Top 5 Most Popular iPhone Photography & Photo Editing Apps

When it comes to phone photography, iPhone cameras top the charts. The iPhone camera is known to be the best phone camera when compared to other smartphone cameras. But we are humans and we are never satisfied with what we have. Keeping this fact in mind the iPhone app developers have introduced some great iPhone photography apps that can enhance the beauty of a picture even more. Today, in this article we are going to introduce you to 5 of the best and top iPhone photography apps that you can use.

For all the iPhone users out there especially the ones who love photography, you guys can make full use of these photography apps with your iPhone to edit your photos like a PRO, without having to learn anything.


Snapseed is a very popular iPhone photo editing app. It is not only easy to use but it also comes with a huge collection of useful tools. This particular app is known to have a great set of photo editing tools which includes colour, exposure, sharpening, and Other than that you can also make certain adjustments and also remove unwanted objects from your photo. The app also provides you with a collection of beautiful filters which can help you to change the mood of your picture. You can also add several effects to your photos as well. The app also comes with a set of ‘Looks’ which are adjustable one-tap filters.


This app is especially known for its wide collection of filters. Unlike the other editing apps, VSCO has more subtle filters which give a soft faded look to your images. The filters come with pre-sets which can be adjusted according to your need. Also, you can fine-tune the colour and exposure of your pictures with the wide range of editing tools.


This is an ideal app for the ones who like to get creative with their photos. The app comes with a variety of artistic effects along with other editing tools. The most useful feature of this app is the Mask tool which allows you to add effects only to certain parts of the picture. You can use it to blend different effects in your photos. It may take some time for you to learn the app since it has a wide collection of editing tools.


The sole purpose of this app is to remove unwanted elements from your pictures. This is the easiest way of doing it. Highlight the object that you want to remove with your fingers and the app will pixelate it in order to remove it. However, it may take you several tries to remove a complicated object. But with this app, you can do it easily over the time.

Afterlight 2

Unlike the other photography app this one comes with a set of advanced editing features which includes selective colours and curves. The overlays and filters provided by this app can help you to enhance your pictures. The best thing about the app is that you can also add filters for free. You can also add graphics with the artwork and customizable text provided by the app. Not only that, but you can also use the double exposure tool to create a unique combination of images. This is an ideal app for those who want to go beyond basic editing.

Afterlight 2 iPhone

So, these are the most popular photography and photo-retouching apps available for iPhone right now. Each of these apps have potential to make your normal pics appear awesome. Try them out and let us know which of these top 5 iPhone photography apps did you like the most.

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