What VR Headsets Are Compatible with Xbox One

Right before the Xbox One released, much of the media frenzy around the console was focused on the device’s powerful internal hardware, as well as the fact that it was designed, from the ground up, with new technologies in mind. One of those revolutionary technologies was, quite obviously, virtual reality. While Microsoft has repeatedly promised VR support for the Xbox One X, an official VR headset for the console has yet to be released.

However, this does not mean that Xbox One owners have been duped, even if PlayStation 4 owners have had a VR headset for over two years. Fortunately, you can easily buy third-party VR headsets which are compatible with the Microsoft console. Here are a few VR devices that work flawlessly with the Xbox One.

Oculus Rift

Out first choice in terms of vr compatible with Xbox One is this headset developed by Palmer Luckey, Oculus Rift. We could not write an honest article about the best VR headsets for the Xbox One without discussing the Oculus Rift.

Arguably one of the most famous and best-selling virtual reality devices on the market, it supports its own platform, as well as the Xbox One.

The Oculus Rift is the definition of the old saying ‘’high price, high quality’’.  It boasts a sleek, intuitive and ergonomic design that ensures ease of use and the best possible comfort. On top of all that, despite the fact that it has built-in headphones, it is quite lightweight, supporting many consecutive hours of gaming without fatiguing the wearer.

GenBasic Quad HD Android AIO Standalone Virtual Reality Headset System

This headset, which retail for about $200 (although they frequently put them on sale) while not a true powerhouse, is capable enough to render most games in VR without any issues whatsoever. The internals feature a Quad Core ARM Processor and 2 GB of DDR3 Ram, which is more than enough to have a quasi VR experience without spending too much money. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and, of course, the Xbox One.

Hixanny Virtual Reality Headset All-in-One

Similar to the GenBasic, this virtual reality headset developed by Hixanny is compatible with a wide variety of platforms, which includes the Xbox One. This makes it not only the most versatile headset on the market but also one of the best options for the Microsoft consoles. Although the price might seem a little too high for what it offers, the quality of the build, its ergonomic design and plethora of features makes it a worthy investment.

The headset comes with a 16 GB Flash ROM, a powerful, 4000 mAH battery, and high resolution capabilities. If you are looking for a VR headset for your Xbox One, this Hixanny model is a perfectly viable alternative to its more expensive counterparts.

JiuFei Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses

Retailing for about 300 dollars (again, you can find these very frequently on sale as well), the JiuFei 3D glasses were designed from the beginning to satisfy the needs and requirements of a wide variety of consumers, like people who wear glasses, or those who like their headsets straps to be as adjustable as possible. This headset too is compatible with lots of platforms, supporting Windows, Linux, as well as the Xbox One.

Its versatility in terms of compatibility is possible thanks to its powerful internal hardware and easy connectivity. Furthermore, the JiuFei plays panoramic views and allows users to download third-party apps. All in all, this JiuFei headset, while a bit pricey, is a sound option for everybody who is looking for a viable alternative to mainstream virtual reality devices.

Hyon VR Headset

While the Hyon headset was not originally designed specifically for the Xbox One, this device runs perfectly well with the Microsoft console. Its affordable price – 200 dollars or your regional equivalent -, as well as the fact that it supports Youtube and Steam, makes it one of the best alternative headsets for gamers. Furthermore, this headset will not cause eye fatigue, dizziness or motion sickness, as opposed to other devices within this price range.

Tyvera Virtual Reality VR Headset

Another great VR option for avid gamers is the Tyvera headset. It supports a larger field of view than most headsets within this price range (making it perfect for playing first person shooters), while its high resolution will make you feel like you are right in the middle of the best looking in-game universe. Furthermore, it is highly sensitive, intuitive and easy to control, meaning that you can safely use this headset while playing games that require a certain degree of finesse and precision.


While the Xbox One falls short in terms of VR options as opposed to other consoles, there are many third-party headsets that are fully compatible with it. If you are looking for something to enhance your gaming experience and add a degree of impressiveness, make sure to give one of these headsets a shot, and you will not be disappointed.

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