7 Car Accessories to Enhance the Performance and Comfort Level of Your Car

We humans, tend to seek comfort in everything we do. Travelling comprises of a huge part of today’s busy lifestyle. Whether you are going for an interview or you’re off to work, if the journey isn’t comfortable, it can ruin your entire day. Right from maintaining the hygiene in the car to keeping the odor fresh, there are various different accessories available, which can help you in your travelling. These accessories will make your life a little easier and help you maintain an organized and safer way of commuting. Here are some of the best accessories which must be included in your car right away:

1. Car Backseat Organizer

These organizers come of the perfect size of the car seat and can be installed at the back. There are multiple compartments in it, designed especially to hold notepads, stationery, documents, files, work essentials and even iPad or tablets. If you’re off to a picnic, you can also keep snacks, baby food, water bottles and other essential things in this organizer to never miss taking anything along.

This also helps in keeping the back area of the car, clean by putting all the scattered things in this perfect organizer. You can also keep one separate compartment for keeping the wrappers and other solid plastic wastes which can otherwise harm the ecosystem if thrown in open.

2. Wireless Backup Cameras

The wireless backup cameras can be mounted on the RV and are best for monitoring the road ahead. It can figure out the blind spots and give you a clear vision of the turnings, street and the hilly tracts, which can otherwise be very risky. It also comes handy during fog, where the camera is self-sufficient and can provide you with a clear view of the road ahead. Most of the backup cameras have a range of 120° eyesight, which means it has an eye across a huge arc around the car. It also has easy toggling options between two cameras which ensures that you have an eye on all your sides. The mirror images are also reversed and gives you a real-time proper view of the road and that too, without getting entangled in the wires.

The wireless cameras from Tadibrothers work the best in all conditions and can monitor your path and display it right away, without any hassles. The wireless connection can also stay established to a distance of 70 ft. These cameras also have night vision, which can be a very helpful tool in case of long drives and if the headlights stop working suddenly. These wireless backup cameras are very good to be employed and can be really helpful at times of crisis.

3. Car Headrest Hook

Had all your groceries purchased and kept it in the back seat? Finished shopping the trendiest clothes and stuffed the backseat even more? Managing the space in your car and keeping it neat is of utmost importance and there are various tools that can be implanted to keep the car seat clean. The car headrest hook can be purchased, which can take up heavy loads up to 13 pounds and the clutter in the back seat can be cleared.

Here, you can hang groceries, handbags, baby toys, water bottles and other items which may have blocked space on the back seat. This will clean the mess from your car and help you maintain the space.

4. Car ionizer or deodorant

Having a foul smell in the car is not at all favorable for maintaining a healthy environment in your vehicle. The foot smell and the odor of sweat, along with rubber and plastic can create a very foul odor which is harmful to the patients with asthma and other respiratory diseases. It also promotes sneezing and coughing and all these health issues can be avoided by using a good car ionizer. The car ionizer can kill all the odor and maintain a healthy environment in the car.

5. Car Scratch Removal pen

Getting scratches on the car is very common and it is equally heartbreaking. Seeing a scratch daily on the car body seems very bad and the repairing cost can be very high. Car Scratch Removal pens can be kept in stock and they can come in handy. They have a refilling technique which can fill the scratches on the car body and the similar colors can also be easily found. These pens can remove scratches easily by simply marking on the body, buffing it and then wiping it all away. These scratch removers are completely waterproof and thus, are long-lasting.

6. Hosepipe with a spray gun

Returned from a long trip and dust has formed a layer on the car body? It is better to invest in hose pipes with spray guns rather than paying for servicing frequently. Getting the car serviced, once a year is a good maintenance habit, but the washing and cleaning purposes can be served on your own which will save a lot of your money.

7. Car Vacuum cleaner

Maintaining the cleanliness in a car is very important as it may have health hazards in a closed environment. You may also feel too tired to clean your car seats and underneath at night, but if you have to get in a dirty car in the morning, you may not really like it. To avoid these conditions, car vacuum cleaner can come in handy. It has thin nozzles to go into the remotest corners of the car and it will keep your whole car very clean and organized. All you need to do is to connect the car vacuum cleaner with the charger point and it will start operating.

All of these car accessories cover your various requirements of organization, sanitation, healthy environment and a safe drive. They can help you in keeping your ride comfortable. Installation of these accessories will definitely come in handy at times of emergency and thus, maintain a convenient ride which we all desire from our vehicles.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.