XT-2150 Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracker for Car

GPS has made it quite easier to track locations which is very helpful in so many ways. They help you to know the location of your vehicle and also the speed of the same. makes sure that your device is in its placing and is safe. There are several benefits for personal as well as for the business usage.

There are two kinds of GPS tracking devices available viz. Magnetic GPS trackers and the Hardwired GPS trackers. The Hardwired GPS trackers are amazing and useful. These the best GPS trackers to protect your vehicle against the thefts. It always lets you know where your vehicle is. And the best thing about Hardwired GPS trackers is that they can be monitored directly from your phone or the tablet.

There is a wide range of hardwired GPS trackers available in the market. But, to get the maximum benefit you need the best. XT-2150 Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracker for Car is one of the bets hardwired GPS trackers available out there. Let’s get to know each and everything about this GPS Tracker for Car.

XT-2150 Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracker

The XT-2150 Real-Time GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device and is powered by hardwiring the unit into the vehicle. This tracker is installed into the electrical power system of the car. It’s a great GPS solution which helps you get the location details of your vehicle directly on your mobile or another device. It locates your car or any other vehicle and gives you its information via ubiquitous GSM/GPRS networks. XT-2150 Real-Time GPS Tracker comes with PSC and GPS antennas, and integrated GPS at cheaper prices to make it cost effective system which helps the individual or the fleet owners to keep the location tracks of the vehicles.

If there is a need for higher GPS sensitivity then XT-2150 Real-Time GPS Tracker has an optional external GPS connector too. You can use this hardwired GPS tracker in any country where there is a GPS network available. Below are the key features and the specifications of XT-2150 Real-Time GPS Tracker.


Installation of  XT-2150 Real-Time GPS Tracker is quite easy. You can setup the GPS tracking device within a very short time without facing any difficulty. Below are the steps to connect and install XT-2150 Real-Time GPS Tracker successfully.

Connect GPS tracker

First of all, you need to connect the GPS tracker to your car. With the tracker, you will receive 3 cables viz. red cable for power supply, black cable for ground, and white case for the ignition sense. Connect the cables correctly. After connecting, check the led lights. After that, you need to check if the blue LED is linking at the rate of 3 seconds which represents that the device has connected with the cellular network.

GPS Tracker Position

You also need to check if the GPS tracker is facing the right direction as the tracker needs the access to GPS signals.

Login To Your Account

Once you have connected the GPS tracker, now its time to log in to your account. They will send you the login details through mail using which you can login to your online account. In the account dashboard, you will start receiving the reports and the location details of your vehicle. It will also send text and email alerts whenever needed.

It will update the location information every minute if the car is running. And when the car is not running, you will get the notification every 1-2 hours.

Key Features

Geofence Alerts

You can set the geofence boundaries and XT-2150 GPS tracker will send an alert whenever your vehicle leaves or enter those boundaries. This way you can easily keep an eye on your car whether it is outside your home or in some parking plot or garage.

Google Earth & Google Maps

Google earth and Google maps are other features of XT-2150 hardwired GPS tracker for easy and accurate vehicle location tracking.

Unlimited Data Plan

Well, the good thing is that there are no limited data restrictions as XT-2150 hardwired GPS tracker offers the unlimited data plan.

Detailed Travel Reports

XT-2150 hardwired GPS tracker will provide you detailed travel reports directly to your device containing the car speed and the location history which can be used in future if needed.

Text and E-mail Reports

XT-2150 hardwired GPS tracker sends you email reports as well as the reports on your mobile as text messages. If you don’t have access to one of these things then you can get your reports via the other means as well.

Full Historical Data

You can also view the full history of the GPS location tracking.

Ignition On/Off Reports

It will even notify you via text and emails when the engine is turned on or off.


  • 850/1900 MHz, 900/1800 MHz Frequency Band
  • 33 dBm@ 850-900 MHz Transmit Power
  • 30 dBm @ 1800-1900 MHz Transmit Power
  • Network registration/GPRS, GPS position acquisition status Status Indicators
  • GPS specification : Receiver: 50 channel, Receiver Sensitivity: -161 dBm, Accuracy: +/- 2.5m CEP, Cold Start: <33 sec (@45 dB C/N), Hot Start: < 1 sec (@45dB C/N)
  • Auto-Register to GPRS network
  • GPRS Class B, Multi-Slot 10
  • Supports TCP, UDP, and FTP
  • OTA Firmware Upgrade Using FTP
  • SMS connectivity
  • D.C. Power: 10-16V
  • GSM 850: 40mA average @12V, GSM 1900: 40mA average @12V
  • Power and input/output: 14 pin Micro-Fit Connector
  • Optional GPS Antenna: SMA female
  • Case Material: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.0” X 1.8” X 1”
  • Weight: <2 oz.
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +75°

Price- $79.95

Final Words

XT-2150 Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracker for Car is a cost-effective and incredible GPS tracking solution. Whether you only need to monitor the location history of your only car or the fleet, this GPS tracker is perfect for all kind of needs. The compact design and the installation of this GPS tracker keeps it hidden and ensures the protection of your vehicle. Now you won’t need to worry about the speed and the location of your loved ones and your vehicle as this GPS tracker will the location information and update it every minute.

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