Online Vs In-Store Shopping: Which Is Better And When?

There are a lot of differences between online and in-store shopping. But, recently the number of online shopping sites has been on the rise. It is because of this reason that many of the big brands such as Macy’s, Kmart have closed down their brick-and-mortar locations. If you compare online shopping with in-store shopping, you will notice both the types of shopping have its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But in today’s time, people clearly prefer online shopping over in-store shopping because of its convenience.

If you are still confused between online and in-store shopping then you should definitely go through this article because we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both online and in-store shopping.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

It is true that online shopping is becoming popular by the day and therefore, more and more online e-commerce sites are coming up. However, in spite of its popularity, it still has a few disadvantages that we are going to discuss shortly. If you want to shop online then, make sure that you select a trusted site.

Online Shopping


Here are the main advantages of online shopping:

  1. The biggest advantage of online shopping is the convenience. You can shop sitting in the comfort of your house or from anywhere you want. You don’t have to go to the shop and waste your time. All you need to do is log into the online shopping site from your phone and start shopping.
  2. You can also get everything at better prices online sites. This is one of the main reasons that people prefer online shopping. Not only that but, you can also get a lot of discounts and offers on your purchase. Also, you can get branded products at much lesser prices.
  3. Another main advantage of online shopping is that you can get a variety of items on these sites. In fact, there are more varieties available in these online stores than what you can get in an in-store shop.
  4. If you wish to send a gift to someone you can easily do so with the help of online shopping. All you have to do is provide the address of the person that you want the send the gift to as the delivery address. With this, you do not have to go through the pain of parceling the gift and all.
  5. The fact that you do not have to go to a physical shop, you do not have to stand in long queues or shop in the crowd. With online shopping, you can shop at peace.


Here are the main disadvantages of online shopping:

  1. At times it may happen that you may receive a different product. To explain it, the product that you saw online may be very much different than what is being delivered to you. Therefore, there is always some amount of uncertainty when you shop online.
  2. The next main disadvantage of online shopping that you may get the size wrong. The fact that you cannot try the clothes online, you may not be able to get the right size as each company has a different sizing chart to follow.
  3. You may also receive damaged products at times. However, there is the option for exchange and return but that is too much of effort on your part because the customer care may not give you complete attention.
  4. Another main problem with online shopping is that you cannot get your stuff instantly, you will have to wait for days and weeks in order to get your delivery. Not only that, but even the handling and delivery charge are also there which you have to bear extra.

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-Store Shopping

With all the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping in mind, let’s check out the main pros and cons of in-store shopping now:


Here are the main advantages of in-store shopping:

  1. In a store, you can actually see and touch the product which gives you an idea of the quality of the product. Therefore, you cannot bring back home a product that you do not like or is of poor quality.
  2. You can also try the product so there is no way that you will get the wrong size or a damaged product. These are the options that you do not get during online shopping.
  3. You can also get sale offers and discounts while shopping from a store.
  4. You can get the product instantly; there is no need for you to wait for days and weeks for your product to get delivered to you.


Here are the main disadvantages of shopping from an offline store:

  1. You will have to move out of your house in order to shop which may appear to be very inconvenient at times like when you are not feeling to go out but you still have to shop.
  2. You will have to stand in long queues and crowd in order to shop and pay your bills.
  3. You may not get a wide variety of options in an offline store.

Thus, you can see the various pros and cons of shopping for both online and offline stores. However, online shopping seems to take the limelight in spite of the various disadvantages that are tagged along with it. It’s like people don’t seem to mind the cons at all when it comes it comes to online shopping. No wonder, online sites are flourishing nowadays. However, it is advisable that you should always go for a trusted online shopping site if, you want the full value of your hard earned money.

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