone won’t is unlocked all of a sudden.

Speed and Power

It is generally seen that Oppo is always using all the mid-range processors so that it can keep the cost low. With the Oppo Find X, the company was not thinking about keeping the price low and therefore they have not used a mid-range processor. Oppo has used a Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 B RAM in this phone which makes the phone run pretty fast and smooth.

The screen of this phone is very much effortless to use and this is only because of the Snapdragon 845 processor. This phone comes with a 3,730 mAh battery which helps the phone last a full day without having to charge the phone once. This phone has the fast charging capabilities and can be charged very quickly.

If you are looking to buy a phone with a crazy enough design that people will ask you what phone you are using, then the Oppo Find X is just the perfect phone for you. The pop-up option in this phone reveals both the front and rear camera which is something no other smartphone company has ever tried making. There are different sensors that are available in this phone which enhances the artificial intelligence of the phone.

Oppo Find X Feat

With this phone, Oppo will be trying to push itself into the premium flagship category with help of the crazy design and all the features this phone is offering. The screen to body ratio of this phone is really what makes the phone interesting to look at. This phone is working on an Android operating system with stock Android installed in it. The software that Oppo is providing to the customers is really basic, it is not bugged with lots of unnecessary pre-installed apps or services. With such powerful processor, RAM and very simple OS, Oppo Find X is providing a challenging performance score that only a few smartphone companies have guts to challenge.

For all the smartphone enthusiasts, now is the chance to finally get a true bezel-less smartphone which everyone of us always dreamt of. Check out full details of Oppo Find X and pre-order it right now.

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